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JUNE 2023

Turkey Welcomed Ceasefire In Libya, Recruiting More Syrian Militants – Report

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Turkey Welcomed Ceasefire In Libya, Recruiting More Syrian Militants – Report

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Turkey was still recruiting Syrian militants despite the ceasefire declared in Libya, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 22.

The monitoring group said a new batch of Syrian militants, who were recruited from Aleppo and Idlib, had arrived in military training camps in Turkey.

“Until the moment, we don’t know the destination of these mercenaries after the [military] course, or if the Turkish government would continue to push them into Libya, especially after the Libyan-Libyan agreement,” the SOHR’s report reads.

Since last year, Turkey has deployed 17,420 Syrian militants, including 350 minors, in Libya to support the Government of National Accord (GNA).

A day earlier, the GNA announced a nationwide ceasefire. The step was apparently the result of an agreement with the House of Representatives, which is supporting the Libyan National Army.

Turkey welcomed the ceasefire agreement. Presidential spokesman, İbrahim Kalın, said Ankara is sure that a political settlement can be reached in Libya, stressing that a military solution is not preferred.

Ankara’s position indicates that the newly-recruited Syrian militants may not be heading to Libya. According to a number of recent reports, Yemen or Azerbaijan may be the next destination for Turkish-backed Syrian militants.


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johnny rotten

Children are taught not to play with fire, governments should be taught not to play with terrorism.

Servet Köseoğlu

Isn’t education meant to create a person that conforms to society? What kind of education must be administrated to create a human being that meets the society’s demands? Education is an experiment and recruiting these guys is bottle opener of this special education otherway it will not work…Fantastic..


you can also “flag” people before “blocking them” plenty of flagging can close an account of those who are flagged..

Servet Köseoğlu

hahahahah…ı would be insulted ıf you didnt try….when you cant challenge.. lol..That’s checkmate…go on as ıf care..Fight for the glory of your God….

Servet Köseoğlu

so only one guy drives you crazy.. right?yes.. united you stand..transform the gang…do you seriously think ı give a shit?go go go…flag me with your friends..getting me out,hurting this mortal shell is pointless..the soul what drives me…

Servet Köseoğlu

f.ck ısıs and all islam gangs..what a tool…ı a man of interest of my country…thats all..

Servet Köseoğlu

do we have a chance to pick up mercenaries from harvard or oxford universities?ashes to ashes,dust to dust.We are nothing but dust and to dust we shall return.


” hurting this mortal shell is pointless..the soul what drives me..”

All you have is this mortal shell. You do not have a soul … Man (and not man) consists of 4 elements, …. EARTH … WATER … AIR, FIRE (soul) … and there is a fifth element that corresponds to the Spirit . The fifth element is possessed only by those who are higher beings. Man stands out in which category he belongs, even from the way he writes, he speaks!

Servet Köseoğlu

Your world of choices was not meant for me to interfere with.


I must go to sleep now… but tomorrow in of course !


Well, Erdogan loooves ceasefires that protects his semi-occupation enabled by Jihadi merc forces. Frozen conflicts that protect his gains, enable to consolidate and fortify areas under control. Freezing conflicts only prolongs, and does not solve them. One side or another will have to prevail over the other, sooner or later. That is the cynic but realistic truth. Balkanized and partioned/freezed countries in conflict only serve the backers of both sides, those backers on both sides to love to “divide and conquer”.

Fog of War

Putin loves his ceasefires also. Whats that say ?


Thats why i wrote “only serve the backers of both sides, those backers on both sides to love to “divide and conquer”.” Its the same in Donbass. Not enough support to end the conflict, not too less to loose = Keeping the proxy force dependent, and the backer (US/Russia/Turkey/Whoever) in maximum control and power.

Fog of War

Then we agree. You’re obviously smarter then the average bear here.


Simplistic. You can’t obviously even describe situation in Donbass accurately enough, let alone offer the right solution.

With your always one dimensional logic of language of force. Brute force is not always good, can bring sometime opposite effect.

Price for resolving Donbass conflict only by sheer force would have unintended consequences and deeply affect not only present but future of Russia. Would it be worth it ?- Is legitimate question for leader of 145 million people.

With her non reaction on many Ukrainian provocations Russia has brought Ukraine in position of fighting for her own survival as country. Ukraine is getting desperate.

And it can be defeated without shot fired, now that would be interesting to see.

Donbas from the start was obviously not Crimea


“Simplistic”. Okay HiaNd. Opposed to you, i have followed this war since the start, have blogged and discussed about it here and on many other forums over the years in 3 digits. And only because i dont want to write an academic text in every comment, does that not speak or enable to you judge on the depth of my experience or knowlegde in this regard. Funny enough, 5 years ago my post read pretty much as yours. But after all this time, pragmatism, or realpolitik sets in. Now i am of the same standpoint as most people in Donbass and most patriots in Russia are today. That the Russian effort is not enough to end the war or conflict, that the balance or US support to Ukraine does not (anymore) mirror the support Donbass gets from Russia, and that the Ukraine side is now winning the current phase of a war of attritution (there were analysis even here that outlined this very extensively). That is the sentiment of most people in Donbass now, according to original Donbass and Russian sources, and it has been for some time now. That is the analysis from most Russian military analyst in open sources. And it is the sentiment of the majority of Russians, that the situation does not evolve positively, and that the balance slowly shifts against the Russian ethic population in east Ukraine, a population that is culturally, ethnicly brotherhoodly connected. And on both sides of the border, the sentiment is that this brootherhood is not getting the support and attention it deserves. But maybe you think you know better then them. I for one have my ego, sure, but even i am not that arrogant.. ;)


So I am only 5 years late comparing to you on this subject? Let me be clear, I didn’t use word “simplistic” because I wanted to be provocative. I have respect for your comments and I am never provocative with people I respect.

OK. To make complex problematic very simple.

Lets presume hypothetically that everything you write is so and that you are absolutely right in your assessment. What would you do in this situation exactly, or if you prefer what do you think Russia should do to make things right, when it comes to Donbass. And we will go from there, to get to the core if the problem.

Ricardo Xavier

The people voted to independence. Basque, Catalonia, Galicia, North Ireland, Scotland, Dutch Belgium, Ukraine (35% are russia), Kazakhstan (20% are russia), Kurdistan, Tuareg, and many and many…

Ukraine born already including all russian majority lands, to promote by democracy the control of russia over Ukraine, to protect the gaz pipes that feed europe…

Thats why Trump are totally against North stream II, and thats why Trump wanted so much to help Ukraine, to take control over that gaz path…

Kazakhstan born with so many russians included as while to promote russian control…

A nation can only have one major ethnic, otherwise conflict will happen naturally… Like it happening in the midle east. French and English empires forced the new nations to born mixed, the same way they forced in Africa.

That same nations now are the sellers of weapons to both fights that now fight each other… Not accident. War are profitable and they dont care about the other lifes.

The solution of Ukraine are always and only the split. A Russian are a Russian, and a Ukrainian are a Ukrainian. Union = War. Splinting = Peace.

Example? Yugoslavia :)


First – we do not agree (you and I). Second – I don’t see how this is directly related in what SteLe and I were talking about (Russia should or should not intervene).

I want to stay focused on my question to him and not enlarge this conversation in any direction. So please if you have nothing to say that would advance our conversation I do not see why are you jumping in with your comment..


Well, looks like the Sirte operation is off the table. Did Erdogan get cold feet ?


What “cold feet”?!…Erdogan has never heard of Sirte :-)

Mustafa Mehmet

Still on. Be patient Charlie

fayez chergui

syrian militants ? Are you that stupid south front?


SF gotta find a better source than Alex Joneses of Syria.

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