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JULY 2022

Turkey Setting Up Military Base in Northern Syria

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According to the As Safir newspaper, a military base, equipped with an airfield, is currently being built by Turkish troops in the area of Ziyar, to the south of the near-border locality of al-Rai.

Turkey Setting Up Military Base in Northern Syria

Turkey boosts conducting of the so-called Euphrates Shield anti-terrorist operation to the north of Aleppo “in order to consolidate the occupation of the Syrian territory,” the Lebanese As Safir newspaper reports. According to the newspaper, Ankara “plans to repeat in Syria the scenario, which had been carried out in Iraq, where Turkey managed to set up a ‘military camp’ in the town of Bashiqa.”

According to the article, Turkish engineer units are currently engaged in building of a military base, equipped with an airfield, in the area of Ziyar, to the south of the near-border locality of al-Rai. Reportedly, Turkish military allegedly plans to deploy there a “training camp for militants, who will join to the Syrian armed opposition formations, participating in the Euphrates Shield operation.”

As As Safir reports, Turkish military base in Bashiqa in Iraq is used not only for military intervention. “Now Ankara openly talks about Turkey’s historical claims on Mosul and Kirkuk,” the newspaper notes. “And in the north of Syria, despite protests of the legitimate authorities of Damascus, [Turkish] President Tayyip Erdogan designates red lines and announces his intentions to liberate al-Bab and Manbij [cities] from terrorists that will become the next targets of the Euphrates Shield operation.”

In this connection, As Safir warns that “today it is not about some ‘Ottoman dreams’, but about practical steps on redrawing the regional map.”

“Ankara says about its claims on Aleppo and Raqqa within the framework of the national defense strategy, and media, close to the leadership of the country, openly write about this” the newspaper stresses.

According to the piece, “Turkish military are behind the recent attempt of armed groups to break through the defensive units of Syrian troops in the west of Aleppo.” Sources, close to the Syrian opposition, confirmed to the newspaper that Turkish military is preparing a new assault on Aleppo, using ‘moderate’ armed groups.

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Syria should attack it as its an invasion force.

Marek Pejović

no, not yet. and not directly. Turkish presence is an awesome catalyst for the kurds and syrian government to start serious cooperation and reconciliation. once this is rolling (and seems a good start already), Kurds can be armed not only with basic ammo but also with RPGs, Maljutkas, rockets, even artillery, you name it. basically, SAA and Turkish army never have to fire a bullet at each other. SAA just proclaims a no-fly zone for turkish planes (via S-300), and the well armed Afrin kurds can deal with any turkish army ground incursions.


are you kidding? they can barely hold onto the rump of the country they hold (mostly with HA, Iranian and other outsiders). Turks are itching for a fight. They have a massive military with troops hardened from fighting Kurds for 20 years. Not a good idea.


The Syrian army has their hands totally full, if over the next couple of months they can secure aleepo, then start closely cordinate with the kurds they can start to go at the turhish backed opposition.

Russia has to give the syrian army the ability to take out turkish planes and helicopters so they cant give close air support to their jihadi buddies.

the russians and the turks are in contact, so lets see how it devolps hopefully putin wont sell out the syrian citizens to turkish interests


So Turkey has never stopped supplying and supporting the jihadist invaders as in , to the west of Aleppo . “Redrawing the regional map” , means this ground force invasion is intended to be permanent not just a “defensive measure” .

Hope the SAA has the ability , to take out the air field , and the man power to stop this Turkish incursion .

Valhalla rising

First things first.First capture Aleppo,free Damascus,the Iraqi PMUs clear up Mossul,then clear the south and Idlib,The PMU´s clear Iraq up to the syrian border.Then clear IS out to connect Iraq with Syria.After that if the Turks still stay in the area attack them with the kurds in a Hezbollah style assymetrical war causing hundreds of dead turkish invader monkeys every month.After chasing the Turks out finish the Kurds either politically by offering some kind of autonomy or with force.Then go on regime change mission in Quatar and Saudi Arabia with Trump,european nationalists.Then its stop the support of Israel , see it burning down.Mission accomplished.(((They))) are done for !

Marek Pejović

Erdogan, thank you very much for laying a firm foundation for YPG and Sy. Gov. reconciliation and negotiations on common strategy and post-war Syrian future. nobody else could have done it as good as you did. Thank you!


Crazy, but I see the Ottomans rising.


NOT crazy – REALITY!

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