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Turkey Should Return S-400 If It Wants Patriot Batteries: Pentagon


Turkey Should Return S-400 If It Wants Patriot Batteries: Pentagon

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On March 10th, US Department of Defense spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said that the US would deliver Patriot air defense systems to Turkey, if it returned the S-400 missile defense system to Russia.

Two Turkish officials told Reuters News Agency that Turkey was evaluating the US offer but added that Ankara had not changed its plans for the Russian S-400 systems.

The S-400 is planned to be activated in April 2020.

Speaking to reporters on his return flight from Brussels on March 10th, Erdogan said Ankara had told Washington to deploy Patriot systems to Turkey and that it was ready to buy the systems from the US, as well.

“We made this offer to the United States on the Patriot: If you are going to give us Patriots, then do it. We can also buy Patriots from you,” he said.

“They also softened significantly on this S-400 issue. They are now at the point of ‘promise us you won’t make the S-400s operational,'” Erdogan added.

In February, Turkey requested that the United States send two Patriot batteries to its southern border to deter any future attacks by Syrian troops.

In an apparent response to Erdoğan’s remarks, the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, David Satterfield, said on March 10th that Ankara should clarify its stance on the purchase of the S-400s, which are scheduled to become fully operational in April.

“S-400s are not suitable since Turkey is a NATO member, this could cause problems regarding F-35s,” Satterfield said.

Back in July 2019, the offer which Erdogan now calls “a softening” in the US stance was mocked as ridiculous.

Purchasing a $2 billion system and not even activating it.

It was proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and openly mocked.

This provides for Turkey’s hypocrisy, as well as its desperation in the current situation.

At the same time, it is unlikely that Turkey would “return” the S-400, or simply not use it, it just wants to keep its cake, and eat it, too.

At the same time, there is ample Turkish propaganda trying to discredit the Russian air defense systems, such as the Pantsir S-1.

These include obviously doctored videos, showing questionable footage of the systems being destroyed in Syria.

This also includes alleged footage of the Pantsir S-1, and mocking them as ineffective.

At the same time, the purchase of the S-400 was praised as a great victory in terms of diplomacy and military procurement, since it is the premier air defense system in the world, despite Russia obviously making “expensive” and “ineffective” air defense systems, such as the Pantsir S-1, with all of the fake information provided for it.




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  • Assad must stay

    Why does torki want such a piece of shit air defense? S-400 actually works, when has the patriots ever worked? Although I could care less about turkeys air defense, I would actually rather them have patriots than S-400, that way it won’t fall into NATOs hands

    • Lone Ranger

      The S-400 is not yet operational and you can bet it wont be till Idlib is resolved.
      Its a win win for both the U.S. and Russia.

      • Assad must stay

        Hopefully it never becomes operationa l lol

  • Ronald

    Let us hope Turkey gives up the S-400, we don’t need it shooting down Syrian or Russian aircraft over Idlib.

  • johnny rotten

    The U$A is ruled by the MIC mafia.

  • Garga

    Yes, please! Mr. president Erdogan sir, please return that good for nothing S-400 and buy as much Patriot systems as possible, the same way Saudis did. Specially if you plan to continue your aggression against Syria. We are even prepared to compensate you if Russians deducted a percentage penalty.

    With warmest regards,
    President Bashar al-Assad and allies.

    • You can call me Al


  • Lone Ranger

    Thats a win win for both the U.S. and Russia.

  • Horace Lacondeta

    Sitting ducks are familiar with F35 fears regarding the S400. Quack quack.

  • Wegan

    China, India and Iran will line up to buy the Turkish S-400.
    This is a good thing.
    Patriot cost is about 10 billions. And according to the Israeli it doesn’t work.

  • Constellation 2023

    Turkey should return the S-400 that it couldn’t use. The Americans will develop a better system sooner or later.

    • rightiswrong rightiswrong

      Iron Man will come to their rescue.

      Tony Stark designs all the best gear.

  • goingbrokes

    Can’t have S400 and the Patriot in the same country, some idiot might start comparing them and start drawing conclusions about their relative merits and then post it on utube. The military industries couldn’t brag shamelessly about them anymore, prospective customers would want to talk to the man! Can’t have that! Lol.