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Turkey To Keep Importing Iranian Crude Oil Despite US Sanctions


Turkey To Keep Importing Iranian Crude Oil Despite US Sanctions

FILE IMAGE: mehrnews.com

Turkey is not going to follow the State Department’s call on US allies to stop importing Iranian crude oil by November 4, when the latest sanctions will kick in.

“The decisions taken by the United States on this issue are not binding for us. Of course, we will follow the United Nations on its decision. Other than this, we will only follow our own national interests,” Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said according to Hurriyet daily.

The minister further added that TUrkey “will pay attention so our friend Iran will not face any unfair actions.”

Earlier this week, the US State Department called on all US allies to stop buying Iranian crude oil. Some buyers have started winding down their purchases of Iranian oil. However, the move has faced little support around the world. Oil importers including Turkey, Japan, South Korea, India and some European countries, have said they will continue buying Iranian crude.



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    Cracks are starting to form in sanctions against Iran
    A unilateral act by the US. They where the only one to pull out of nuclear deal?

    • Bill Wilson

      The Europeans are shitting their pants since they were counting on landing big contracts with Iran to rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure and update their industries and agricultural sector.

  • Siegfried

    “Turkey To Keep Importing Iranian Crude Oil Despite US Sanctions”
    First official kick in the a## for Trump. The next will come

  • alejoeisabel

    Courageous Turkish move. Turkey uses its leverage intelligently.