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MARCH 2021

Turkey Sent Hundreds Of Syrian Militants To Azerbaijan: Monitoring Group


Turkey has sent 300 Syrian militants to Azerbaijan, where they will support the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on September 24.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the militants were recruited from many towns and villages in the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin in northern Syria. Most of them are members of the Turkish-backed Suleyman Shah Brigade and the Sultan Murad Brigade.

The militants were told that they are heading to Azerbaijan to guard the border line with Armenia. They were promised a monthly salary of $1,500 to 2,000.

“The Syrian Observatory was not able to confirm, without a doubt, that the final destination [of the militants] was Azerbijan, Libya or another region,” the SOHR’s report reads.

A few days ago, Syrian opposition activists shared a photo allegedly showing Turkish-backed Syrian militants aboard a plane heading to the Azeri capital, Baku. The photo has not been verified yet.

In the last two months, several reports alleged that Turkey had recruited Syrian militants to fight as mercenaries for the Azerbaijani Armed Forces against the Armenian forces.

Azerbaijan and Armenia engaged in a series of military skirmishes in July. Back then, Turkey vowed to provide military assistance to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.




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