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Turkey Sentenced Man Responsible For Killing Russian Su-24 Pilot In 2015 To Five Years ‘For Illegally Possessing Weapons’

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Turkey Sentenced Man Responsible For Killing Russian Su-24 Pilot In 2015 To Five Years 'For Illegally Possessing Weapons'

© Fotoğraf: Facebook

Turkey has sentenced Alparslan Celik (He took responsibility for murdering one of the pilots of Russia’s Su-24 jet downed by Turkey in Syria in 2015) to five years in prison for illegally possessing weapons.

“Today, a court in the [Turkish] city of Izmir concluded the trial about illegal possession of weapons by defendant Alparslan Celik and sentenced him to five years of imprisonment. The court did not raise the issue of his implication in the death of Russian pilot [Oleg] Peshkov, the investigation continues,” the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik quoted Celik’s lawyer Murat Ustundag as saying.

The Russian Su-24 warplane was downed by a Turkish F-16 fighter near the Turkish border in Syria on November 24, 2015. Both Russian pilots ejected. One of them, Oleg Peskov, was killed by pro-Turkish militants operating in the area. Another pilot was rescued.

The incident lead to a serious tensions between Moscow and Ankara and Russia imposed sanctions on Turkey.

The fact that Celik was sentenced for illegally possessing weapons indicates that the Turkish government continues to believe that shooting down the Russian Su-24 in Syria was a right move.

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Leo Jansen

Is that it??? Turkish Government are such pathetic people!

Leo Jansen

Turkey = Shithole

Rüdiger Preiss

Turkey is a beautiful country and doesn’t deserve this label. The shithole is wherever Erdogan stands.

Alex Black

After his sentence, Russia should pick him up and deliver justice.

John Brown

This guy will die in prison, Erdogan can then say to the Islamists he still supports them as this guy only got 5 years and Russia will be satisfied when the guy dies in prison, in some dispute with another inmate or a health complication etc.

Rüdiger Preiss

Erdogan is a Despot and needs to go.

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