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Turkey Vows To Deploy HISAR-A Air-Defense System Along Broder With Syria


Turkey Vows To Deploy HISAR-A Air-Defense System Along Broder With Syria

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The Turkish military will deploy a locally-made air-defense system along the border with Syria, Turkey’s President Receipt Tayyip Erdogan announced on February 5.

Erdogan made the announcement during the opening ceremony for a new ammunition facility in central Turkey’s Kırıkkale province.

According to several sources, Erdogan said that the HISAR-A system will be deployed along the border to address what he called a “gap.” The Turkish president didn’t provide any further details on the matter.

The HISAR-A low-altitude air-defense system was developed for the Turkish military by defense contractors ASELSAN and ROKETSAN. The system, which has a range of 15 km only, is based on an FNSS ACV-30 tracked vehicle chassis armed with four vertical launched.

The Hisar-A has its own mast-mounted KALKAN Air Defence Radar and an electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) system, allowing it to operate as an independent standalone system without the need to operate as a battery.

The air-defense system will likely be deployed near the Syrian province of Idlib, where several Turkish military posts are located. Earlier, Erdogan threatened the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with a military action if it doesn’t withdraw from specific parts of Idlib.

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