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Turkey Threatens To Boycott US Electronics In Response To New Tariffs Employed By Washington

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Turkey Threatens To Boycott US Electronics In Response To New Tariffs Employed By Washington

A woman checks the currency exchange rates at a shop in Istanbul, Monday, Aug. 13, 2018. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

Turkey will boycott US electronic products, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on August 14, during a his address to a symposium organized by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) on the 17th foundation anniversary of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party.

“We will boycott American electronic products,” the president said. “They do not hesitate to use the economy as a weapon against us, as they [also] tried in the diplomatic or military field, and efforts to sow social and political instability.”

Erdogan added that his country would produce a better version of every product previously bought with foreign currencies and export these products.

The US-Turkish relations are currently far from being far and friendly. Washington has recently introduced sanctions on Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul for not releasing American Pastor Andrew Brunson, who faces terrorism charges in Turkey. The US also doubled tariffs on Turkish aluminum and steel imports to 20 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

Turkish lira is expiriensing a major fall amid the growing diplomatic and economic conflict with the United States.

The sides have also contradictory goals in the Syrian conflict. Their approaches are especially different toward the so-called Kurdish issue.

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Pave Way IV

But if Turkish citizens don’t buy iPhones, how will US intelligence agencies track them real-time?

Oh, wait… Samsung… (never mind)

John Whitehot

there are Huawei and ZTU phones.

if I have to be tracked, I prefer the chinas doing it rather than israel or the us.


Huaweis are insanely good when you do a price/performance comparison.

Concrete Mike

Yes my.mother in law has one..
Its really good


erdogannnnn…lol….pathetic moron..he first makes a deal with the jew devil to make himself king(sultan of turkey…assad said that too).same as saddam hussein ..then just as saddam hussein he believes he truly is king and decides to backstabb the devil he himself made the deal with….and now that pathetic moron wants to beat the devil at the devils game……lol….wow mindboggling and instead of now going for the only optiion left (be truly allied with syria,iran,russia)…this fucked up maniac wants to dance on 2 marriages……he wants confrontation with the jew usa and decides to go head on with SAA,hezbollah and russia in idlib by creating an islamist idlib army and yelling about how his military will invade even further into syria.Erdogan is now the most dangerous man in the world.A stupid moron who believes he is king with an army at his command.very very dangerous.

Daniel Castro

Reminds me of the opera Carmen… teases everyone and then ends up dead in an alley…


As I’ve said, Erdogan has now reached the point where he can retreat to a bunker underneath his palace in Ankara, where he can rave and froth at the mouth at his generals, and play with imaginary armies on his land maps, while above him Turkey burns.

Also, Turks giving up their iPhones? Their no. 1 status symbols? Like that’s going to happen.


LOL, I think BMW is no1 but not everyone can afford it.

John Whitehot

“As I’ve said, Erdogan has now reached the point where he can retreat to a bunker underneath his palace in Ankara, where he can rave and froth at the mouth at his generals, and play with imaginary armies on his land maps, while above him Turkey burns”

Wonder what were you predicting during the coup attempt against him..


Actually I was rooting for the guys doing the coup at the time. I get it that Putin has to play nice with him, but Erdogan really is the most unreliable untrustworthy piece of shit that politics has ever produced. And for a political class that only consists of slime that says something.


But the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and if Turks want the guy to lead them, that’s their choice.

The Turks tried American appointed generals as leaders for many years, and they just betrayed their own people.


No, that’s the wrong kind of thinking that leads to stupid disasters once your enemy is gone. History is full of that. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, just my enemy’s enemy. And we should do very well to always keep that in mind. A little trust goes a long way, the less you use, the further you will go. And with Erdogan I define less as none at all.

And who says the Turks wanted him? He’s using state repression to silence the opposition and control of the media so Turks only get to see his POV. And STILL he only had a little more then half of the vote. There’s a reason why Erdogan always leans so heavily on the votes of Turks living in Western Europe. They do not have to live under his rule, but only see the good aspects of it via the many state controlled TV channels they watch on their satellite discs. And without them he would have lost the last election.


Turkish elections are more democratic than American elections, and the yanks love saying how democratic they are, until the PEOPLE don’t follow orders and vote for someone else.
What makes you so perfect, that you know better than millions of Turks?

Concrete Mike

American politics are just as bad…#trump

I may be nuts, but im enjoying watching erdogan go. He seems very resilient…not give a fuck and does what he wants…i respect that. Turkey is the key in the region, even if turkey turns neutral will be a big win for the anti- zio movement.

Une chose a la fois….


iPhones were last years status symbol, and Apple shares along with the other FANG’s are the only thing holding up the US stock market, so a threat against Apple is a big deal.

Concrete Mike

I think turkey is getting set up for regime change…the way msm is harping on and on about this is very suspicious.

We got a kurdish faction in place ready to go, there might still be some “gulenist” kicking around in the military.
We got a shitload of islamists next door in syria and some in turkey, how close they are to erdogan is anybody guess.

I dont know if I should support erdogan or not…he is a snake for sure, but a snake can be useful to deal with some rats.

Any turks out there?

Tommy Jensen

Turkey´s economy is serious danger, hanging on the edge.
In this situation Erdogan threatens US that he may not buy a new Apple Iphone. O´boy o´boy.

John Whitehot

“Turkey´s economy is serious danger, hanging on the edge”

Seriously,i don’t think that makes some sense.

“my economy is bigger”, or “my economy isn’t in danger” seem to be phrases tailored almost exclusively for yanks, which go around talking about their economy without saying a word about their debt, while the other countries people in the room look each other in the eyes and try to suppress laughter.

Tommy Jensen

You are right. It does not make sense.
Only pointed out the contradiction in media about USA “economic war” against Turkey, “drastic fall” of Turkish Lira, and Erdogan´s lame threat on electronics.
Agree, its difficult to see the real picture in all this.

Concrete Mike

Maybe turkey inderstood talking to us government is pointless, by stopping apple sales, this directly hurts a huge corporation. Who runs the show in america?? Corporations, thats who, hurt them enough and they will go cry government to back down.

Could this be erdogan strategy?


Push the Goddamns hard enough, and they will refuse to supply the F35’s, that would allow Turkey to get a refund.

What nobody in America wants to accept, is the whole world is bailing out, like rats deserting a sinking ship, they know what America does not know, that their empire is sinking.

Concrete Mike

Hahahaha turkey get a refund? And just how will turkey get their money back?

Turkey at the start of the syrian war looted the fuck out of syria, in comes the russians, and the operation becomes a loss, plus with the us arming kurds, its turned into a jackpot ( this is very bad in mining talk).

Turkey is in a tough spot, by their own fault of course, the russians put them in their place. America can do what it wants, it lost turkey in the short term.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in erdogans office.

Or maybe he has a bitchy assistant like trump that tapes everything….isnt that espionnage btw??? Why isnt that bitch arrested for treason???

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