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Turkey Threat to Retaliate after Syrian Air Strike Kills Its Soldiers

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Turkey Threat to Retaliate after Syrian Air Strike Kills Its Soldiers

Ankara said it will retaliate after three of its soldiers were killed in a suspected air strike by the Syrian Air Force in the province of Aleppo.

The attack occurred last night during a Turkey-backed militants operation in northern Syria, the Turkish military said in a statement. 10 other soldiers were wounded in the air strike that it “assessed to have been carried out by Syrian regime forces”. No details about the location of air strike have been provided.

“It is clear that some people are not happy with this battle Turkey has been fighting against Daesh (Islamic State). This attack will surely have a retaliation,” Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told reporters on Thursday.

7 other Turkish soldiers were wounded in Syria later on Thursday, Turkish Dogan news agency said. There is no information who is responsible for the second attack.

Current escalations between Turkey and the Syrian government and between Turkey and Kurdish YPG forces in northern Syria took place over the key Syrian town of al-Bab that is currently under control of ISIS.

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Yahu Savant

Nothing like the aggressor threatening to retaliate! Time for Russia and Syria to retaliate against Turkey.

Alexey Kozyachiy

Turkey’s troops are in Syria uninvited lol


It is written that Damascus will eventually be left in ruins at some future point in time. I, fear the time is getting shorter to whenever the Prophecy will finally be fulfilled. Surely, it is more than likely that the U.S. and its military might will be one of the reasons. Look to a combined offensive of the Navy and Air Force with the possibility of a multi-national offensive – U.S. and Turkey and others. Yes, there can be no arguments whatsoever to the fact that the U.S. and Turkey are most certainly allies. However, with these things being said, I have serious doubts that U.S. ground forces would ever take part. But if possible, it would probably only be a very small number of the U.S. Special Forces. The other reason for Damascus will be left in ruins, lies in impending attacks from the opposing forces of Russia and Syria, probably Iran and other countries. For all this, I’m speaking as a polite American, venturing a guess as to whom will be the factor meant to usher in its fulfillment.

Damascus in Ruins

Isaiah 17:1-14 Young’s Literal Translation

17:1 The burden of Damascus. Lo, Damascus is taken away from `being’ a city, And it hath been a heap — a ruin.

17:2 Forsaken are the cities of Aroer, For droves they are, and they have lain down, And there is none troubling.

17:3 And ceased hath the fortress from Ephraim, And the kingdom from Damascus, And the remnant of Aram are as the honour of the sons of Israel, The affirmation of Jehovah of Hosts!

17:4 And it hath come to pass, in that day, Wax poor doth the honour of Jacob, And the fatness of his flesh doth wax lean.

17:5 And it hath come to pass, As the gathering by the reaper of the standing corn, And his arm the ears reapeth, And it hath come to pass, As the gathering of the ears in the valley of Rephaim,

17:6 And left in him have been gleanings, As the compassing of an olive, Two — three berries on the top of a branch, Four — five on the fruitful boughs, The affirmation of Jehovah, God of Israel!

17:7 In that day doth man look to His Maker, Yea, his eyes to the Holy One of Israel look,

17:8 And he looketh not unto the altars. The work of his own hands, And that which his own fingers made He seeth not — the shrines and the images.

17:9 In that day are the cities of his strength As the forsaken thing of the forest, And the branch that they have left, Because of the sons of Israel, It also hath been a desolation.

17:10 Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation, And the rock of thy strength hast not remembered, Therefore thou plantest plants of pleasantness, And with a strange slip sowest it,

17:11 In the day thy plant thou causest to become great, And in the morning thy seed makest to flourish, A heap `is’ the harvest in a day of overflowing, And of mortal pain.

17:12 Wo `to’ the multitude of many peoples, As the sounding of seas they sound; And `to’ the wasting of nations, As the wasting of mighty waters they are wasted.

17:13 Nations as the wasting of many waters are wasted, And He hath pushed against it, And it hath fled afar off, And been pursued as chaff of hills before wind, And as a rolling thing before a hurricane.

17:14 At even-time, lo, terror, before morning it is not, This `is’ the portion of our spoilers, And the lot of our plunderers!

Damascus will indeed be left in ruins so the question is not if, but when. The answer to the question as to whether or not said event would mark the beginning of a Third World War is undoubtedly up for debate. Perhaps, it will be sparked in an unexpected place. I sincerely hope that I have opened your minds to the truth!


Why does the prophecy have to apply to events 2700 years later. I believe the prophecy was fulfilled shortly after Isaiah made the prophecy when Assyria conquered Syria and eventually the Northern Kingdom (10 tribes of Israel).


Damascus has NEVER been destroyed. It is the oldest still inhabited city in the world.

888mladen .

Get your facts right.


You get YOUR facts straight! Damascus was sacked several times and so was Rome, but NEITHER was destroyed. Babylon was destroyed. Carthage was destroyed. Nineveh was destroyed.

888mladen .

Yelling is not the way to go.


It has been conquered and razed a dozen times. Certain buildings stood, but many were destroyed.

888mladen .

Just like Jerusalem and many other cities in the middle east.


true but not sure of your point. the guy above said Damascus was never destroyed. all ancient cities have been. no one said Jlem was not.


1. The United States of America is symbolically represented by, The Ships of Chittim spoken of Daniel 11:30 or at least part – speaking in terms of countries, probably the military leader – of an alliance of nations in opposition to the King of the North.

The King of the North is Russia, although you will find some scholars who think that Daniel 11’s King of the North refers to Turkey. I am admitting that its difficult for me to see how the Prophecy is referring to Turkey.

2. The United States of America is also symbolically represented by a “young he-goat with a great horn” in Daniel 8:8.

Daniel 8:8 Young’s Literal Translation

`And the young he-goat hath exerted itself very much, and when it is strong, broken hath been the great horn; and come up doth a vision of four in its place, at the four winds of the heavens.

It will be that when the United States of America is boasting about its victory, something will happen that causes it to be broken into Four. What is that something is any body’s guess, really. Perhaps it will be sparked by some sort of Hyperinflation or worse, Economic Collapse or possibly even an attempt at gun confiscation. None of these events would fare well with Americans, i.e. unparalleled rioting. But, America will indeed be broken into Four, but four WHAT is the question. The answer is most likely Four different Regions or Territories even, so just imagine all Fifty States been divided into Four Territories, each having its own flag, this until the country can come together once more.

3. The United States of America is likewise symbolically represented as one of the Two Witnesses of Unveiling (Revelation) 11 – The other Witness is Israel or Great Britain. Upon further study, it seems to make more sense that it would be Israel, especially because as nations, The United States of America represents the Christians and Israel represents the Jews. So, in a way, the Two Witnesses are still Christians and Jews if not directly, really, indirectly. For your information, what directly does mean is in reference to nations themselves – two of them. The United States of America and Israel (or Great Britain?). There’s an idea says that they are both one Witness, together, The United States of America and Great Britain. And so, the other Witness would obviously be Israel.

4. The United States of America is likewise mentioned in Ezekiel 38, especially when Ezekiel symbolically speaks of The Young Lions of Tarshish.

Ezekiel 38:13 Young’s Literal Translation

38:13 Sheba, and Dedan, and merchants of Tarshish, And all its young lions say to thee: To take a spoil art thou come in? To take a prey assembled thine assembly? To bear away silver and gold? To take away cattle and substance? To take a great spoil?

America was formed after our victory in the Revolution with Great Britain or, born of Great Britain, hence the title, a young lion of “The Young Lions”. This verse may also work together with the aforementioned, Unveiling (Revelation) 11 and its Two Witnesses. This is probably the best proof I can find of both America and Great Britain being united as a single Witness.

5. Once more, the United States of America is symbolically represented, and this time by, the Daughter of Babylon.

Isaiah 47:1-15 Young’s Literal Translation

47:1 Come down, and sit on the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, Sit on the earth, there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans, For no more do they cry to thee, `O tender and delicate one.’

47:2 Take millstones, and grind flour, Remove thy veil, draw up the skirt, Uncover the leg, pass over the floods.

47:3 Revealed is thy nakedness, yea, seen is thy reproach, Vengeance I take, and I meet not a man.

47:4 Our redeemer `is’ Jehovah of Hosts, His name `is’ the Holy One of Israel.

47:5 Sit silent, and go into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans, For no more do they cry to thee, `Mistress of kingdoms.’

47:6 I have been wroth against My people, I have polluted Mine inheritance And I give them into thy hand, Thou hast not appointed for them mercies, On the aged thou hast made thy yoke very heavy,

47:7 And thou sayest, `To the age I am mistress,’ While thou hast not laid these things to thy heart, Thou hast not remembered the latter end of it.

47:8 And now, hear this, O luxurious one, Who is sitting confidently — Who is saying in her heart, `I `am’, and none else, I sit not a widow, nor know bereavement.’

47:9 And come in to thee do these two things, In a moment, in one day, childlessness and widowhood, According to their perfection they have come upon thee, In the multitude of thy sorceries, In the exceeding might of thy charms.

47:10 And thou art confident in thy wickedness, Thou hast said, `There is none seeing me,’ Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, It is turning thee back, And thou sayest in thy heart, `I `am’, and none else.’

47:11 And come in on thee hath evil, Thou knowest not its rising, And fall on thee doth mischief, Thou art not able to pacify it, And come on thee suddenly doth desolation, Thou knowest not.

47:12 Stand, I pray thee, in thy charms, And in the multitude of thy sorceries, In which thou hast laboured from thy youth, It may be thou art able to profit, It may be thou dost terrify!

47:13 Thou hast been wearied in the multitude of thy counsels, Stand up, I pray thee, and save thee, Let the charmers of the heavens, Those looking on the stars, Those teaching concerning the months, From those things that come on thee!

47:14 Lo, they have been as stubble! Fire hath burned them, They deliver not themselves from the power of the flame, There is not a coal to warm them, a light to sit before it.

47:15 So have they been to thee with whom thou hast laboured, Thy merchants from thy youth, Each to his passage they have wandered, Thy saviour is not!

It’s all scary, but verse 14 in particular, may in fact be referring to a nuclear attack, even a number of nuclear attacks against the U.S. It seems, Isaiah is saying that there will come a day when the United States of America will betray Israel or even stop aiding and being an ally to her. This will mean dire consequences.

This is our fate for we have turned away from God and it will take a long time getting back to Him. Through all these things, the United States of America will be seen as a country isolated, yet still very powerful in its isolation and influence, and as an invaluable component in the Time of the End.

888mladen .


888mladen .

. .

888mladen .

Thank you for that fantasy prophetic interpretation. However it’s been good entertainment.

Jeff Lewin

Thank you for your opinion, but the insurgent-Saudi-NATO-Washington-Tel Aviv axis are neither God, nor are they on God’s side.

John Whitehot

if God has a side, I find hard to believe it comprises said axis

888mladen .

USA is a beast from Revelation 13 and King of the North from Daniel 11. Not a godly power.

Gary Sellars


888mladen .

Don’t yell and no calling names. Everybody is free to express his or her opinion right.

Alberto Campos

You’re one year late, troll.

Daniel Martin

It’s high time that someone teaches that Turkish thug erdogan a lesson in international law. Invading sovereign countries like Syria and Iraq and attacking it’s armed forces who are protecting their country and it’s citizens against foreign backed terrorists who are wrecking havoc and murderering Syrian civilians and military, is the lowest form of filth there is. And sadly Turkey has a very long and rich tradition of such criminal activities. I really hope the Syrian army gives the Turkish military a true hell in Syria and in the border areas where the Turkish terrorist artillery is firing from.


They forgot to mention that SAA is violating the NFZ by entering into “Turkish Buffer zone”.


If someone imposes an illegal NFZ in your country it needs to be violated.

Turkey will end up in pieces if ever it ventures for war with Syria. Look at the map, Armenia and Russia to the North, Iran to the east, Syria to the South, a giant Kurdish movement inside and critically dependant on Russia for oil. That sums up what’s in store for Turkey.

888mladen .

You forgot about Egypt. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/egyptian-fighter-jets-arrive-syria-report/

888mladen .

No country can have a buffer zone on the territory of another sovereign country. It’s illegal irrespective of any UN resolution. UN is not above the law.


Tell Turkey to Keep quite if they do airstrikes against Syrian army then simply Arm PKK with anti aircraft missile and that will do the job.


Assad to Erdogan: Go ahead…Make my day.


“TURKEY THREAT TO RETALIATE AFTER SYRIAN AIR STRIKE KILLS ITS SOLDIERS”…TRANSLATION…Syrian air planes attack Turkey soldiers forces, INVADING the sovereign territory of Syria.

john mason

Turkey most likely bombed their own men to manufacture an excuse to escalate the conflict. Considering that Turkey is in Syria illegally they deserve to get their arse kicked. Turkey wants to be careful, Russia also stated that they hope Turkey has learned its’ lesson from downing the Russian jet, Egypt and China with Iran and Hezbollah plus a few other militants fighting for Syria are all in Syria. Odds are against Turkey, US and coalition.

Gary Sellars

Stupid kebabs… if they don’t want their soldiers dead, they need to leave Syrian territory and STOP SUPPORTING TERRORIST SCUM….

Peter Jennings

Run with terrorists and you will get taken for a terrorist. It’s fairly simple. Turkey has had a free ride up till now, playing one side off another but now it will get serious.Turkish buses which once ferried terrorists across the border to Syria will now be used to ferry dead Turkish soldiers back home.


Sorry dear Turky, sirian have the right to defense itself under any invasion of its country, even if you has neutralized Russia with some agreetments.

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