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JUNE 2021

Turkey To Appoint Own Governor For Syria’s Afrin Area – Report

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Turkey To Appoint Own Governor For Syria's Afrin Area - Report

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On April 12, Hasan Sindi spokesman for the Turkish-backed Afrin Liberation Congress (ALC) revealed to the German DW TV that the Turkish Hatay province will be responsible for coordinating the administration in Syria’s Afrin area, that’s currently under the control of Turkish-backed forces. Turkey is even planning to appoint a Turkish governor and district governor to directly run Afrin, according to Sindi.

“A governor will be appointed to Afrin. Yet, we don’t know who this person will be. It is still uncertain. But it will be someone from Turkey and will be appointed by the government. There will also be a district governor, again from Turkey,” said Şindi, according to DW.

The city of Afrin was captured by the Turkish Army and its proxies on March 18. A day later, the ALC held its first conference. Sindi claims that the ALC consists of Kurdish, Alevis and Yazidis members and that it is helping the displaced civilians to return to their villages and towns in Afrin.

However, Several Syrian and Kurdish activists believe that Turkey is implementing a long term policy that’s aimed at annexing Afrin and several other areas in northern Syria. The appointment of Turkish officials to run Afrin confirms the suspicions of these activists.

However, some local observers believe that it will very hard for Turkey to annex any part of Syria, as Russia, the US, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other regional and international forces will oppose to such a step. Thus, Ankara will likely try to establsih a kind of “autonomy” within Syria in these areas, which would be controlled by Turkey-backed forces.

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AM Hants

Turkey has got a lot to lose, if they start playing games.

Mustafa Mehmet

Like what?

AM Hants

S400, Turk Stream, Trust, SCO Membership, Decent link into the ‘New Belt and Road’ project. Not forgetting, the assassination attempt and who came to the rescue? Turkish tourist industry.


Annexing is 20th century strategy.
Autonomy , Turkish as second language in schools, some Turkish security posts here and there, and FSA based security forces will be enough for decades of Turkish influence.


Luna, I don’t like you.


The feeling is not mutual.
You still did not send me that photo BTW.

Acko Manah

Well the new Ottoman Empire got to start somewhere

Acko Manah

Turkey too wants a piece of Syria


Been there ,done that.
Now we are closely watching business opportunities in Northern Iraq.

Acko Manah

I guess not ? obviously still interested in peace I mean piece of Syria. Hehehe! The place was better off with the Ottomans.

Richard M

Like Adolf wanted a piece of Czechoslovakia.

klove and light

thanks to putin…..after the turkish downing of the russian jet…putin should have been alot harder to turkey…with 1 simple step…..syria airspace is a non flight zone for turkey….bombing “campaign” (campaign=weeks or months of continuous bombing) against turkish backed militants in north syria …instead he tryed this …we r going to move turkey away from nato…so in the end turkey will help syria and russia…..wwhat a stupid, insane believe…..on numerous occasions for weeks I warned that turkey is playing a double game……insane allowing turkey to have a huge foothold in north syria…never will they get out again…anybody who believes that turkey will give up north syria without going to full scale war is totally insane!!!they have practically moved turkey in to syria….1000´s of vehicles, including 100´s of tanks, even ground to air defence systems……..unbelievable naive stupid by putin…incredible unbelievable……..what did he think?seriously that turkey attacks the us and france in east syria???more than naive….makes one think…
Imagine now..north syria….a totally jihadist free paradise with now the totall open help and partnership and security of a large moslem country.Turkey …wow…great plan, great plan…could be from a woody allen movie…thats how insane this is…


Putin and his pollicy makers are not fools.

He got Turkish aprovall for Turkstream , now building 2 nuclear reactors in Turkey which cost about 25 billion each , sold s400 defence systems , and God knows what else..

All he had to do is open Syrian air space to Turkish jets .

What did he lose in Syria ?


Afrin is Syrian : it needs the Syrian government in charge.

You can call me Al

It will have one, just bide your time. Turkey took a lot of heat off the SAA in battling the Kurds, if they want to run Afrin for a time and pump money into it, no worries for now.

Syria + allies have more important things to do now.


Yes, there are strong economical link with Russia, and that it is very important for Russia,
much more important than to lose north part of Syria. However, Russia can bring this part back to Syria through some negotiation.


How long before Erdogan decides to annex the area? I’m betting a year or two.


A Turkish governor is an annexation.


Even if Turkey was to annex the parts of Syria it is occupying right now most of the people of those areas are not ethnic Turks (at least I would assume). Turkey has a hard time controlling the Kurds in their own country how in the world would they expect to be able to peacefully control both Kurdish and Arab Tribes in Syria? I suppose it’s possible through brute force but it could never be a peaceful occupation. It would be like the Americans in Vietnam or the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Richard M

Ottomans ruled Syria for centuries. In their minds they are restoring the Ottoman Empire. If it isn’t stopped this will only be the beginning.

Feudalism Victory

Like the form matters

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Like no one saw this coming? Erdogan has to be a Jew. There is no other explanation for his acting like one.

Daniel Castro

The thing is, most jews are not jews, they are khazar turks…


khazars were jews. their population was not few. what happened to these jew turks. their sons must be living in israel.

Daniel Castro


Not a trace of levantine DNA on khazar fake jews.

They might be jews only if you consider their religion… but then you must accept the worship of Gog and Magog as judaism.


dna can change even in 12 months. nasa did it


jews who were living middle east can be sons of khazars. but israel founded by jews who came from europe. may be some jews can be coming from khazars origins

Daniel Castro

Of course if you pump your body with tons of cosmic rays it causes a small, but very dangerous, mutation on DNA, this has nothing to do with the hability to determine our genetic legacy by DNA test.

I would say midle-east jews are probably real jews, khazar fake jews were dispersed to europe after the fall of khazaria, they went to russia, ukraine, poland, germany, etc. After 1945 they gangued up to come to palestine steal palestinian land.

Again, there is 0% of levantine DNA on khazars.

And you can see that just by looking to middle-east jews and khazar fake jews, they are completely different.


why khazars are fake? idk jews religion much

Daniel Castro

They pretend to be descendent of jews and say they are entitled to Israel, but they are not, there is not a single drop of levantine DNA on them, they have converted to jewish religion in khazaria, but bear im mind that not even current talmud satanism the jews worship is the same one of the original hebraic people, they are entitled to nothing.


origins is not important for religions. turks were tengrist but became to muslim in satuk bugra khan period the first time. he was turcoman, and he was still turcoman after accepting islam.

khazars were jews, but arent israeli

Daniel Castro

Tell that to them, you’re only considered jewish if you have a jewish mother, otherwise you might join but you will have to marry a jewish woman so your sons will be considerd jews.

That’s the greatest lies, they were never jews, there is no direct lineage between abraham and khazhar fake jews, so it’s very ironic that through their own rule they can’t be considered jews and are not entitled to Israel.

Islam is a different religion, for Islam there is no chosen race.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just Jew converts not Levantine as they are were dispersed when the Khazars Turks and Mongol-Kurds came to Byzantium region.


Where is DutchNational or Jens Holms on these reports?

You can call me Al

hahahaha, he has gone rather quiet recently.

Richard M

Bork! :D

Steve Bell

Wouldn’t surprise to see a Syrian missile blow the new Turkish “governor” to bits. And how would Turkey respond… start a war with Russia and have Incirlik vaporised?

Mustafa Mehmet

Try with Israel’—American—British—and the pkk. Ypg and the rest outsider force. bell ? boy. Syria has no government. once everything settle down. They can have their afrin back for now we have to protect our borders from. terorist


Turkey is a US vassal state and hence Erdogan cannot be trusted blindly. As a former KGB agent, Putin knows this very well and he is playing his cards very well.

It seems to me that Turkey will be forced/manipulated to backstab Russia again in which case it will be the end of modern day Turkey.


In the context of war logic it’s fair enough, the Turks bled for it. Russia went in with a stated mission to restore state order; but somewhere along the way, they lost track of the plot. If Turkey didn’t want PKKistan on its border, apparently they had to ensure this themselves.

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