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Turkey To Boost Its Forces In Syria’s Idlib: Erdogan

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Turkey To Boost Its Forces In Syria's Idlib: Erdogan

A convoy of Turkish military trucks carrying tanks destined for Syria, moves near the town of Kilis, Turkey, on Friday. PHOTO: RESIT CELEBIOGLU/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Turkey will continue boosting its forces and strengthening its military positions in the Syrian province of Idlib, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters upon returning from Azerbaijan on September 17.

“It is true that we have been strengthening the positions of our troops [in Idlib]. We cannot afford to have any weak spots,” Erdogan said, according to the Haberturk newspaper. “If we don’t strengthen our observation points, then someone else will take the initiative, which may lead to civilian harm.”

Erdogan claimed that the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) entered in Idlib upon request from Syrian people.

“No one in Idlib wave Russian, US, German or French flags. People there wave Turkish flags. They are not Turkish citizens, they are Syrians. We will not let these oppressed people down,” he stated refering to pro-Turkish demonstrations staged by militant groups in the province on September 14. MORE HERE

Previously, the TAF increased the number of troops deployed at the Syrian-Turkish border as well as deployed battle tanks at its obsevration posts in Shir Maghar, Eshtabraq and Murak in Syria. The TAF has a total of 12 observation posts in the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone, all of them is located within the militant-held area, close to positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

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Soon or later, the Syrian Arab Army will have to expel the Turkish invaders and occupiers from sovereign Syrian territory for the purpose of protecting Syrian citizens. Any Syrian collaborator with the Turkish invading army will be tried for treason.

Promitheas Apollonious

as long russia suck turkish cock I very much doubt it and the war is moving to Mediterranean also.


But what if Russia stayed out of it?

The Turks have annexed bits of Syria in the past, and west of the Bosporus is Greek territory, and the eastern third is Kurdish country.

Turkey needs to be cut down to size,
They have been able to get away with it, because they HAD American support.

The Syrian army could do a deal with the Kurds, who have been loaded up with American weapons.
The times are a changing.

Promitheas Apollonious

well the point is the russians did not stay out of it and with their actions have promoted a lot of what is happening now to happen and what allegedly want to prevent is going to happen only worst than if they was following another route. If you want to understand what is happening and what I mean you must look the same picture and not just one pixel of it that it is Syria.

See what is happening in Cyprus and Greece and the Balkans, that is an extension of this brewing WW3. I fail to understand or explain why russia is so buddy -buddy with all the countries who attack her and created the whole situation in syria for example SArabia and not only.

What I see developing it is very bad for europe and by extension to the whole humanity. Any one failing to see this is because they took sides and cheering for their own destruction like good sheep. S400 to turkey means instant war with greece and cyprus. S400 to SA. And all this BS about Idlip ………. i think poutin took a lot of lessons from erdogan how to sell to the highest price. They understand it when the war is outside their doorstep.


“with their actions have promoted a lot of what is happening now to happen”

What, you mean the US,UK, France, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, who together invaded Syria have nothing to do with it, in your mind?

“If you want to understand what is happening and what I mean you must
look the same picture and not just one pixel of it that it is Syria.”

I think it is you that lacks even a basic understanding of what is going on.
You are partly correct, the US is running amok, but you seem to think Russian restraint is a bad thing. Perhaps they should follow your advice, and turn Europe and the USA into a wasteland, they have the power to do that. All the people you have ever known, and all the cities of Europe just smoking ruins.

You waffle on about S400’s they are to stop you killing Russians.
They would kill you with nuclear weapons.


I am glad you see the big picture. I do not understand why would you point a finger at Russia for the sale-out politicians of Greeca and Cyprus? Are you surprised at all about stirring a new war by proxies somewhere else? You, Greeks are buddies with israhell but it does not bother you. Wow!

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not pointing the finger to russia for what the politicians do in cyprus or greece. I am pointing the finger in russia because they began with their policies to remind me of the same whore the UK/Usrael are. Changing their price according to the size.

WE Greeks are not buddies with israel, you assuming that. The sold out politicians, as in every western country and obvious also russia are buddy -buddy with israel and is what you need to explain, not to me but to yourself, as I know exactly why. So dont confuse the politicians, with the population living in a country.

I dont know where you from but I am sure your politicians are not much different than ours, or the americans and the russians, where the jews are concerned and I will not be surprised, if half your politicians if not more are jews in origin. And if you say no then you dont live in a western country, so I would like to know where you live.


The sold out politicians, as in every western country and obvious also russia are buddy -buddy with israel and is what you need to explain, not to me but to yourself, as I know exactly why.
– this is intriguing. Will you collaborate?
We don’t have politicians in my country. We have servants of EU. In summer I live in Bulgaria. When the summer is over I go to South Africa. Would you call them Western countries?


“I fail to understand or explain why russia is so buddy -buddy with all the countries who attack her”
Obviously, but I do not have the time to explain it to you.

Promitheas Apollonious

I really dont need you to explain it to me kid. I dont think reading your post you have put the dots together. To do that you must not take sides and see in a cold manner each of the players moves.

Empire's Frontiers

It seems to me that the Russians are aware they’re being goaded into war.

The west is committing acts of war against Russia, regularly attempting to elicit what they’ll label a belligerent provokation.

I think we’re busy watching the natural evasions of the lesser adversary.
And that we’re all bound, much like Russia and Turkey for the time being, to wait upon the manifestation of the west’s self-inflicted troubles.

Then there’s potcracker’s take, that they’re all in it together, East, West, North, South, Syria is a giant arms expo, and the world order secured some time ago.

Promitheas Apollonious

agree we have no choice to wait and see what happens. But when you follow what is happening behind the scenes and the moves each country involved in it does, then it does not take a rocket scientist, to figure out the end result.

I am and was 100% pro helping syria. But IF russia went there to help divide syria and arrange for turkey and NATO to get parts of it and then all make up and be friends and partners then …………. somewhere russia lost her ways and compromised big time.

Empire's Frontiers

To what extent do you suppose that Russia has had some of these circumstance imposed on it, the invasion of the northern Syria, for example?

Promitheas Apollonious

Look what is happening my friend in real life and not what we all here and around the world we was hoping to be the response to the NWO thugs and degenerates.

Russia to my estimation unless something I have not see or explained correctly, following the events, Just put her foot on her mouth. My family has very deep connections in russia and so am I, so under normal circumstances you may call me pro russian, if I had to chose between west and east.

BUT….. what the russians did in syria…. yes they help Assad to stay in power and also sort of free part of syria that was the easy part. Only russians as well nato did not went to syria to save the Syrians or enslave them as the americans and allies. But now they think that have the right to decide for the Syrians with out the Syrians have a saying, dividing their country between them – nato and turkey.

They have not have the balls and I am very sorry to say this, when they had to react to the provocations, done to them in a decisive way and cut the BS from the go ahead. Instead they kissed ass and make a lot of very unnatural alliances, that make no sense and with countries that are anything but friends to them.

Also given the turks the opportunity and the way safely to build an army from worthless to a fighting unit. I call it stupid and very short sighted what they been doing the last 2 years.

Russia’s national interest or at least they claim what it is, does not go hand in hand with for example turkish national interest. But then my own countries politicians, are constantly on their knees doing exactly the same as russia does with our enemies so I am no longer surprised, with what is happening and I am telling you with this moves lately they happen syria is effectively divided in three pieces and for that is russias policy and doing with what they do and I am begging to lose very fast what ever respect and hopes I have the russians will do the right thing.

I am very sad to say. You understand it better when shit hit the fan in the Balkan or Mediterranean or both because one will not happen with out the other.

Empire's Frontiers

Thanks for taking the time to write back.

I always do like to read what you’ve got to say on these matters.

I’ve wondered for a little while now, and if you’d prefer to not answer, I respect that. I wonder, how old are you, or as the Spanish ask, ‘how many years do you have?’

Carne João Pasta

You can understand better my sentiment re medieval methods of avenging the evil that had been wrought upon Syria and the greater ME and NA.

Promitheas Apollonious

Let me explain you something friend. Because most of you, the closer you got to war is on the comfort of your living room more likely with a beer in your hands and pop corn handy. I am talking with you not about you as I dont know you.

War in real life is not like b/holywood movies or what they attempted to prepare you as norm the ones who planned and executed the GLADIO operation, when all fail, to use the mercenaries they prepared long in advance using the iraq war and BlackWater. That is the hard core of isis.

Who you think the ones who produced the videos with what you seen isis was doing was orchestrating them and executing them? 90% of them was either americans or british or from some other western country. That does not stop you to think?

It is out in the open now. So if you ever go to war you have one of two choices. Become a warrior and hunt, or be like them a piece of shit. If you become a warrior as the houthis for example then you never insult yourself by lowering yourself, on the level western uncivilized people impose to others because at the end of the day, you be no different than them and most importantly you will not be able live with your self even if you lose 90% of your humanity.

Why you think are so many suicides among the americans and the british armies, especially veterans or because they dont tell you on TV you dont know? I dont speak for other countries as I dont know the numbers. Is easy the way they drug them, to become a subhuman and then have to live with it the rest of their lives. Our fight is against the ones who genocide humanity in a very calculating way.

And another thing to think about. Torturing the minions, do not avenge (revenge) evil, you become evil. It is the time you pass the line of no return. You hunt them you kill them. Recycling them is enough and you not doing it for revenge or any other reason but because you doing public service, securing the public’s safety and well being.

If all of us become like them and our respect for human life is lost, then they win not us, even if we manage to get rid off the ones who been trying for centuries to globalize and enslave the world.

Carne João Pasta

And yet you want Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, et al to engage the terrorist nest in Idlib.. no matter what the consequences. And you know better than President Putin? I’m simply expressing my emotional angst and hurt at what has been happening in the MENA, on behalf of my country, the USA. I’ve been awake since before 9/11/01, but that certainly got me awakened further along. I’ve been following the Syrian conflict since it began. I understand and respect what you are saying. I can express my sadness and anger in the language I chose, whether sarcastic or perhaps exaggerated. And you can read into it how you like. I’m not a psychopath. I feel a deep sadness and frustration over these endless wars of this rotten empire. I was speaking figuratively and out of exasperation at the ludicrous and insane operations of my government and its psychotic elites, among the usual suspects on your side of the globe, empire’s allies.

Peter Jennings

Meanwhile on the quiet, US troops are killing Russians in Syria and Russian troops are killing americans. The US doesn’t have too long before its economy loses traction and everyone caught abroad will be working for promises. Last time i looked i didn’t see any banks relying on promises when seizing mortgages.

Mustafa Mehmet

Why are you giving advice to everyone .why don’t you do it .and south and north and. West turkey was Belong to Greeks not just west. kurks never had a country their own

Tommy Jensen

Kurds are nomads selling carpets and goats, walking over the borders of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.
Therefore they have the right to a big part of these countries to make Kurdistan where 200000 Israeli´s can make a government and the Kurds still can walk around with their goats.


i don’t know what you are smoking but it seems not to be very good for your brain.
The kurds are dealing with US, so a coperation between syria and pyd is not realistic.
That stuid idea that west of bosporus is greek, so first go there and see who is living in west trakia.

Carne João Pasta

I’d love to see the Kurds and Syria eek out some kind of deal as you mention. Can’t wait to see Turkey get avenged.


As a head of state he should act like one. He demonstrates his mafia-style “management skills”.


Erdogan is a simple minded thief, his every move is to illicit a bribe from someone.
Maybe Russia should have let the Americans kill him, but who knows who the US would have put in his place.

Joe Doe

Syria made big blunder, stopping offensive in Idlib in 2016, and I did express my view at the time, by saying you never leave unfinished business, because you gone pay heavy later. They almost reached Idlib city. Now they will have a big problem liberate Idlib. I would advice Syria, get 4- S-400, 40 – VERAMANPAD and more Pantsir Air Defense System. More attack helicopters and more modern airplane such as S-29, S-30, otherwise they will loose more territory and SAA will be weak. To many powers will be involved defending Terrorist in Idlib, and Russia will not defend Syria and SYria will loose. But again if Syria like to play stupid again, than their’s there choice, but will be very stupid move

Brad Isherwood

Assads Father is to blame.
Oh…and He was Quitter who let Israhell steal Golan with its recent oil find.
Russia has world’s best deep/slant drilling…so…it’s possible to slant drill into the Golan oil
Field and loot it.

Just before 1st Gulf War, …was contract build Fraction modules for Iran,
Whose Idiot Mullahs/Gov kept changing the contract.
Ban on shipping in Gulf from the War terminated the contract.
The Russians however had the Frac tech/slant drilling and looted the Oilfield from their side of the border.
Iran has loser vision as they are more interested in how many Shia fill housing and go to Mosque.
The want to play that game in Syria.
The Shia Clerics get the people’s money.its also known as a Crime racket.

Syria is 1/3rd Occupied by US who now order around the Kurds.
Russia/Putin are happy…..Kurds not going to attack Russia.
Not much ISIS left to attack Russia /restart Chechnya war.
Putin has signaled the Russian Military will be over top the Oligarchs in whatever future gov Putin leaves.
The Oligarchs however are high % linked to Israhell.

If I were Russian. ….what’s going on in Ukraine would be more concerning.
Syria is just Islam kill itself and steal money from its own people.
Most of the Planet is the 1% stomp the 99.
Putin holding Gold bars while over 50 Russian pensioners starve.

Dušan Mirić

Turkey is going to arrest terrorists or it is going to became one?


Fake news, Propaganda, bullshit.

al quaida

You described your own post in your opening line.

Tommy Jensen

All Syrians are waiving flags for Turkey because they want Turkey to protect them. That means the Syrians would vote for Erdogan if they had the chance and NOT ButcherAssad.
Therefore Syria now belongs to Erdogan because its is democratic, and Russia, US, Israel, Assad must go if they want peace in Syria.

Ask yourself whether you want ISIS, Al-Nusra, US troops, HitlerRussia, TerroristRouhani, ButcherAssad, Hezbollah to make peace for the innocent Syrian people or…you want Turkey to take care of everything?

If you think Intelligent, you will realize that only Turkey can make controle and peace in Syria. If Turkey take over all of Syria, then Turkey can also get Visafree EU as Ukraine they have been gotting doing.

al quaida

You make Potcracker sound like a genius.

Empire's Frontiers

The difference is Potcracker’s serious.

Tommy’s only plying his trade.

al quaida

Potcracker is seriously crackpot, or he may be one of those hasbara trolls I’m hearing about, his main intent on here seems to be to sow discord.

Empire's Frontiers

I see his posts and they’re brain busting. I can’t believe anyone reads them and responds without noting the sensation of having lost brain cells.

The structure alone makes reading his posts more tedious than wading through chin-deep sewage.

If his shit isn’t some sinister science, he’s invented a new art.

Feudalism Victory

Cmon the eu doesnt want turkey no matter what they do.

Keep it Real

Dont worry, uncle Putin will show the turks the door!

Feudalism Victory

Gosh its almost like he NEVER intended to withdraw from syrian territory. Id bet its a bluff and he wouldnt fight iran and russia at the same time but are they going to call him on it?

Looks like astana is done.


This is exactly what Er-dog-an wants… to delay Syria-Hezboah-Iran-Russia offensive in Idlib to be able to have so many weapon in this area to stop this offensive and protect the terrorists here. Of course, Russia knows this and is allowing to happen, why ?

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