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Turkey Supplies ACV-15 Armored Combat Vehicles to Militants in Syria (Infographics, Video)

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Photo and video evidence show that the Erdogan regime have suplied a high number of various military equipment to pro-Turkey militants (the mainstream media calls them the Free Syrian Army), including ACV-15 amphibious armored combat vehicles.

The FSA’s First Squad operates an ACV-15:

The ACV-15 is a Turkish-made combat vehicle based on the YPR-765A1 Advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Turkey Supplies ACV-15 Armored Combat Vehicles to Militants in Syria (Infographics, Video)

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Igor Ochocinszk

Amphibious? well.. im not aware of terrorists controlling any coast-line or marshland of any sort, so expect it would be used like any ground IFV. Is there any footage available of how this particular IFV fares against small arms fire, AC fire, Mortar fire, ATGM fire, SAM missiles or MRLS fire? my expectation would be that it should have full-spectrum dominance over armoured hilux technicals or older modifications of BMP, but not too sure, turks aren’t famous for producing high-performance IFVs.

John Whitehot


Igor Ochocinszk

makes sense +1, never even thought of that

Joseph Scott

Ironically, it’s a substantially better vehicle in almost every way (protection, mobility, firepower) than the M118 Stryker the US Army is using in it’s medium brigades, though with less advanced communication and sensor-sharing systems.

John Whitehot

iirc, the YPR-765A1 is a Dutch vehicle, not American. Of course it’s based on the ubiquitous US M-113 design from the late 50ies.


Yes, you are right. There was a typo. Thanks


Most dutch armour had at least some amphibian capability due to the large number of rivers, lakes etc within the Netherlands.

Off course due to stupidness (yes, we too) most armour have suffered cuts within the dutch defense budget.

We are waking up though, so must cuts have been stopped and military budget is expected to rise rapidly the next years.

John Whitehot

I don’t think that the Netherlands needs armored and mechanized divisions or brigades. Its army was rich in this kind of formations because of its intended role in the cold war NATO oob in West Germany. Nowadays, armies are much lighter than back then, most countries pursuing policies based on quick reaction and deployment forces, basically light infantry with light vehicles. I substantially agree on the need of keeping heavier formations whatever the cost, as we have already witnessed what happens when light infantry encounters mechanized units during the 2008 Georgia war in Ossetia. Georgians were smashed back to their borders and beyond, no matter if they were US trained and had plenty of Israeli ATGMs and other systems. On the budget, remember that rises don’t necessarily mean an increase of efficiency. More money in many cases brings problems, as the people in charge tend to manage it worse. Military budgets should never deprive the population of basic services, welfare etc – otherwise, they end up doing the opposite of their duty – protect those populations.


Dutch defense ministers thought the same and we have no more armored divisions anymore, partly because of penny pincing.

In the meantime there is some reconsidering on this point. It seems that for a real war against a modern army, one needs a nucleus of heavy armaments, both artillery and armor.

As we, at this time, do not have that anymore, we will be buying heavy tanks soon that we sold for peanuts a few years back. Thank you stupid politicians.

jeremija krstic

when dams dikes and floodgates are nuked duchlingz are going to need SHIPS


Lucky, lucky.

We have those too.

Valhalla rising

I pretty much doubt that they can swim because of the slated armour against 14,5mm.


Yeah, it’s heavy slab of steel, but it’s also hinged, so it flips out and assume then it’s for water dispersal for river crossings, to push water to sides and keep nose up.


Anti tank missiles will these things into incinerators.


dont worry, it will be cock of by KORNET (russian ATGM) very easy…

Marek Pejović

aside of perhaps with cobra (armored Abrams-based vehicle), i must say im surprised at outdateness of turkish military equipment, which is based on 1950s american designs… guess it’s fine for chasing kurd militias around the mountains, but now let’s see how it holds up against a reasonably equipped national army.

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