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JUNE 2021

Turkey Shells Villages Near Afrin On Daily Basis – YPG

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Turkey Shells Villages Near Afrin On Daily Basis - YPG


YPG commander Brosk Hasaka announced that 7 Syrian villages are under daily bombardment from Turkish artillery.

The villages of Tal Jegan, Tal Madiq, Tal Refa’at city, Um Hawash village, Ayn Duqna, Qatma and Qustal are under daily Turkish shelling“. Hasaka said adding that “Turkey wants to deduct Shahba town – as an example – from the YPG-held territory, thus cutting a strategic route between the towns in the region.”

“Turkey is attacking the area every day, the shelling doesn’t stop, and sometimes it reaches Afrin city itself”, he stressed. “Our fighters respond to the attacks and the Turkish shelling, and every time they shell us we respond to their attacks.

Meanwhile, according to opposition sources, the road between Aleppo city and Afrin town was closed again on Wednesday.

Kurdish sources accused the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) of closing the road after imposing a traffic tax on cars and trucks. Other sources claimed that YPG is the one who imposed a traffic fee.

However, it’s believed that the dispute between the two parties was due to financial reasons only because they both tried to make finical gains from the strategic road.

Sources from the Syrian opposition claim that the Turkish military operation against Afrin may be launched soon, but it seems that Turkey still limits its military actions against YPG positions east of Afrin in order to pressure the Kurds to withdraw from the Arab villages west of the city, most notably Tal Refa’at.

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Colin Oskapy

Turks – keep shelling Zionist YPG. SDF – keep attacking Turks.


“Zionist YPG. SDF”?
You are such a hopeless case…
Dream on or grow up.


He’s right.

Justin Ryan

Supported by USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia!
If the shoe fits……..!
and NO, Russia and Syria do not support them! They maintain a working reltionship (or try to).
You know what the real story is, u are just WILFULLY IGNORANT!
I know youre not stupid! Thats why i KNOW that u KNOW that the Kurds are just a puppet for their puppet masters plans!
So please, stop talking bullshit! Just say it, “the kurds are being used for Israel’s goals in the middle east and the Kurds in return, get their own Kurdistan state”!

Come on!
You fucking know it so just STFU with your bullshit!
A spade is a spade!


You know what the real story is, u are just WILFULLY IGNORANT!
I know youre not stupid! Thats why i KNOW that u KNOW that the Assad are just a puppet for their puppet masters plans! Fixed it ignorant SAA troll.

Justin Ryan


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Coming always with the over exaggeration as an excuse , it is weak and lame but those like you are not the brightest apples in the barrel. The black block is backed by the Zionists so to call them an apparatchik of Zionism would be correct as Anti Fa is backed by and supported by Zionist Jews, they all are bolshevik creations.The YPG is backed by the Israel ,US and the Sauds they are backed by AIPAC so definitively they can be considered A Zionist group.

Justin Ryan

Youre right! dont listen to that idiot who said “youre such a hopeless case”!
Even he knows whats going on but prefers to see it differently! Just a fool who is lying to himself!

Wahid Algiers

Stortebembel is a gard core left activist from Germany who loves all people exaept the german one. He is one of the Black Block attacking German Police in rallys.


Turk scumbags should be punished by the international community for committing these crimes. Turkey is terrorist state


Good work Turkey, crush the Zionist dream of Balkanizing the Middle East.




Kurds must withdraw from arab area they took.

Wahid Algiers

Not more and not less.


the question is what happens when the turks move in? shelling does nothing as you see by its own…will the suffer mass casualties like thy did vs isis? i hate turkey but i cant say i like kurds either if they work for zionists

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