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JUNE 2020

Turkey, Russia Conduct Second ‘Limited’ Joint Patrol In Idlib (Video, Maps)


Turkey, Russia Conduct Second 'Limited' Joint Patrol In Idlib (Video, Maps)

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On Marh 23, Turkish and Russian forces conducted a second ‘limited’ joint patrol in the framework of the new Idlib de-escalation agreement recently reached in Moscow. The patrol reportedly involved 6 pieces of military equipment (3 – Turkish and 3 – Russian) and took place on a short chunk of the M4 highway west of Sraqib.

Under the Moscow agrement, the Turkish side is responsible to create a security zone along the M4 highway in southern Idlib and secure the withdrawal of heavy weapons and radical militants from the area. After this, the sides had to start conducting patrols along the security zone on March 15. However, in fact, the security zone was not created and Turkey cannot guarantee security of patrols because the part of the M4 highway in southern Idlib is controlled by terrorists.

Some sources speculate that Turkey will soon contribute own military efforts to clear the highway and implement the deal. However, this seems to be unlikely because the same terrorist groups that oppose the Moscow agreement are the core of Turkish proxies in the Idlib zone. Therefore, the region is slowly moving towards a new round of escalation.

Turkey, Russia Conduct Second 'Limited' Joint Patrol In Idlib (Video, Maps)

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  • Wizzy

    This is some chicken and mouse game. What kind of joint patrol along M4 is this? It appears it’s for show. Bomb the motherfuckers

  • Karen Bartlett

    God protect Evgeny and Oleg and the Russian patrols!

  • klove and light

    ridiculous pathetic

    Putin you fucking bibi cock sucking treacherous Zionist pig

  • bouncer dogsly

    Do not criticise Putin, this is a mess and big players like the US, UK and EU are doing everything they can to sabotage this cease fire and keep this fake war going.. Turkey is there just to ensure the Jihadis do not get pushed into Turkey. Turkey has been effectively shit on by the West, Israel, EU,UK and Gulf states. Yemen is a failure, Iraq now is moving against US soldiers and Syria is a total failure. Remember this about Putin, the West wanted Russia to invade Ukraine but Putin is no fool he didn’t fall for it and played and excellent move the West did not expect, by invading by stealth East Ukraine only where he has massive support. The West wants a conflict with Turkey and Russia and neither are going to fall for it. I expect Turkey and Russia now are planning ways to eliminate the Jihadi mercenaries. Erdogan was a total fool to get involved from the start and knows that now. Erdogan’s games are over and he needs to get out of this mess he has created himself. The job of the West, Israel and Gulf is to try and prolong the conflict for as long as possible to protect Israel from the massive threat of Shia militias pouring in from every corner of the Muslim world. Israel comes out of this worst of all. According to the chief of the Israeli defence staff who stated after the fake uprising started, “Assad will be gone in six months.” What a massive miscalculculation by the Israelis. It was planned for Syria to become a failed state and Israel under the pretext of security would have invaded Syria and occupied parts of it. IT’S GONE WRONG and now the West has turned the terror on its own people with a bioweapon, as the Western masses start to wake up. THE MASSES ARE IN LOCKDOWN and all reg riots and demos spreading across the EU and the rest of the world have been clamped down. What Western media will not tell you, is the French Yellow Vests know that the Corona Virus is a scam. We have gone from fake Muslim terror by the West on its own people, to now bio terror on its own people.
    This how Satanic the West has become.

    • Al Balog

      Interesting theory, but I totally disagree with the part of Russia “invading by stealth” Southeast Ukraine. I’m well-versed in this subject. The Donbass Republics were created by civilians due to ongoing genocidal acts by Ukrainian Nazis (Poroshenko, Kolomoisky, Zelensky, etc.), nothing to do with “Russian invasion”. Russia only supports the Donbass Republics from a humanitarian standpoint.

      • cechas vodobenikov

        prekrasni (excellent=Russian)precisely–I moved from Kiev to Donetsk after the amerikan coup—there were no Russian military in donetsk—there were volunteer veterans that came to assist after the Ukrop nazis shelled civilians–there were also anti-fascist volunteers in the “essence of time” battalion from Italy, Spain, antifascist volunteers from Argentina, Brazil, France in the “unite contintal battalions, Chechens in the Smert battalions, Serbs in Motorola’s Ghost brigade, Varya, Givi’s Sparta, etc. Most of the weapons came from Ukrainian armories assisted by members of the Ukraine intelligence (SBU)..col .Strelkov was so angry at Putin for refusing to send Russian troops that he called him a traitor on Chan 1 –national TV in Russia

    • John Wallace

      The jury is still out , in fact haven’t even started on deliberating yet , as to what who or how this virus was unleashed. There is a lot of finger pointing by lots of people most of if not all have no real idea where or who or how it was really started. There are many highly credible people who say this is real and people are dying from it and if not sorted it will kill millions more. So instead of pointing fingers at the fog how about we concentrate on getting the virus under control first. Then those that are able to ( trained ) to add too the search for the truth.. If it should prove to be purposely released then all of those responsible from top to bottom must suffer the consequences.

      • roland

        I disagree because the perpetrators of this hidious crime need to urgently be destroyed or otherwise they will do a similar act again what you need to realise is this is terrorism done by the same people who did 911 so yea we really have to start pointing fingers right fucking now I also find it funny you said those who are able or trained to search for the truth – I assume you mean the police well I hate to be the one to break this to you all Australian police forces are under the control of the same people that let the virus out you people really have to wake up to these gangs that control our governments

    • cechas vodobenikov

      somewhat hyperbolic; however Al is correct regarding Ukraine

  • Per Jensen

    Putin is not naive. He knows very well from lot of experiences that the cooperation with Turkey will not work. He and people around him must also realize that he can not drive a wedge in between Turkey and Nato. So Putin must be trying to balance paying close attention to the liberal US oriented Medvedev wing. Can any one see anything else “rational”?