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Turkey Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria’s Jarablous, PYD targets in Northern Manbij

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Turkey Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria's Jarablous, PYD targets in Northern Manbij

© AP Photo/ Halit Onur Sandal

On August 22, the Turkish military launched artillery strikes against the ISIS terrorist group and forces linked with the US-backed Democratic Union Party (YPD) in northern Syria.

Reports said that the howitzer shelling hit ISIS targets near Jarablus and US-backed Kurdish forces, that operate under the YPG and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) brands north of Manbij.

Turkish officials say that the move aimed at opening a corridor for an “operation.” Earlier on August 22, the Turkish authorities had vowed to “completely cleanse” terrorists from its border region in the wake of the suicide bombing attack that left over 54 people dead in Turkey over the weekend.

“Daesh [ISIS] should be completely cleansed from our borders and we are ready to do what it takes for that,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said during a news conference.

The very same day, the commander of the SDF Jarabulus, Abdulsetar Cadir, was assassinated by unknown persons. The incident took place just hours after the SDF set up the Jarablus Military Council, an operation room aimed to seize the strategic border town of Jarabulus from ISIS.

Turkey Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria's Jarablous, PYD targets in Northern Manbij

Abdulsetar Cadir is in the center

The Turkish strikes in northern Syria cam amid the deep conflict between the Syrian government and the PYD-linked forces in the predominanlty Arab town of Hasakah in the SDF-controlled territory of northeastern Syria and rumors that Turkish-backed militants are gathering for an operation to seize Jarabulus from ISIS in a cross-border operation from the Turkish territory.

In general, the developments show that the PYD’s agressive stance towards the Syrian government rapidly turned the Kurds into an easy target for Turkey and the Turkish-backed forces in northern Syria.

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Kim Jong

nice. bad turks good turks- thats politics baby..

Jens Holm

Lets see. Cant see the sieze of the “Nusra -rebel” invasion. So far they have to cross 2 ISIS probatly heavy defended ISIS line.

As I have read it YPK is not linket. They are member of the KDF and not alone. I agree about they have gone to far by claiming something named “jarablus”. Taking Al bab as well.

Im a defencive person and had hoped they would be much more carefull an take Raqqa and Eufra to the Iraqian borderline – something likde that – and consolidate their own disagreements after that.

Divesh Kumar

its going to be real bad………….courtesy Uncle SAM. The major problem is that US starts racing anyone (this time Russia) without any strategy. they supported SDF but without any work plan and ended up being used by wicked Kurdish forces whose sole aim is to set up their heartland. After invading Manbij US wants them to push south eastwards towards Raqqa but they will go towards Jarabulus. This is the reason they have started a skirmish with SAA /NDF in Hasakha so as to pursuade Americans by saying that our forces are now occupied.

If Turkey is finally serious about shoving Zionist-forces out of the region ie(YPG and ISIS) then let Turkey and Iran agree to storm with the NDF and SAA all of eastern Syria and kill all of those SAS and Mossad and CIA hiding like cowards leading suicide bombers against the Syrian people.
The UK-US-Israeli presence can be smashed within Iraq and Syria within 5 short days if they all work together. Amen.

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