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Turkey, U.S. Reach Agreement On “Peace Corridor” In Northeastern Syria

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Turkey, U.S. Reach Agreement On “Peace Corridor” In Northeastern Syria

Click to see full-size image, by the Ministry of Defense of Turkey

Turkey and U.S. have concluded their talks on northeastern Syria with an agreement to establish a “peace corridor” in the Kurdish-held region, the two countries announced in a joint statement on August 7.

The statement reads:

“At the end of the talks the delegations have agreed on the following:

  1. the rapid implementation of initial measures to address Turkey’s security concerns;
  2. to set up as soon as possible a joint operations center in Turkey to coordinate and manage the establishment of the safe zone together;
  3. that the safe zone shall become a peace corridor, and that any additional measures shall be taken for our displaced Syrian brothers to return to their country.”

The Turkish Anadolu Agency claimed that the joint “peace corridor” will be 30 to 40 kilometers deep in northeastern Syria.

As for the steps which will be taken to ensure Turkey’s security, the state-run agency said that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) will be moved out of the “peace corridor” and forced to surrender their heavy weapons.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which controls most of the region, have not commented on the new Turkish-U.S. agreement, so far.

Last year, the U.S. and Turkey reached a very similar agreement on the key city of Manbij in northern Aleppo. However, most of the agreement’s terms were never fulfilled by Washington and its allies. This could be the case with the “peace corridor” agreement.

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The US and Israel will try to co opt Turkey as a partition partner and co criminal offering them a piece of Syria at the Kurds expense. Whether the Turks will take the Yinon plan bait to set up Israelstan at their and the region’s peril remains to be seen.


We were aware of their moves long before LT col Ralph Peters dared to publish his new ME Blood borders map on armed forces journal. They assasinated Turgut Ozal, Necit Hablemitoglu, Gen. Eşref Bitlis and many others who tried make something about it The region will be flooded by 1-2 million syrian refugees living in TR, and servants of Israel will be locked inside a desert till wheather gets foggy and TR finds the final oppurtunity to obliterate their so called ‘ Socialist Bookshinist Rojava ‘


A better option would be to restore Syrian government administration in SDF areas and work with the Syrian government on dealing with the Kurd problem like before the war.

klove and light

so i said….


I have to see what will be implemented. I suspect nothing really. SDF and US will stall a la Manbij, Turkey will make some false moves and bang, US will sweep in. Window closed for Turkey.


doubt it – for turkey the kurds are a menace and they will not accept any kind of independence so the dysfunctional states of A has managed to kick the can a bit down the road but it will need to be addressed sooner rather than later and then the kurds will find who counts for more – turkey or the kurds and the poor fuckers are in a for a disappointment. no way the dysfunctional states of A can let go of nato’s most eastern partner in lieu of the kurds – the thought is ludicrous.


This again proves that when forced to chose between the Kurds and Turkey the US will throw the Kurds under the bus. Again. Because that security corridor basically consists of the Kurdish heartlands in Syria that they are now asked to vacate and leave defenseless.

Great ally you have there, Kurds. Well chosen. Well, you could have known in advance, the US always throws its allies underneath the bus.

Zionism = EVIL

Well the Kurds are treacherous arseholes and always pick the wrong side. As their own saying “only the mountains are their friends”.


But Syria belongs to Syrians not to American thieves. Like Palestine belongs to Palestinians not to these Israeli thieves. So now Erdogan will do agreement with American thieves to give oils from Omar oil fields or give us transit in Syria etc. LOL that is why most nations destroyed by enemies when they divide.


Classic case of selling the skin of the bear before kill it. But who real will be skinned? The Bear and the Syrians or the little pasha Enver Erdogan and the yankees?

You can call me Al

I wonder (and hope), the Kurds have now learnt how reliable the US is and they have the balls to apologise and stand firm with the SAA.

It would be funny if they lost everything though.


They aren’t the Kurds, they are only some Kurds, has before they weren’t the Chechens, Uyghurs, Tibetans, et caetera.

Note:even Sula,or Sila, hadn’t to kill them all (in the Samnium).

You can call me Al

Hey, hey, hey, calm down boy.

“I wonder (and hope), the SDF have now learnt how reliable the US is and they have the balls to apologise and stand firm with the SAA”.

better ?

You can call me Al

Well Chechens, Uyghurs, Tibetans are not Kurds are they, they are only fighting in the NE (unless with ISIS). But OK.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I bet Mustafa Mehmet is binge eating and drinking alcohol so badly major depression coming in. he probably ran out of hookah

AM Hants

Talking of the US, I do like this letter from Iran, to Trump.

This Iran War Vet Has Some Advice for Trump: Don’t Play Checkers with the Grandmasters of Chess War is not our business, but negotiations and diplomacy are. War is not our purpose. Peace is our mission. Peace is our philosophy in life, and you are right, diplomacy is our art… https://www.mintpressnews.com/iran-war-vet-advice-trump-dont-play-checkers-grandmasters-chess/261160/


By taking too long to rid itself of the Kurds has shown that it was all show and that the US with Turkey are working in collusion to annex Syrian territory and share in the spoils. The ‘peace corridor’ should be in Turkey. Russia/Iran and Syria may have lost this battle.


A joint operations center in Turkey will become a Mossad operations center in Turkey used against the Turkish government.


History and the Trump administration have shown that until the US is dejudified. The US is an untrustworthy partner in anything. And a Jew tool for victimizing humanity. Both “allies” and enemies.

Lena Jones

Terrorist invaders and the word “peace” in the same sentence? Hellllllow Orwell!

Icarus Tanović

Seem that Borat having some wet dreams…

Icarus Tanović

Borat´s Idlib wet dreams are going down in flames, so savage is looking for another point. This one won´t work. Stinking fat pig ugly savage…

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys are dumbasses and all these soft skin vehicles are begging to hit by Kornets and other ATGM. It is time to make the invading Turkeys pay. If they lose large number of Anatolian peasant conscripts they will cut and run. Their is no appetite for a major war among the Turkeys. Their economy is falling apart and the moron Erdogan is very unpopular. If there are heavy losses in Syria, there is definite chance of a real coup, even by the truncated and neutered officer corps.


You have definitely no idea what is going with in TR. Send some coffins to TR and see how that ‘apetite’ changes. Do it while all Turkish 3rd Erzincan Army consisting of 95.000 people rigged for war waiting at Syrian border., give Erdo the oppurtunity he is looking for , and see how Damascus will be renamed as ‘Şam’ with in a few months.

I am really glad to see that Syria is not being governed by shortsighted halfwitts like you.

Zionism = EVIL

LOL. quit smoking Turkish weed. The dumb incompetent Turkeys have lost to the PKK for 60 years and at al-Bab lost over 30 tanks and APC in half a day. What parallel universe you live in kiddo :)



First of all guerilla warfare who is going on since nothing to do with regular war , not speaking about the fact that PKK lost more than 30.000 militans during all these years and not could gain an inch with in Turkish soil.

Second , with your mentality USSR and US who could not deal with Taliban and lost Afghanistan are completely paper tigers.

On January 1995, Russian Maikop armored Brigade consisting of 26 tanks and more than 30 APC s entered Grozny. After 1 hour , all tanks were destroyed, and 870 out of 1000 Russian soldiers were killed. And look at now , Chechenistan is Russian enclave and Kadryov is licking Russian boots. This is how the things work in real life moron , it does not work with some keyboard apes like you quoting some damaged/lost tanks on some sheet of paper.

After almost 3 months, what SA could do was to get a few towns on Idlib inspite of all the Russian bombing and assistance. SA is losing at least a few APCs and tanks everyday as well as tens of soldiers against rag tag militia. Now a daydreaming moron appears advicing SA tod declare total war to another country , and add another army of 400k on top of its enemies , claiming that the are conscripts without even being aware that now %63 of TAF consists of professionals.

Go ahead you uninformed peasant , what is keeping you ?

Zionism = EVIL

BUTTHURT kiddo :)


Dont think so, pumpkin.

Try answering above and let me keep on burrying you here , keyboard hero.

Zionism = EVIL

Touchy little faggot. Buzz off arsehole, enough attention LOL. Don’t even bother to escape being BUTTHURT again ROFLMAO!


You seem to a bit triggered .Calm down, pumpkin. You will have a cardiac arrest

Either try to reply above and let us see what you really know other than the cheap slogans you spew here and there , or simply quit wasting my time and f/off.

Zionism = EVIL

Whatever cutie. You are sooooooooooooo smart LOL. Already have had several heart attacks, but still standing……


That was rich coming from an uninformed loser like you.

You have too many ‘ooo’ s there. Try to express yourself propely. You know , some of us may not be belonging to slums where you are bred.

Do you have any sheet of paper you can post here so that I can roll and stick into a convinient part of your body , just like above ? Or just hot air which is a trademark of all shortsighted losers .

Zionism = EVIL

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooBUTTHURT :)


Yes, I can see from above :) Come here let me hug you pumpkin.

Zionism = EVIL

OK, I am a hugging kind of guy. Nothing personal though, just kid with you kids. Getting long in the tooth and at a don’t give a fuck stage of life. Really have had cardiac issues, but no worries. Have a great day.


LOL, take care man.

Zionism = EVIL

Let’s get real, the Turkeys are and have always been vassal pimps of their lardass coward Americunt masters. They are both colluding in the Balkanization of Syria. Only losses inflicted on the Americunt and Turkeys will liberate Syria. It is time for some exploding rocks, south Lebanon and Yemen style.


Here are a couple of turkeys running in the peace corridor … hahhaah So basicly with that deal (Trump style) mourica managed to stop the mongols from invading further …meanwhile the Kurds will get more guns and ammo while Erdogan is losing popularity in Turkey… not too bad…


You can call me Al

hahaha, nice one, lol.


One of them is a PKK kurd, the first one.

Xoli Xoli

Why is USA not making and agrement with native Mexico for peace corridors in USA Mexican border. Turkey must open reconciliation centers in Turkey to reconcile with army and police in Turkey.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Surprise surprise, the Kurdish political leadership doesn’t seem too concerned about this latest proposal, but that’s not the case for the rank and file, they’re more than just a little worried about this latest development. So far the only thing I can see that’s been set in concrete is the joint operation centre and the agreement to address Turkey’s security concerns, but the proposed safe zone sounds like it’s still under negotiation with a long way to go until it’s worked out. A 32 km strip of land all along the border is what Erdogan wants, and then he wants to kick out all the Kurds from that strip [Kurdish homelands make up a fair part of this strip], and then ship in Syrian refugees that have been living in Turkey to resettle in the strip. I don’t fancy his chances though, because from what I’ve read, the US hasn’t agreed to any of Erdogan’s suggestions concerning the proposed safe zone, and there’s no way in hell the US intends to boot the Kurds out of their own homelands for Erdogan, no way in hell. And I also wonder how the US and SDF are going to address Turkey’s security concerns, they have no control over the group that’s been attacking the Turks and their proxies, none at all. so how can they address Turkey’s security concerns. The ALF is the main security concern for Erdogan at the moment, they’re the group that always in the Turkish news for all the wrong reasons, they’ve been attacking Turkish interests in Aleppo and killing dozens of Turkish soldiers as well as hundreds of their proxies, but they only operate out of Russian/Syrian/Kurdish controlled territory, not SFD/US controlled territory, so how can the US/SDF do anything about Erdogan’s security concerns about the ALF. Erdogan may be sprouting off about his concerns over PKK activity but he’s lying, PKK attacks in Turkey are at an all time low and have been for a while, the most trouble the PKK is causing for Turkey now is in Iraq, not Syria or Turkey itself, so it’s not the PKK in Syria he’s concerned about at all it’s the ALF. What’s the ALF some of you may ask, well to put it simply they’re the Kurds who’ve been deserted by the US but still have ties to the Syrian government, not officially but unofficially, and they were originally mostly made up from ranks of the 300,000 Kurds that Erdogan displaced from their homes when he invaded Afrin. But that was originally, now it’s ranks are being filled with ex SDF fighters who’ve lost faith with the US and want to help their brothers from the west regain their homelands from Erdogan, they’re joining in ever increasing numbers now and make up a fair part of the AFL. But I might add that even thought he AFL doesn’t operate in SDF territory at all, they’re also there in huge numbers just waiting for Erdogan to make a move, and even though they’re nowhere near as well equipped as the SDF fighters are, they’re the most experienced fighters by far, and if Erdogan does invade northern Syria, all the Kurdish members of the SDF will start taking their orders from the ALF and join their army, with all their US weapons and equipment, at least that’s what some of them are saying will happen, God I hope it does, maybe then they could get rid of the US and Turkey at the same time, with a little help from the Russian and Syrian governments that is. Ohhh it’s heating up, what will the US do, I’m betting Trump won’t back down about the safe zone and he’ll spoil Erdogan’s wet dream, then we should be ready for another temper tantrum from Erdogan and possible fireworks.

AM Hants

Since when has the sovereign nation of Syria, been part of Turkey or the US? Who gave them authority to carve up the sovereign nation?

Meanwhile, over in Iraq, this headline has made me smile. Would so love to see Iraq purchase the S-400 as a Russian defence shield expands over the Middle East. Blocking out Western/Israel Air Control.

Iraq Purchasing Russian S-400 Systems Would Require Parliament Approval – Lawmaker…https://sputniknews.com/military/201908081076499864-iraq-purchasing-russian-s-400-systems-would-require-parliament-approval—lawmaker/


any deal made between any parties in syria is only temporary and the minute the situation evolves or morphs into something new, the deal is dead and a new will be negotiated. for the time being the dysfunctional states of A is trying to slow the betrayal of the kurds in the hope the situation evolves favourably in their direction – but remember that nato can’t be without Turkey so the next step from the dysfunctional states may well be to allow turkey to buy their f35s. and do also remember that the dysfunctional states of A doesn’t give a damn about the kurds, it’s all about the squatters (as decided by netanyahu and dunny the dunces son in law, jared kushner).

Iranian Falcon

Soon Turkey will seize and abuse North Syria and North Iraq, like North Cyprus. They have problems with north things as its their south! Ah yes ataturk dark plan ! Only north west iran will remain ..

Zionism = EVIL

That is over estimation, Turkey is a weak failed state and is in a economic mess. Its Kurdish population wants out and there is growing secular versus Islamist conflict. There are more Turkish officers in jail than Iranian ones were locked up or executed by the mullahs after the hijacked revolution.Turkish military is NATO cannon fodder and not very good or professional as once was when modern secularists ruled the Turkeys. It is now a Saudi style Wahhabi shithole being run into the ground by a mad megalomaniac ErDOGan.

You can call me Al

As always the US just shit on their allies.

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