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JUNE 2021

Turkey Threatens PKK In Iraq With Military Actions

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Turkey Threatens PKK In Iraq With Military Actions

A Turkish military column is en route to Al-Eis

On March 28, the Turkish National Security Council warned during a meeting, which was headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that Turkey will “take action” if Iraq failes to halt activities of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in its territory, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

This threat came only two days after the withdrawal of the PKK from the area of Sinjar in northern Iraq. This allow some experts to suggest that fighting the PKK is not the only goal of Turkey in northern Iraq.

In response, Abbas al-Bayati, a member of Iraq’s State of Law political coalition, warned Turkey from violating Iraq’s sovereignty under any pretext.

“Turkey cannot cross into Iraqi territories as our country enjoys sovereignty and independence,” al-Bayati said during an interview with the Iraqi news agency Baghdad Today.

Turkey appears to be more than willing to intervene in northern Iraq, even if the PKK fully withdrawa from all of its positions there. Iraqi pro-government activists argue that Turkey’s main goal is to establish a foothold for its army in northern Iraq, like it has done in Syria over the last three years.

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Do not let them cross at all cost. Iraqis will soon trouble themselves in dislodging US coalition forces from it’s territory and addition of NATO second biggest army will increase the complexity and difficulty of the tasks. Do not let Iran cross either since it will also increase the complexity. Iraq however can officially announced joint anti terror task forces with Syria and to move in cooperation with them in combating all the US thrown away proxies.

Temam Machmud Gase

Turks have been behaved as “prostitutes” for zionist rulers in the whole history. Most of prostitutes in Europe come from Turkey. Hopefully russians give Kurds A-Bombs to destroy Turkey.


You are living in a different universe.


You have mental issues. Seek help.


PKK did not withdraw from Sinjar. If Iraq fails to clear Sinjar off of PKK then Turkey must launch a military operation to clear the area. Abbas al-Bayati says Iraq is independent lol. So independent that they can’t clear PKK from its territories.

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