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Turkey Works On Establishing Permanent Base At Libya’s Al-Watiya

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Turkey Works On Establishing Permanent Base At Libya's Al-Watiya

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On July 2nd, a video was published purportedly showing the deployment of a medium-range MIM-23 Hawk air defense system, presumably, to al-Watiya airbase.

Al-Watiya was recently captured by the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces, together with their Turkish support from Haftar’s forces.

According to Turkish publication Yeni Safak, Turkey is to reorganize the GNA’s forces, as well as establish two permanent military bases in Libya. One of them is reportedly al-Watiya, which is to be used as a base to launch drone strikes from.

The other base is Misrata, where the permanent deployment of Turkish warships is expected.

Meanwhile, the US State Department urged Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) to stop cooperating with the mythical Wagner PMC. The legendary Russian contractor allegedly has nearly 2,000 mercenaries in the country, and they are all fighting on behalf of Haftar.

During the videoconference of representatives of the State Department and the LNA, the disbandment of armed groups under the leadership of Haftar was also discussed.

They key topic, however, was how to stop the blockade on oil production in Libya.

On July 2nd, the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian spoke over the phone with the Head of the GNA Fayez Al-Sarraj.

The French diplomat expressed concerns about the tensions in Libya, calling for ceasefire so that Libyans can resume the political process under the auspices of the UN.

Al-Sarraj told the French Foreign Minister that what is happening now isn’t a geoup of political initiatives to find solutions for the Libyan crisis but a group of maneuvers to give new roles to certain figures.

Al-Sarraj spoke with le Drian about the mass graves unearthed by GNA forces in Tarhouna, planting of mines and other atrocities discovered in the areas where Haftar’s forces were positioned, in addition to the efforts to reopen oil production, according to Al-Sarraj’s media office.

“Italy and France agree on the need for a ceasefire and Paris totally rejects all types and sources of external interventions in Libya,” the French Foreign Minister explained.

While Al-Sarraj remarked that Libya needs elections and they should be the essence of the political process, adding that the clarity of the political process will be enough to “take us away from the military solution”.

“Oil blockades must end. They are depriving Libyans of their main source of income as Libya has lost over the years over quarter of a trillion dollars due to the such reckless acts.” Al-Sarraj explained.


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Brother Ma

Mass grave? And? They could be simply mass graves of people shot and or bombed from both sides. It is not unheard of to bundle all bodies in adhoc graves to prevent disease and /or until a later peacedul time to bury them properly. Mass graves does not automatically mean there were mass EXECUTIONS.

Brother Ma

The serraj regime should stop trying to sound like honest brokers interested in the “Libyan people”. He is not even elected by the people anyway and is just a puppet of the ZioAmerican Natoist-bootlickers .Shut your face ,Serraj.

Mr. Saddam

As if the LNA is any better? Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Russia. Talk about Democratic and honest lol I suspect the oil backers are allying themselves with Haftar to make sure oil production isn’t “jacked up” in the future by chance.

M.A. Lamett

Turkey was officially invited by the UN recognized government of Libya for protection against western CIA groomed imperialistic puppet Haftar. Thus Turkey has all the rights to build military bases in Libya. Wasn’t it Russia who build Khmeimim military base in Syria under the pretext of official invitation by the Syrian regime?


And who invited you in Syria ?

Get the fuck outa here isis cocksucker!

M.A. Lamett

Oh our little Gayreek is back! Hahaha.

I thought cocksucking is your national pastime. Hahaha. I send you a picture that you are proud of (In front of Greek Parliament). Enjoy. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dd301201e457f6e6e564e4b3c10744561176319c0dd99b9ec9b2fd42cc73efc9.jpg






[Libya and Greece sign maritime border agreement.](https://i.imgur.com/w5FrFeB.png)





What you laughing about gayboy?

If you want to laugh here is something funny :


M.A. Lamett



This is funnier tho hahaha https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7bcbdc3f3ff32b68c780051988cfce29fcf3535ff08b00b917eb8f68b66eb07b.jpg





M.A. Lamett




M.A. Lamett

Greeks after 1974 Turkish Peace Operation in Cyprus. LMAO



You are like a goldfish arent you. I already whipped your ass with the same exact retarded comments you had 2 days ago… Turkisis brains are like mashed potatoes arent they, only more stupid. hahahaha dumbass!

M.A. Lamett

Don’t change the subject coward gayreek. Answer the question. Did turkey whipped you dumb ass in 1974 or not? You are renowned for your first class cowardice around the world. Turks are your eternal ass humpers and you seem to like it. Ain’t you? LOL


hahahahahahhahaa You ll never be Greek you little shitkebap mongolianbaboon!


M.A. Lamett



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