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Turkey Suggested US-led Coalition Two Plans To ‘Liberate’ Syrian’s Raqqa From ISIS

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Turkey Suggested US-led Coalition Two Plans To 'Liberate' Syrian's Raqqa From ISIS


Turkey has suggested to the United States two plans of an operation to “liberate” the Syrian city of Raqqah from the ISIS terrorist group, the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported on Saturday

According to the report, the Turkish military chief Hulusi Akar had submitted the proposals to his US counterpart Joseph Dunford a day earlier.

Turkey launched a military intervention in Syria in August 2016, deploying troops and heavy military equipment, backed up by warplanes across the border in an operation allegedly aimed against ISIS terrorists.

However, another clear goal of this move was to prevent expansion of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria along with the Turkish border. The Kurdish fighters have seized a large territory there from ISIS. Turkey considers the YPG as a terrorist group associated with the anti-Ankara Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which has been fighting for decades towards creating an independent Kurdish state in southeastern Turkey.

In February, Turkey announced that it had almost captured the city of al-Bab, the last major ISIS stronghold in northern Syria. Following this, the Turkish military is allegedly going to launch a military operation to liberate Raqqa. This move will likely lead to a large-scale confrontation with the YPG.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Syrian Democratic Fources”, predominantly the YPG, launched a US-backed campaign to isolate the ISIS self-proclaimed capital in Syria, Raqqah, in November 2016.


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David Brown

SDF will capture Raqqa and Turkey will still be in Al bab like a pathetic incompetent loser.

Igor Ochocinszk

I’m sure while Raqqa is captured, Turkey will be still at the outskirts of AL-Bab, ISIS pulled Turkish Army from almost all of Al-Bab already.

Gavin Allen

Turkey couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag. Besides, it’s rather occupied right now murdering civilians.

Miha Semprimožnik

Well here are two options for this unusual Turkish proposal. 1.Is this their way to tell the Americans that they have only two options to take Raqqa or they will shut down Incirlik air base and stopped cooperating with them and attacked the Kurds.

2.Or are simply too stupid to realize that Americans will not support Erdogan and his incompetent military

John Brown

Turkey is going to shut down the Incirlik air base and attack the kurds when the USSA does not follow one of the 2 plans for Rakka, Turkey has laid down, which Turkey can’t full fill any way due to its purge of the traitors in its armed forces.This is another case where the Zionist empire can’t, or won’t retreat when it is necessary and instead doubles down like stupid Zionist tool Hitler, in the battle of the Kursk. Israel has to overthrow Erdogan and establish a corrupt puppet government in turkey, if not they stand to lose all in the middle east, and Turkey from Nato, which would be good news for humanity. Once Turkey goes the Zionist empire may lose Bulgaria and Greece from Nato as well.

The way general Flynn was kicked out shows how stupid and incompetent he is, as is most of the top so called intelligence experts, politicians and generals are in the USSA today. What a fool not to know a factor in that he was being bugged an it would be used against him.

See a great Gilad Atzmon article completely destroying Zionist propaganda in the USSA. These Zionists laugh circles around the moron puppets they have installed in the USS Sabath Goyim leadership.

Rabbis Fake Solidarity Once Again http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2017/2/8/rabbis-fake-solidarity-once-again February 09, 2017 / Gilad Atzmon By Gilad Atzmon

We learned a few days ago that 19 rabbis were arrested in NYC during a protest at Trump International Hotel. The Rabbi operates within the T’ruah organisation, a rabbinical human rights group that was formed (in 2002) to convey an image of Judaic ethical and universal awareness.

patch.com reports that the rabbis sat down in the street in front of the Trump Hotel in an act of protest against Trump’s executive orders affecting Muslim immigrants and refugees. But T’ruah do not just oppose Trump’s policy as ordinary human beings or American patriots. They actually operate as ‘Jews.’

Chutzpah, as we know, is a Jewish invention and Rabbi Jill Jacobs, T’ruah’s executive director, has a lot of it in her disposal. “It makes a statement when we (Rabbis) are willing to put our bodies on the line.” she said. Perplexed Goyim may wonder how exactly Rabbi Jacobs puts her ‘body on the line’ (sitting down on the street in the middle of Manhattan)? The rabbi must have realised how ridiculous her statement was, as she then corrected herself. “Right now the people whose bodies are really on the line are people trying to get to America, and risking death to do so. The least that we can do is put our bodies a little bit on the line…to bring attention to the situation of refugees.”

Rabbi Kleinbaum also added a statement concerning rabbinical heroism. “I’m risking arrest today because America welcomed my own immigrant family to its shores, as it did millions of families before us who fled persecution.” But if Rabbi Kleinbaum is actually talking as an American Patriot who cares for American universal values, why is he protesting ‘as a Jew’? He should really protest as a proud American.

“As Jews, who know what it means to be targeted by discriminatory laws, we stand firmly with refugees fleeing war, persecution, and economic strife,” T’ruah Rabbis said in a statement.

Along the years I have developed an allergy to “as a” statements in general and “as a Jew” proclamations in particular. For one reason or another, rather often ‘as a Jew’ constructions happen to be grossly duplicitous. If Jews know so much about persecution how come their Jewish State is institutionally racist and discriminatory towards minorities and gentiles? If Jews are pro immigration, how come their Jewish State is vile in its attitude towards illegal immigration. If the Jews ‘stand firmly with refugees’ isn’t it about time their Jewish State invites millions of Palestinian refugees to return to the land that belongs to them and them alone? Do T’ruah rabbis openly support the Palestinian right of return? If they do, they manage to keep quiet about it.

But let’s take it further, can the T’ruah rabbis report to us how many Syrians have found a refuge inJewish homes? How many refugees are living in rabbi Kleinbaum’s and Jacobs’ spare bedroom? Considering the war against Islam was a Zio-Con project, can the Rabbis tell us when is the last time they sat down in the street in front of Paul Wolfowitz’ or Bernard Henri Levy’s homes? After all, Henri Levy claimed that ‘as a Jew’ he ‘liberated’ Libya. Shouldn’t the T’ruah rabbis at least occupy the streets in front of the Israeli Embassy and AIPAC offices? After all, it was Israel and its lobby that pushed for war in Syria. It was Israel and its lobby that are directly involved in the creation of the refugee crisis in Syria.

I kindly advise T’ruah and other Jewish human rights groups to be slightly more economical with their duplicity. By now, the Goyim know. They see it all and their patience is about to run out.

Rodney Loder

1. I can’t understand why the Greeks haven’t responded to curry Turkey with their favour maybe the like being slaves to Turkish Cypriots and needing special permission to visit Greek Islands, who knows or cares, but Erdogan is bound to be an Executive President because of it, about that Allah had spoken, 2. the second thing I can’t understand is how he as a good Muslim could be just as dumb as the US consumers under the thumb of satan, who had them believe Trump is going to wade in to everywhere with the pink boots and an obsoleted Navy, then watch China and Iran run away, all Erdogan has to do is enter into a popularity contest with the Kurds to see which way Trump is going to bounce, even if the US didn’t have a Nuclear Arsenal he still wouldn’t even give Erdogan the smell of his arse.


turkey giving military plans … LOLZ, even after al bab is encircled, cut off from raqqa supply route (thanks to SAA Mind you!) and bombarded with MASSIVE amounts of artillery and airstrikes and probably by now deprived of at least half of its original IS garrison, they are still at its outskirts and currently being pushed back again.

‘Incompetent’ definition found.

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