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Turkey Seeks Military Cooperation with Russia

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Turkey Seeks Military Cooperation with Russia

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by John T. Sumner exclusively for SouthFront

Turkey wants to position itself closer to Russia, even militarily. If these steps should be realized, the development could lead to considerable tensions within NATO. But Turkey takes the view not to be obliged obeying orders from NATO.

Turkey takes closer military cooperation with Russia into consideration. This was declared by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in an interview with the state-owned Russian news agency Sputnik. “It seems that the NATO members respond to issues of technology exchange and joint investment in an evasive manner. Turkey wants to develop its own arms industry and strengthen its military defense system. If Russia should develop an interest regarding this context, we are ready, to take the possibility of cooperation into consideration,” Cavusoglu said.

In an interview with the Anatolia news agency on August 10, the Turkish diplomat had said that Turkey and Russia would intend to create a joint military, intelligence and diplomatic mechanism, because the relations with NATO would not be satisfactory.

Cavusoglu literally: “At this point, Turkey wanted to cooperate with the NATO members. But the results received, were not sufficient for us. Therefore, we need to develop other options. But we do not consider this as a step against NATO. ”

The Turkish Foreign Minister especially criticized the view of the West regarding Russia and Turkey. “You consider Russia and Turkey being second-class countries and you are outraged to be criticized by those second-class countries. Due to the linearity and resilience of Putin and Erdogan they are now scared and worried (…) Look at what happened in Ukraine! They threaten the country and force it to choose between them and Russia. This is a pointless approach. The events in Ukraine are a mirror image of the main problems in the region, ” Cavusoglu said.

Last week, the Turkish Ambassador in Moscow said that NATO would not be entitled to impose its foreign policy on Turkey. “In no way, we will tolerate NATO restricting our contacts with other countries. This means that NATO is not qualified to force their regulations upon us and to determine whom we´re authorized to talk with and whom we´re not authorized to talk with”, the newspaper quoted Cumhuriyet Yardim.

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Alex M

Turkey and Russia are traitors. Traitors to secular democracy. Traitors to the Kurds.

Kim Jong

lol- you funny guy

Tomko Kubianca

Russia has maintained the same allies for decades and their move towards democracy is a work-in-progress. It’s only Turkey that just pulled the fastest 180 in recent history. Turkey and the Kurds have been at each other for decades; the Kurds want land from Turkey and Turkey doesn’t want them to have it.

Alex M

Russia is turning it’s backs on the Kurds by supporting the Islamist-theocratic-fascist government of Turkey. Turkey is turning it’s backs on it’s long-standing principles of secular democracy because of Erdogan’s dictatorship. Russia turned it’s back on democracy with Putin’s dictatorship.

John Sumner

Honestly, who showed you how to operate daddy´s computer? Wait until he finds out…

Tom Johnson

Turkey only last week complained to NATO on the ongoing imbalance in the Black Sea-I think whomever wrote this article was hiting the pipe to hard-drug and vodka abuse makes for funny Russian Youtubes but for bad propaganda.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

This was months ago!
I nearly dropped my jaws on the floor with this:
“Look at what happened in Ukraine! They threaten the country and force it to choose between them and Russia. This is a pointless approach. The events in Ukraine are a mirror image of the main problems in the region,” said the Turkish FM. Truly astonishing!
Go it in one! Turkey now realises that the US/EU/NATO cabal do not care about the nation’s integrity and people. It has been a steep learning curve after the failed US/EU/NATO/GCC coup for Erdogan and his people but they are onto the dirty game the US/EU/NATO plays.
It will soon be time for the “Yanks” to go home and re-build their own neglected country.

Manuel Chrut

Turkey turning coat :-) Who would have thought it just a month ago?!

Tomko Kubianca

The creation of ISIS and the attempt to oust Assad are just steps towards the creation of a Sunni Caliphate from the Arab peninsula to and including Turkey. Maybe Erdogan has caught on that Saudi will ultimately run the show, not him, and meanwhile He is only being used temporarily then will be terminated when the Caliphate comes to fruition. The attempted coup may have been part of that plan.

If Erdogan is thinking in these terms he is beginning to realize that the US and the Gulf States are not and have never been his friends. He is now turning to Russia to save his a$$. He will now start fighting ISIS instead of supporting them and may start to think that the ousting of Assad is not such a great idea after all.

It will be interesting to see how Turkey changes behavior in the coming months. They’re also starting to schmooze up to Israel.

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