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Turkey Will Demand Extradition Of Saudi Suspects In Khashoggi Murder

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Turkey Will Demand Extradition Of Saudi Suspects In Khashoggi Murder

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The Ministry of Justice of Turkey announced, on October 26 that Turkey will officially demand the extradition of 18 Saudi suspects in the killing of Saudi journalist and critic Jamal Khashoggi. According to an official statement by the ministry, Istanbul prosecutors have prepared a requisition for the suspects on charges of planned and deliberate murder with monstrosity and torture.

“Turkish authorities are both determined and competent to shed light on this case,” Turkey’s Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul told reporters, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Gul added that he expects that the extradition will be carried out because the murder occurred in Turkey. However, Saudi Arabia will not likely comply with the Turkish demand, especially that the crime occurred inside its consulate, which is considered a part of Saudi Arabia territory.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented on this issue during a meeting with the provincial heads of his ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party in Ankara, and called on Saudi Arabia to hand over the suspects.

“Whatever happened, it comes down to these 18 persons. If you are determined, if you want to remove the suspicion and clear the air, these 18 persons are the bottom line to this … The incident took place in Istanbul. So, hand them to us, and let us judge them,” CNN quoted Erdogan as saying.

The Turkish president also warned that the Turkish authorities do have other documents on the crime that may be disclosed soon and argued Saudi Arabia to reveal where Khashoggi’s body is hidden.

“It is obvious that (Khashoggi) is killed. But where? Where is the body?” Erdogan said.

Saudi Arabia had claimed that Khashoggi was murdered during what was described as a “quarrel and a brawl” with personnel he met in the consulate in Istanbul. However, the Kingdom changed its narrative later and said that the suspects in the murder had committed their act with a “premeditated intention.”

This shift in the official Saudi narrative hints that Ankara and Riyadh may have reached an agreement to cover up the crime in some way.

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Brother Ma

What is this rubbish! Didn’t Erdogan say he found the body in the well of Saudi consul’s house? Is he muddying the waters now to save his Saudi ex-pals?

Turkey asking for justice ? That is a change . Until they, Sauds and Turks ,had a fight they were killing and disposing bodies in secret together. Cuthroats the both of them!


No he didn’t. In fact “Sky News” Britain first reported it and other quoted them.

Brother Ma

Really? I can’t remember . I thought another site said Erdo mentioned it. Maybe Sky was quoting what he had said? Anyway. I will take what you say.


Please don’t take anything without proof Brother. They say their own “sources” revealed, here’s the link:




Brother Ma

Thank you Garga. You are right. It was the very first link you provided. That was the very article I read it in .Bravo.


I hear that MBS sent the MAGA bomber a very nice thank-you note : ” It’s been great for me that now there’s something else for the talking heads to focus on. Major thanks , bro. “

Floyd Hazzard

Put up Interpol warrants too. Limit the Wahabi scum to Saudi Arabia.


Saudis released Khashoggi’s family and allowed them to leave KSA. Their value to them dwindled sharply as soon as Khashoggi murdered for obvious reasons but the photo-ops was strange IMHO. Before that very few people knew Khashoggi had a family who lived in KSA as hostages and basically MbS introduced them to the world and made more headache for himself. It’s also strange that MSM didn’t interview with his son yet.

If Samlan and MbS really didn’t have a hand in the case, this would be the golden opportunity for them to defuse the situation. If they don’t oblige Erdogan, they only buy conviction for themselves by silently confessing that there’s something they want to hide (although the victim, the suspects and the place of incident are all Saudis and technically and legally a refusal is within their right).


So the Saudis murdered a Saudi on Saudi territory and Turkay claims jurisdiction? Doesn’t that effectively mean the end of diplomatic immunity? – a double-edged sword that may come back to lop off the heads of more than a few Turks.

Why on earth did Khashoggi even think of going to the Consulate? Was he ‘enouraged’ by the mysterious self-declared (Turkish?) fiance – giving the makings of a honeypot sting which in turn brings in complicity.

Still the Saudis go on murdering Houthis without a blink from the same western governments/media that lionized the ex al Qaeda supporter and arms trafficker aka Khashoggi.

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