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Turkey: Syrian National Dialogue Conference In Russia’s Sochi Is Postponed


Turkey: Syrian National Dialogue Conference In Russia's Sochi Is Postponed

On November 5, Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin revealed during an interview to the Turkish NTV channel that the planned Syrian National Dialogue conference in the Russian city of Sochi has been postponed.

Kalin said that Turkey was in the middle of deciding whether to accept or decline the Russian invitation to the Syrian National Dialogue Conference when Russia informed it that the conference has been postponed.

“We found out that the congress was announced as a fait accompli. We immediately objected… Afterwards, the Kremlin contacted us and stated that they had postponed this meeting,” Kalin said according to NTV.

Previously, Turkey criticized the invitation of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) to Sochi conference. Turkey consider both parties a terrorist organizations.

Meanwhile, Sargon Hadaya a journalist of the Russian RT network, said that the Syrian National Dialogue Conference in Sochi has been postponed by Russia. Sargon didn’t provide any further details on issue.

Back on October 31, most Syrian opposition groups linked to Saudi Arabia and Turkey announced that they will not attend the Sochi conference for various reasons, among it the invitation of the Kurdish parties.

Even some Syrian pro-government activists criticized the conference when it was first announced out of fear that the Kurdish parties might present some unknown figures as representatives of some ethical and religious groups in Syria that oppose these Kurdish parties in reality.

The fail of Sochi conference is yet another confirmation that many regional powers like Saudi Arabia and Turkey are against giving the Syrian Kurds any form of legitimacy, at least for now.



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  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    I support the postponement of this meeting.Russia is having a hidden agreements with USA and USA is using Kurds to create a ethnic devided Syria for Kurds to have a own country within Syria.All this is about Syrian oil and gas plus oppressing Arab government’s.

    Kurds should re-integrate them self where ever their are and socialist with other Arab ethnic groups for the purpose of one state and not Kurdish devided state.All resources and minerals should be benefited equally by all the inhabitants of Syria and not Kurds alone racist agenda of USA.Who give USA the right to create Kurdistans in Iraq,Syria,Lybia,Afganistan,Turkey or build NATO bases in said countries.USA must stop instigating countries against each other to make war for particular countries minerals or resources.It time for USA to pull back to America then world peace will prevail.

    • John Whitehot

      “Russia is having a hidden agreements with USA”

      If they are hidden how would you know?
      How about proving it?

      Because the way I see it, that’s what the US, Israeli and Saudi propaganda want Syrian and Turkey opposition forces to believe so that they turn against Russia.

      • Langaniso Mhlobo

        Mr. John this opinion is base on the agreements which Russia made without Syrian government inclusion and no disclosure of the meetings contents.Russia action tell the truth in most case enemies informed Russia before any attack.Everybody in this whole world knows that Russia can quick move or deploy or attack.

        • John Whitehot

          actually, the “no disclosure” agreement was made by the Obama administration and Russia was pushing to publish the contents, while the US has made everything to make them stay undisclosed.

          The reason was to be likely found in the part where the US agreed to separate “moderate” opposition from terrorists, something that they signed on already knowing that they would not do it, hence insisted for the document to stay secret.

          The agreement was in any case over when US planes “erroneously” attacked Syrian troops near Deir Ezzoir.

    • You can call me Al

      “Russia is having a hidden agreements with USA and USA is using Kurds to create a ethnic divided Syria for Kurds to have a own country within Syria.”

      …. are you for real ?; what a load of mumbo-jumbo.

      • Langaniso Mhlobo

        Russia has full permission to operate in Syria.Why are their not telling USA to stop its actions or hand over all surrendered terrorist to Russia.USA is a signatory to all international UN laws norms and values.USA is or has not yet declare terrorist State by UN and therefore should be handle base on closures of this laws.

        SDF issue is plain their are grabbing Syrian land to be settle independently. Why are their killing none Kurdish refugees which their are supposed to protect.Why are SDF Kurds not asking the legitimate Syrian government to deploy in Idlib if their are fighting for the government’s same cause.