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Turkey To Send Syrian Mercenaries To Afghanistan: Monitoring Group

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Turkey To Send Syrian Mercenaries To Afghanistan: Monitoring Group

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Turkey is making preparations to deploy some of its Syrian proxies in Afghanistan, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on July 6.

According to the London-based monitoring group, Turkey has already agreed with the leaders of its proxy factions in Syria on the deployment process.

The Turkish intelligence will oversee the deployment and cherry-pick the militants who will be sent to Afghanistan. The militants, who are being promised a monthly salary of $2,000-3,000, will be deployed in the capital Kabul where they will secure Hamid Karzai International Airport and key government buildings.

Last month, the US, whose own troops are set to leave Afghanistan before September 11, revealed that Turkey will keep forces in Kabul mainly to secure the airport.

“Turkish intelligence will work to recruit these mercenaries into Turkish security companies with official contracts and send them there [to Kabul] officially … The Turkish side wants to play on international laws by registering these mercenaries within security companies and legitimizing their presence in Kabul in order to preserve its image,” the SOHR’s report reads.

In the past, Turkey deployed thousands of Syrian militants in Libya and Azerbaijan to support its allies and further its own interests there. In both cases, Ankara kept the deployment a secret as much as it could.

If the decision was finalized by Ankara, Syrian militants could be sent to Afghanistan as early as next September, according to the SOHR.

Turkey appears to be heading to a military adventure in Afghanistan. The Taliban has already warned Ankara against keeping any troops in the country after September 11.


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Americunt losers

Great, let two set of Wahhabi savages kill each other. Win-win for humanity.


The Taliban aren’t Wahhabis, they’re not even from the same school of Islamic jurisprudence as Wahhabis, so you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about.

Quick lesson

No dearie do, the Americunts and the Paki ISI recruited the Taliban from the 22,000 Saudi and Emirati funded Wahhabi madrassas in Pakistan. The Taliban are under the aegis of Paki frontier force and Wahhabi mullahs. The Saudis and Pakis have radicalized the mainstream Afghan Sunnis who before the Americunt invasion were relatively benign Sunnis under Zahir Shah, then Daud and then the Socialist progressive Khalq and Parcham.

The Saudi funding of Afghan “Jihad” against the USSR created Wahhabism. Their intention was to create a “pure” Islamic government subject to their own strict interpretations of the Shariah. Many Pakistani politicians supported the Taliban, including Sami ul Haq who is regarded as the Father of the Taliban. A number of its leaders were one-time mujahideen members, but the bulk of their forces were young Afghan refugees trained in Pakistani madrassas (religious schools), especially those run by the Jamiat-e Ulema-e Islam Pakistan, the aggressively conservative Pakistani political religious party headed by Maulana Fazlur Rahman, arch rival of Qazi Hussain Ahmad, leader of the equally conservative Jamaat-e-Islami and longtime supporter of the mujahideen.


The Taliban weren’t recruited from madrassahs, they were created from volunteers in Kandahar to take on local warlords. The Taliban were set up before the ISI realised the potential of this new group and began sending volunteers from the madrassas. Taliban is Deobandi, which is much like Shiism in that it follows an imam rather than leave religion to individual interpretation. Mullah Omar even declared himself Commander Of The Faithful, Amir ul Momineen, after wrapping himself in the alleged cloak of the prophet Muhammad in order to cement his position as that imam. No matter where the recruits came from, the structure and philosophy of the Taliban is Hanafi Deobandi. You really need to do your research.

Breaking News: Emirati pimps hit

A massive explosion on a Israeli registered ship has hit the port of Jebel Ali.


Seriously?!! Syrian and international Islamist militants from largely Muslim Brotherhood background, recruited and sponsored by NATO-Gulf States in Syrian conflict, and now largely under Turkish control, securing Kabul airport against Afghan Taliban, who are the Islamist militants descended from the Saudi Wahhabi wing of the 1980’s joint US-Saudi-Pakistan sponsored Afghan mujaheddin militants in Afghan-Soviet conflict…you really couldn’t make this up.

The Objective

The Taliban told Erdogan that Turkish forces should leave and then come back as an individual country, not a part of NATO. Their reason is that they promised the Afghan people to liberate Afghanistan from occupation. Leaving Turkish forces as a part of NATO would be seen as a bridge of their promise to the Afghan people. That’s why they asked Erdogan to leave and then come back alone. Erdogan agreed to this request by the Taliban. He’ll withdraw all Turkish troops that are part of NATO and then deploy the militants together with some Turkish forces (not as a part of NATO). Turkey or the Syrian fighters will NOT fight the Taliban and the Taliban will not fight Turkish or Syrian forces (mark my words). They are the same and enjoys close relations with the Taliban. here’s a tip for you to remember. The following countries will never fight each other whether directly or by proxy: 1. Turkey 2. Qatar 3. Pakistan 4. Malaysia 5. Taliban 6. Turkish-backed Syrian fighters Because all these countries and groups have one thing in common: They want a return to pure Islamic Shariah and are all working towards that goal. So, just watch.

Dumber than DUMB

Silly uneducated FOOL, the Arabs historically hate the Turks who committed horrendous crimes against them. The British used the Arabs to destroy the rotten Ottomans. You are the product of a Paki Wahhabi madrassa so would not have a clue about the region or reality

Lone Ranger

The talibs will eat them for breakfast, with some BBQ sauce on top…


It will be entertaining to watch the headchoppers plead for help and say Erdoğan abandoned them, just like they did in Azerbaijan.


The US made the Taliban agree not to allow Al Queda or any other terrorist group operate in Afghanistan as a condition of the US military leaving yet they agree to allow Turkey’s pet jihadi’s to do security operations.

Is this desperation, incompetence or both? Something is up. First they pull all the air defences and half their air force out of Saudi Arabia and now they are so desparate to leave some of the most strategically important real estate in the world they are handing it back to the Taliban with Al Queda affiliates to act as security. They’re suddenly giving up on 20 years and $$ trillions of FP and leaving the regime that guarantee the petrodollar undefended for some unknown reason. War with China??

Simon Ndiritu

Maybe, but I think they will only ramp up tensions to sell more weapons to ‘allies’


US international influence is eroding. Military can’t ever get the job done. How much longer can they pretend? US down on its luck at home with all the pettiness and social problems.


Great, they will find the Taliban are not as reasonable as the SAA.


Whose says the Turks are not proper nato whores?


Of course they are. The “estrangement ” from NATO is a transparent sham.


Taliban will whip these turkey muppets.


Turkey sandwich on the menu!


So, Afghanistan was invaded by NATO in 2001 to “destroy al Qaeda “, and 20 years later NATO imports al Qaeda?

Know your facts

September 11 is a very important date for the Arabs, it is a day when the patriotic nationalists gained international notoriety by avenging the murder of Sheik Azzam.

Alberto Bohon

Afghanistan was to become under the Taliban regime. no foreign military presence

L du Plessis

Erdogan is after the Heroin industry in Afghanistan just like the oil in Syria

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