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JUNE 2021

Turkey Slams Pentagon’s Request Of $550 Million To Support Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces

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Turkey Slams Pentagon's Request Of $550 Million To Support Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces

On February 12, the Pentagon requested $550 million to train and equip units operating under the brand of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The $550 million will be separated into two parts:

  • $300 million to train and equip the SDF;
  • $250 million for so-called “border security requirements related to the counter-[ISIS] mission”.

In other words, Washington not only tricked the Erdogan government with its promises to drop support to the SDF, but not even abandoned the idea to establish the so-called “border force” in northern Syria.

Ankara describes the Kurdish-dominated SDF as well as its core the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) as a terrorist organization, the local branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The PKK is officially designated as a terrorist group by Turkey, the US and many other countries and is involved in a long-standing militancy campaign against the Aknara government. Thus, Turkey sees any arms supplies or additionally trained forces within the SDF in northern Syria as a threat to its national security.

On January 17, US State Secretary Rex Tillerson officially said that the US has no intention to establish a “border force”. But, the reality seems to be a quite different. The Pentagon’s request sparked an outrage in the Turkish media and negative comments by the Turkish leadership further complicating the diplomatic relations between the sides.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister slammed the Pentagon’s plans and said they “will bring relations between the two countries to a near breaking level”.

“The US should move together with Turkey and stand by Turkey against PKK/PYD/YPG, which we regard as a terrorist organization,” Cavusoglu told the state-run channel TRT News.

The country’s foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu went further:

“Ties with the U.S. are at very critical point. We will either fix these relations or they will break completely,” he told reporters in Istanbul. “We want concrete steps [from Washington]. Missing trust needs to be restored. The reason for that missing trust is the US”.

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Lone Wolf

The horse has already bolted … YPJ have already been armed with enough heavy weapons to be able to take on Turkey military … and yes … that includes MANPADs …

Erdogen waited too long before taking action… Turkey Military is not equipped for this incursion…. YPJ is really dug in deep and hard and had years to prepare for this eventuality … while the Turkey Military was too busy being cut open and gutted by Erdogan to be effective anymore …

How is all those heavy weapons being brought in when Turkey and Iraq controls their borders … ?
Why is that Incirlik Air Base still open to US … ?


why was Erdogan so late to react? Why does Erdogan still support the FSA?

Why do they not align themselves with Syria Russia and Iran?!? This really puzzles me.


Erdogan thought he could have it both ways – but overestimated his foreign policy skill-set.

Lloyd Yona

What do you mean Justice for the Kurdish people.

Jens Holm

You seemes to have forgotten russians has given Afrin protection until the negosiasaions with Assads made 0 result of any kind.


Not enough. Past experience that sum can only train 5 fighters….5 militants

John Mason

Goes to show that the US ignores Turkey probably because they are either insignificant or colluding with the US and all of the Turkish showmanship is just that, an act.

Lloyd Yona

Cant they tell Turkey to push of war starters and the money sound good.


Turkey bet on the wrong horse, and lost. If Turkey had not noticed, the Kurds main backers are Israel and the United States both Turkey’s allies. The US supported the Kurds because of Israel. Kurds main enemy is Bashar Assad and Turkey, and Turkey wanted “regime” change in Damascus? A bankrupt policy from the start. Turkey’s first mistake was to take money from the Saudis, and wage war with Assad on behalf of the corrupt Saudis. Erdogan’s main ally against the Kurds is only Assad because he has no one else.


The US made its bed when it invaded Iraq. It turned Iran’s main counter into is satellite, it lost Turkey and it brought Russia in as the daddy of the region.

Jens Holm

Not Israel. Israel just do as usual and You eat it as the tuffest goat, You can find on this planet. Anything from Your masters are true.



Turkey will never close Incirlik air base because it supports Turkey, Israel and Washington mission to keep continue invading Syrian nation until divide it into small pockets.


Time will tell imo.


typical turkish brovado, until it hits the brick wall.

Jens Holm

I heard that. Many will not be happy about it, but Nato bases are local owned.



Erdogan, Trump and Netanyahu working on same conspiracy agenda against Syrian nation to divide Syria into several pockets and to make it insignificant country in the world.


The US Neo-Cons picked up and sponsored the ethnic Albanian KLA (previously listed by US as terrorists) as cynical opportunity to have proxy ground force against Yugoslavia. As intended it created greater conflict and partition of a province of Serbia. The US Neo-Cons are actually still sponsoring the same ethnic Albanian militants in Macedonia with intent to repeat process, to try and partition that country out of existence. That project was all about weakening Serbia and Russia on their own doorstep.
Now in Syria, US Neo-Cons are just repeating same cynical process picking up and sponsoring another ethnic minority client – ethnic Kurdish YPG-PKK (latter previously listed by US as terrorists). Same deeply cynical strategy and same intent. Create greater conflict and partition of a province of Syria. This time is all about weakening Syria and Iran on their own doorstep.
It is incredibly cynical and opportunistic strategy pattern. Use ethnic minority factions, that the US have themselves previously deemed terrorists, as proxy forces, to dismember a non US compliant, and generally Russian friendly, foreign state. US Neo-Cons are intent on destroying any alternative or non compliant state system – they are obsessive and very dangerous ideologues with a long list who will not stop anytime soon. Unfortunately, many people in west are not interested or do not connect the dots.

Frane Frlan

Bob, sorry, but you hasn’t got a slightest idea about Albanians on Balkan, and no, the conflict between Serbians and Albanians last from the period USA doesn’t exist at all.
Second – Yugoslavia is not Serbia, and it never was, and it never will be. So, “Russian doorstep” can be eventually used for former Slavic states which WERE inside CCCP during the cold war, not Yugoslavia as such.

What you are referring as “Yugoslavia” is just a name which Serbs used in order to prevent Montenegro independence, which was short living dream, without any historical importance.


1 – KLA were internationally listed terrorist group throughout 1990’s, including listed by US State Department, until US decided to exploit them.
2 Ex-KLA war criminals hold ruling office in US dependent Kosovo state-let.
3 – Yugoslavia legally and constitutionally existed until the final dissolution of rump iteration of Serbia and Montenegro.
4 – Yugoslavia was not a Soviet satellite – Yugoslav citizens had free passage – and Yugoslav citizens worked abroad in foriegn countries throughout Cold War period.
5 – You are standard myopic and ethnocentric Albanian apologist.

Frane Frlan

You are stupid ignorant calling me Albanian.
That’s how you now about Albanians. ;)

Your understanding of Balkans is stated in number 3: “russia doorstep”, “satelite”, and “free passage”.

So ignorant – What was the Russian role after GB and US start with Serbia bombardment with ultimatum for Serbian army to leave Kosovo?


‘Your understanding of Balkans is stated in number 3: “russia doorstep”, “satelite”, and “free passage”.’

Frane Frlan

You did not answer the question: What was the Russia reaction/role/ in the events on their “doorstep” during NATO “doorstep” bombardment?


Irrelevant diversionary attempt – you failed to address the above facts.

Frane Frlan

Bob what facts Bob? You don’t have a fragment of idea what SFRJ was regarding other socialist/communist block.

You are simplifying the fact that WE had the “free passage”, and others didn’t.
Yes Bob, at one time we had a passport which was most accepted passport in the world.
And the things you cannot imagine with your simplified approach.
During early 80′, I had opportunity to visit CCCP, Hungary and much of the Eastern block, and I was quite shocked.
So, Bob, did you live in Yugoslavia, served Yugoslav army (together with Albanians) and the others?
But, let’s put this simplified, so you can understand: They (Albanians) have nothing to do with south Slavs, so one must ask himself, on the first place – how the hell they landed in Yugoslavia?
That’s applied ideocracy (not to be mixed with idiocracy) , with the result which is inevitable.
And Bob, how can you be so sure that Serbian army and irregular forces will not be engaged in ethnic cleansing?
From my perspective, it seemed at that time, at least 50-100 k death within next 6 months. Same war, same politicians, same army and generals.
So it’s very good that somebody stopped killing, it’s very bad because it is interventionism. That later on opened the Pandora’s box of misuse, but events, causes and escalation has nothing to do with nobody except Balkan tribes, and especially their completely lunatic leaders.


The rather obvious fact that KLA were internationally listed terrorist organization for a decade – until they suddenly became useful the the US. The equally obvious fact that ex KLA leadership – implicated in war crimes and criminal narcotics and weapons syndicates – hold the highest office in Kosovo under complete US and EU protection. The further fact that Kosovo is an economically unsustainable political project destined to be a permanent dependency-welfare state-let. It has apparently slipped your myopic notice – but the US has been systematically targeting all states with close or client relationships with Russia – Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Syria. These are US political policies and military projects involving colossal budgets – and the use of intra-ethnic and sectarian conflict has been essential and extremely cynical strategic part of these projects.

Jens Holm

Its completly irrelevant. If You are some kind of Yougoslave, You could start cleaning Your own dump first.


No it’s extremely relevant for anybody interested in basic patterns of Geo-strategic development. US sponsors existing terror factions when they become regionally convenient and of Geo-strategic utility. You as standard YPG fan-boy obviously object to, and wish to deflect away from that factual reality. KLA was convenient tool for US to use against Yugoslavia – now YPG is convenient tool for US to use against Syria. Only this time a large NATO ally, Turkey, is in direct conflict with the whole US schema.

Jens Holm

And let me add serbs in 1913 took Macedonia having not a single serb. After WW1 when the kind of double Yougoslavi was made their miliries and the Goverment hardly found a serb in the Morava valleys. Therefore those important areas with railroad was made empty for Alabnian muslims well registated by the Serbian army itself.

So where did those many 10.000 Albanians go ? I could be Kososo, where You the many Years after blame them for breathing like rabbits.


Previous comments relate to cynical pattern of US use of existing terror factions, as Geo-strategic tools of convenience, against non compliant states – KLA in Yugoslavia and YPG in Syria. Just deal with that reality.

Frane Frlan

Bob, you are ignoring the fact that KLA exist in one or another form type at least as long as IRA exist.

It’s not factual that Albanians started their liberation movement in 1999 or in 90′.

They NEVER wanted to be in Yugoslavia, and there were (for the last 70 years at least) many uprising and rebellions on Kosovo way before 1999.

Was this guy https://sh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aziz_Keljmendi (Serbian Wiky) a part of KLA in 1987, and did he got an help of USA or CIA during his act?

So, the situation on Kosovo during last century was more or less alike situation in Ireland, but imagine at least 2x more repression on non-Slavic population, and hundreds of years of hate and blood revenge (as live institution) inside Albanian tradition.


Are you seriously contesting the following facts; that the KLA were a listed international terrorist organization for the majority of 1990’s, that even as late as early 1998 US Special Envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard publicly stated that the KLA was, ‘…without any questions, a terrorist group’, or that the UN General Assembly Resolution 1160 on Kosovo directly made the same terrorist conclusions about the KLA?
Yes or no?


Frane Frlan

Yes Bob, everybody in 90′ were “terrorist and fascist” – Slovenians, Croatians, Bosnians and Albanians. :)

Everybody who defended their homes against Serbian violent attack.
But – those “terrorist” are today regular army forces.

So – here is Serbian propaganda of “terrorist” (Rumunian, Albanian, South Korean and Singapore mercenaries?! …) holding UNESCO protected town on Dubrovnik as they “reasons” for attack:


What is actually the difference between Croatian army and KLA? Both parties officers served JNA and being schooled there, then first joined Croatian forces, and later on KLA. Check biography of some KLA generals.

So Bob, are KLA, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian and other “terrorists” forces today a formal army units acclaimed as legal state armies by international community?


Was simple question. Yes or no?

Frane Frlan

Bob you are funny guy, I presume that you cannot read, apart of being ignorant.
I answered you several times. I WAS A FIERCE TERRORIST, you ignorant.
But my side got decisive win, because – we were defending.

On the other part of the story – you are BS-ing about country you never been, and people you don’t know.


Despite all of your diversionary attempts, the question remains the same – do you still contest the previously stated facts? Yes or no?

Frane Frlan

The fact that KLA was internationally listed terrorist group during 90′?
That’s the only fact you have.

But they were internationally listed terrorist group like forever. You picked 90′ because it suits you in your BS-ing. And because, before 1999, you never heard of KLA.

Other 4 “facts” are your BS-ing. Like your “free passage”. :)


The basic question really hasn’t gotten any more difficult since last time, so yet again, do you seriously contest, that the KLA were listed as an international terrorist organization for the majority of 1990’s by a range of international bodies, that as late as 1998 US Special Envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard publicly stated that the KLA was, ‘…without any questions, a terrorist group’, or that the 1998 UN General Assembly Resolution 1160 on Kosovo drew the same conclusions that the KLA were a violent terrorist faction? Again, yes or no?

Frane Frlan

Despite your bullshit, or ignorance, you will not change the fact that you are idiot.

Again, yes or no?


Your shift from diversions into insults doesn’t change anything, and it merely indicates the profound weakness of your position, due to your contorted refusal to confront factual reality. It was you who chose to respond to my comment, and you put yourself into this position. So once again, a very simple question, that only requires a simple answer, do you contest the above facts? Yes or no?

Frane Frlan

So once again, a very simple question, that only requires a simple answer, do you contest the above facts?
Did you born like an idiot, or you become one? Yes or no?


At this point you have worked through, diversions, insults and in your last two comments, utterly pointless imitations of my comments. All of your efforts merely illustrate just how weak and bankrupt your position really is. You are the perfect illustration of what happens when you desperately try to avoid factual reality and hang on to your delusions. As evidenced by your running through a set of absurd and bankrupt self defenses based entirely in cognitive dissonance – ie your ego versus facts. But it all remains very simple, it is really just about accepting factual based reality. Thus, do you seriously contest the factual based remarks previously stated about the KLA. Yes or no?

Frane Frlan

The factual is next:

1. Yugoslavia did not exist at the moment of NATO intervention towards Serbian regime.
2. President of Serbia accused of war crimes, genocide and mass murdering – overthrown by his own people, arrested by his own people and committed suicide as a lunatic rat in the international prison.
3. Albanians on Kosovo never had a “free passage” as other constitutional members in former Yugoslavia.

And you have one of your 5 points correct – yes KLA, at the moment of intervention was internationally recognised as terrorist organisation.

I did debunked your 4 points which are yours ignorant shallow knowledge of events, and situation on the ground.

But, NATO, US and western policy is exactly the same as yours – ignorant and very shallow.

That’s the main reason for mass murdering and killing all over the world where intervention policy took place.

I’m very well aware that the people like you are directly responsible for every death on Balkan committed by war criminals (Serbians, Albanians, Croats and others), because of their ignorance and shallow approach.

Completely the same situation is in Syria. You don’t have a glue who and what events brought that country to war, and it is always “bad guys” from thin air, some outside power, which ruling the events whatever side you are choosing to be “bad”.

It is like, when you don’t have a knowledge about fire, outside deus ex machina makes the ignition with the thunder.

But we can go trough it once again:
Was “Yugoslavia” at the moment of NATO and US intervention on Kosovo – internationally acknowledged state.
Yes or no?

Frane Frlan

So I did answer “Bob”. Two questions for you:

Was Serbian president Milošević accused of the war crimes and genocide against Albanians?
Was he arrested by Serbian government and delivered to prison in Hague? Finish with lunatic suicide during trial in front of international court?

Frane Frlan

What you don’t understand Bob, is the fact that nobody from outside had a power to influence on the Balkan events.

Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo will became independent states with their former “terrorist” movements acclaimed as regular armies – with NATO bombardment or without.
It was just question of +- 100-300 k less deaths.
But you should not believe me – Albanians on Kosovo are ready to sacrifice in masses. And all Slavic tribes on Balkan can do genocide.

So re-think again about stoppage of blood bath, rather than emphasising stupid resolutions of ignorant international community.

Jens Holm

They gave gas for water in Sarajevo :))

Frane Frlan

And BTW about your “constitutionally existed” Yugoslavia:

“The state aspired to be recognised as the sole legal successor to Yugoslavia, but those claims were opposed by other former constituent republics.

The United Nations also denied its request to take up Yugoslavia’s membership. Eventually, after the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević from power as president of the federation in 2000, the country rescinded those aspirations and accepted the opinion of the Badinter Arbitration Committee about shared succession. It re-applied for UN membership on 27 October and was admitted on 1 November 2000.”

1st November of 2000 came after a 1999 Kosovo crises, and after fall of Milošević, caused by the same Kosovo events in 1999.


International Constitutional Law and the actions of UN General Assembly are actually separate issues. Prior treaties, customs, and general principles of legal standing are involved and determine the constitutional status of a state – not the US block’s veto power at the UN. Thus, the remaining federated republic members of Serbia and Montenegro were collectively referred to as Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999, when NATO took aggressive action against the Yugoslav state.

Jens Holm

At l3eats someone knows something well and remember well too.



Jens Holm

Total crap again. You also forget, You first took more then a million bonians muslim slaves out of the country asnd killed 1000`s of them. You also forget, that you made the same thing by force for almost all in Kosova.

Very big try for an excuse USA for a period supported a small group mainly because they and we had no other source there.

Its a very thin excuse for, what You did first twice. The whole europe rememeber busses comming to all countries filled up with plundred and raped vomen and children.

Jens Holm

Still the same Serbian babling. Your neighbors – none of them – want to join and be runned by You ever unless You force them.

And all of them are so tired You have learned nothing durring centuries about it.


Turkey has huge potential as a military nation, an Air Force with 483 combat aircraft, of which 240 are F-16s, they have also upgraded and adapted 50 Phantoms to laser smart bomber A/C for troop support, while 55 Talon T 38s have also been upgraded to fulfil a similar role. The Army Air Corps also have plenty of attack helicopters, which includes; 9 Apache, 22 Cobra and 47 AW 129’s. Should Erdogon decide to get serious with the Yanks, he can send in over 3,000 battle tanks half German Leopold 1 & 2s the other half Yankee M 60 Pattons along with 500 self propelled howitzers all supported by 150,000 well trained troops, granted, not with a lot of combat experience. The only reason I put this up is to help people understand that if Turkey gets serious with the Kurds and their bankers. Turkey wins and very quickly, as I haven’t stated even half of their military potential.


What use is having planes if you do not have pilots. After the purges they only had some 300 left.

As for M60, Turkey only has some 160 upgraded one and Leopards some 350, not upgraded. Alltogether some 600, of which they lost over 30 to IS around Al Bab and some 20 in Afrin, altogether some 50 lost.

That means close to 10% of turkish upgraded main battle tanks have already been destroyed.

Rest is all older types, some with a bit of updates. (some 600 older M60)


yes its true.

Jens Holm

Some might add Turks cant get spareparts from several countries.


hope us makes charred corpse out of turkish army.

Jens Holm

That make no sense. I could be fun with a: “My mother is fatter then Yours contest”.

I am sure YPG+J are serios too no matyter what You morons send for no reasons then having no ID of You dont kill kurds.

You even might be Europeans with no “Ottoman and women” having 80% indoeuropean genes. I really thin most of You are vey semilar to greeks. No wonder you fightt all the time.


Government can give 500 millions of USD to some unknown armed group AKA terrorists for unknown reason which right now by the way taken from it’s social welfare programs budget cuts.

Jens Holm

Thats 100% totally incorectnes of the worst kind. You also ignore, that most parts of the wellfare programmes are done by the states.

I can only see the reasons are very well descreibed. The need supply for the SDF of today and arm and training for the new infantery “real army”.

And thats probatly their own money and Syria is their hobby.


It seems that, at least for the moment, US is sticking by the SDF and YPG. This is at last a bit of consistency in US Syrian policies.

For me an indication Northern Syria, in whatever form, is there to stay. As nobody lives “on an islands” that all involved will have to deal with the future here.

Northern Syria and Syrian government, USA, Russia and Turkey and Turkey internally with its own kurds.

Leaving these issues unresolved, will make for future troubles. Resolving those issues in a way acceptable to both the Syrian Government and Northern Syria should be possible and is urgently needed. Resolving the kurdish issue within Turkey is also urgently needed.


Still zioshilling for partition I see.

Bobby Twoshoes

Rest assured that resolution will come and it will be the kind of resolution even your forked tongue won’t be able to twist to a positive for team Zio.

George King

The Syrian coalition attempted to resolve this issue of Syrian proper, the Kurds rejected the solution and that offer is off the table and all bets are off for any self rule other than as Syrian citizens. They might not like it and it is less than could have been but they chose and alliance with war.


Your last three sentences suggest an awakening , why do you think Russia is providing Peace Talks , that the Kurds won’t attend . Their American Masters said – no .
There is hope for the Kurds if they awaken , they are vastly outnumbered by Turkey alone , not to speak of Syria , Iraq and Iran .


Am afraid dutchnat is wired differently. Sees only the ruin of nations who oppose the omnipotence of Uncle Sam and his psychopathic nephews


Well the cat’s out of the bag, full speed ahead with Israelistan and partition. Many didn’t think that the Turks would move from the north against the Kurds, but they did. And the Syrian government coalition has no illusions as to what this means either. And is preparing to move from the west to expand their foot print on the east side of the river. So it looks like more US money down the tubes for the evil Jew miscreants. Against the wishes of America Firsters in the US who put Trump in office not to do this.

MariaCeleste Conkright

Full steam ahead into WW3. NATO Nazi coalition deep state .Will be roasted left in tatters as will the us economy

George King

Surrender or die! Empire accepts nothing less. Turkey is obviously a respected member of NATO, once it pays of course to the detriment of its citizens and neighboring sovereign nations.



George King

I was being factious of course, the correct interpretation of “respected member of NATO” is vassal of Empire rebelling from the shackles around its legs.


Yes i agree.

Jens Holm

Turkey is not a respected Nato member at all. If USA did not support them, there would be meetings for throwing people like that out as soon as possible.

That Guy

As I said before, they will fund the “SDF”, not “YPG”, and Trump’s promises to Erdogan make no difference at all.


More US taxpayer money flushed down the toilet. I really wish there was a way to flush the garbage freely spending our money without a care once and for all.

Jens Holm

They vote for in the congress and thats elected people, You are allowed to choose or not.

I am sure taxpayers are like in many other countries. Some hobbydollar in Syria and Iraq make no change.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Devil against Devil let the show of hell begin.

Jens Holm

USA never has told, they would drop the support to SDF. NEVER.

You hear, what you want and fits into you agenda. USA came with a small “calm down Turkey remark” about arming those troops.

Here we se the bungy jumping liars of Turks trying to grab the whole arm.

Domenic Patrone

It seems the both the France and the United States would like Turkey to do all the hard work. Then perhaps the United States, and maybe even Israel will put feet on the ground in a big way ?? Hmm.

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