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Turkey To Push Outwards From Idlib, As SAA Rains Punishment

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You can read this article in German: LINK

Greater Idlib is as volatile as ever, with the Syrian Arab Army, along with Russian support punishing every ceasefire violation of the al-Qaeda affiliates in the region.

It is yet unknown if the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will begin a larger military operation anytime soon, as one has been expected for a while.

On June 27th, the SAA shelled militants’ positions in the northwestern region of Greater Idlib in response to recent ceasefire violations.

Reportedly targets were a number of towns and villages on the al-Zawiya Mountain in the southern Idlib countryside as well as in the al-Ghab Plains in the northern countryside of Hama.

The shelling led to human losses.

A militant, identified as Yusuf Firas Qassim, was killed in the town of Fatterah in the al-Zawiya Mountain area.

Later in the evening a response came – several rockets were fired from Greater Idlib at al-Qardahah, the hometown of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in the southeastern countryside of Lattakia.

Only two rockets actually reached the town.

Both rockets landed in empty farmlands.

No causalities or material losses were reported.

The attack was likely carried out by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the al-Qaeda affiliated ruler of Idlib.

Earlier on the same day, Turkish forces carried out a combing operation along the militant-held part of the M4 highway, which links Aleppo city, Syria’s industrial hub, with the port city of Lattakia.

This is significant as Turkey is reportedly planning on improving the security of HTS and other factions that it backs in Greater Idlib by pushing towards Manbij and attempting to capture the town.

It is located northeast of Idlib and beyond Aleppo, which is under Syrian government control.

In the days leading up to these developments, on June 25, the SAA shelled three posts of the Turkish military in the northwestern region of Greater Idlib.

In the morning, the army shelled two Turkish posts in the northern outskirts of the government-held town of Saraqib in southern Idlib.

A gathering of Turkish military vehicles was hit.

A few hours later, the SAA artillery pounded a third Turkish post near the town of Qmenas, also in southern Idlib.

Neither attack resulted in any casualties.

In the last few days, Turkish-backed militants, led by the al-Qaeda-affiliated HTS, have stepped up their attacks.

Several government-held towns and villages around Greater Idlib were shelled by the militants.

The SAA has recently resumed its artillery strikes on Turkish forces in Greater Idlib in an attempt to pressure Ankara into implementing the ceasefire agreement.

It is highly unlikely, however, that Turkey will begin implementing it.

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Chess Master

Either Russia can’t beat Idlib, either don’t want to. Which?


Putin sars it is better to kill there than in the border land or on Russian soil………


That’s one of the same excuses u.s. leaders use. But apparently for different reasons.


Russia doesn’t want to give the West(mainly US) any reason or excuse.


So Turkey is planning to take another town but Russia shouldn’t do anything to prevent it so they don’t give anyone a reason or excuse to take over Syria?

The end

Its up to the Kurds to decide, which titty to suck…

Last edited 1 year ago by The end

You must understand something, Russia is not in Syria do DEFEND IT, from anyone, Russia is there because in 2015 General Qasem Soleimani, the head of the IRGC forces, who was killed by Trump, went to Russia and asked Mr. Putin if he can help Syria not to fall into an abyss, in the hand of the western and domestic terrorists, and Russia went on to eradicate Jihad, Islamic terrorism. Russia is in Syria to help Syrians fight TERRORISM.


Its gone ay past that,when did those western criminals need an excuse? its time the Russians and SAA launched a massive assult on Idlib,cut the city off ffom those Turks who support the terrorists. Ruia has the air power and missiles to do it.


Hah, Russia can make Idlib ash in 2 days if they want to, they don’t want to, cuz of de-escalation, peace agreements, etc. Russia, Iran, and Turks made a deal, to cleanse the HTS, Russia regularly does raid bombings, constantly kills Al-Qaida rats, while Iranians are using artillery with SAA and Turks are arming the HTS instead of cleaning them.

L du Plessis

exactly thank you.


Russia waits for the US to falter economically. Inflation, lunatic spending, malinvestment, massive debt, diminished industrial capacity, military overextension, arrogance, and a moronic/malevolent political class determined to destroy small business and the middle and working classes with another lockdown all are the stark reality of the US now.

Why should the Russians be in a hurry to play Mr. Badass when the US doesn’t know which way is up?

If I don't steal it, someone else will steal it

Idlib and the rest of northern Syria need to be cleared out of the Turdish terrorists by the SAA.

The Turds can go get citizenship in Ukraine. Ukraine will host the FSA/HTS/Al Qaeda, just like Albania hosts the MEK.

Fire for Fire

One guy on this forum “Hunter” used to brag that Turkey is afraid of Russia and is hiding behind NATO. He forgot that Syria is not Turkish soil and Russia did actually test Turkey’s courage by indirectly killing 33 Turkish soldiers in Syria last year. The result was a devastating counter-strike by Turkey that killed over 1000 Syrian soldiers and destroyed hundreds of war machines. It should not be forgotten that Russian soldiers are usually embedded with their Syrian counterparts and some died in that Turkish counter-offensive. Then many Russian supporters like “The Saker.is” were bragging that Erdogan went to Moscow to beg for de-escalation. Erdogan’s message to Putin war a clear warning that any further attacks on Turkish forces in Syria will see Turkey launching attacks RIGHT UP TO DAMASCUS. It’s up to Russia if it’ll strike Turkish forces to save Assad, in which case, we all know what will happen. Turkey is in Idlib to stay until a democratic Syria is formed and then it’ll hand it back to that government. Attempting to dislodge Turkey from Syria will result in a war that destroys the Assad regime, defeats Russia in Syria, and crushes Iran’s militias there. None of these actors will have a safe place to land in Syria should Turkey unleash even a fifth of its military might right from across the border. Iran is thousands of kilometres away from Damascus. Russia is even farther and Turkey will close the Bosporus straight, thus cutting off any timely reinforcements for Russian forces (the Turkish navy is not a force Russia can crush its way through). Russia has no effective defense against Turkish drones which will be unleashed in hundreds if need be. “The Saker.is” has claimed falsely in the past that Russian and Syrian forces had shot down “several” Turkish drones in Idlib last year. The fool even claimed that Russia controlled the airspace over Idlib. But only one or two photo proofs of those “several” drones were published on here. Had many Turkish drones been shot down, the pictures would certainly flood this platform. Peace is in the best interest of all, but if Putin thinks he can bully Turkey like he does Ukraine, then he can give it a try. But he must remember that the Turks won’t turn the other cheek if slapped. And his arrogance should not make him believe that his forces will survive a war with Turkey on Syrian soil.


Nice fantasy theories you have constructed. How many shekels do you get per post? The Russians can hit any turkish target in Syria from the Caspian Sea, imbecile.

There is a reason erdogan referred to the Black Sea as a Russian Lake. Did you ever stop to consider what Russian Navy assets are operating undersea? Obviously not by you ignorant comments.

Read up on Iskander road mobile hypersonic missile systems (mach 5+) with tactical nuclear warheads. How would the turks stop these missiles? With AA guns from WWII?

Fire for Fire

You are the imbecile here. Standoff munitions aren’t going to be effective against small groups of moving targets. Russia can use planes, which is its only viable option against moving targets deep inside Syria. But then, the Turkish airforce will contest Russia’s current dominance of the Syrian airspace and blunt the effectiveness of any Russian bombing campaign. It isn’t going to be a scenario of Russia bombing rebels with no air force or air defense. It’ll be land, sea and air battle. Turkey on the other can obliterate all Russian ground forces in Syria by using ONLY drones. In fact, it’ll be over within days. Russia doesn’t have any effective defenses against drones. I hear they are working on it, but still have a long way to go. I hope it doesn’t get to all-out war but if it does, Russia won’t stand a chance in Syria. That’s the reason Putin is making deals instead of war.



Perhaps Turkey is under the impression that Turkey itself will be untouched if it dares to take on the Russians.

If Turkey thinks that NATO will overlook its aggressive war in Syria and come to its aid if Russian missiles should fall on Turkish soil it is mistaken. The US, France, Germany and the UK are all gangsta when it comes to weak countries like Serbia, Libya, Venezuela, and Iraq but cooler heads in the Pentagon will say seize every opportunity to consider that Turkey operates outside of NATO if they have to face a serious military. Even if Irsael wants to fight to the last American.

I am sure the UK, France, and Germany will tell “NATO” not to involve them in the stupid foreign adventures of the US. NATO is just for show. The German military is a joke.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ace

Perhaps Turkey is under the impression that Turkey itself will be untouched if it dares to take on the Russians.

southfront fan

I would luv to see 50k Chinese troops armed with s 400s surround Idlib, Al Tanf etc Once Idlib was dealt with they could move to Deir ez-Zur. They should provide all medical/food aid required for the Syrian people as well. Israel,Turkey and the U.S. would not mess with them.

Fire for Fire

The Chinese don’t go on foreign imperial wars. Russia sensed an opportunity to enter Syria and Libya. But that dream is fast turning into a nightmare as Turkey has put a huge obstacle in the way.


Only in your warped mind. You are confusing economic diplomacy, turkstream as an example, with military capability. Measure the government held territory pre and post Russian involvement in Syria.

The results are obvious.

Fire for Fire

Russia fought rebels without an air-force, air defense, navy, missile force, drones, etc. Turkey is a different ballgame brother. Turkish drones alone can inflict huge human loses in Russian ranks just like they did Assad’s forces. The only defense Russia has against drones is its air-force. And in a contested airspace, their mission won’t be as effective. Russia is hopelessly outgunned and has a looooong supply line.


Turkey will not willingly leave Syria, they need to be ‘encouraged’ and that needs to happen before they reach maximum fortification of the areas they occupy with their terrorist friends. The human and material losses being avoided by not reclaiming the Syrian territory now will be worse if it has to be done against fully fortified Turkish military and terrorist positions. TEP.

Last edited 1 year ago by TEP
Fire for Fire

When Erdogan went to Moscow last year after killing thousands of SAA soldiers, some of you thought he was there to beg Putin for a ceasefire. But nah. That wasn’t the reason at all. He was in Moscow to tell Putin “peacefully” to watch his ally Assad. Because next time Turkish forces are killed in Syria by Assad and his allies (Russia denied carrying out that strike, but it was a lie, and several Russian soldiers died alongside Syrian soldiers in the Turkish counter-offensive), Turkey will declear war and hit targets right up to Damascus. This warning actually deterred further direct attacks on Turkish forces. By the way, the Russian ministry of defense in 2019 declared that over 100 Russian soldiers have died in Syria. In a shootout with Turkey, this is quickly reach the thousands. That’s why Russia doesn’t attempt to take Idlib as you so dearly wish. I don’t believe for one second that Russia will defeat Turkey in a confrontation in Syria. Turkish drones alone will cause high casualties among Russian forces across the entire Syrian battlefield. Russia currently has no effective measures against these drones and their over-hyped S-400 will have a hard time detecting drones let alone shoot them down. If Russia tries to use planes to shoot down the drones, Turkey will simply unleash its pilots to challenge the Russians in the airs of Syria, bomb their airbases (which are actually few), and fully expose ground forces to the onslaught of drones that will hunt them night and day. Turkey already knows the locations of these forces. If Putin is foolish enough to go to war with Turkey over Idlib, then he’s welcome, but he’ll certainly emerge a loser in such a conflict regardless of the damage Turkish forces suffer. I hope now you understand why he keeps signing deals instead of just pressing a military offensive.

To better understand my point, just read this loooong analysis by a pro-Russian defense website about the Idlib battle last year: https://ejmagnier.com/2020/03/01/erdogan-idlib-is-mine/

Last edited 1 year ago by Fire for Fire

Laughable propaganda. Tell us exactly how many times have the turks entered Russia’s A2/AD region in Syria? How about dates, time of day and number of incursions?

As expected you cannot provide s**t. You are simply a western clown, paid per post.

Last edited 1 year ago by block
Fire for Fire

Turkey is not in Syria to fight Russia. Turkey will prevent any further destabilization in Idlib that sends millions more refugees into Turkey. Almost 4 million Syrians are already living in Turkey and about 4 million more are in Idlib. For the safety of these 8 million, Turkey should be prepared to go to war in Syria if forced to. Russia and Assad must understand that these 8 million Syrians are not without a protector. A political settlement is the outcome both Russia and Assad can hope for. Because an all out war will drop bombs on Damascus (huge precision bombs by both drones and manned planes) Bombs will be falling in Syria everywhere the enemy is. And then we can see how long the Assad regime will last.

Alberto Bohon

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey should come to an agreement with Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad on territorial issues through Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Turkey could hand over Idlib to Assad, while Assad and Putin allow Turkey to control Tell Rifaat, Manbij and Kobani on the Turkey/Syrian border against the Kurds, and so Assad and Erdogan undermine Kurdish rule in Northwest Syria and damage US bases in the region.


Let the stinking foreign rats mass in numbers. It is to the SAA & allies advantage. Do you believe american garbage drones fly around central Syria because they are undetectable?

They are allowed to operate by the Syrian government for a reason.


keep pounding the turdgish roaches

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