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Turkey And Russia Can Jointly Deploy Troops Syria’s Idlib Province – Turksih Presidential Spokesman

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Turkey And Russia Can Jointly Deploy Troops Syria's Idlib Province - Turksih Presidential Spokesman

Ibrahim Kalin. Source: aa.com.tr

Turkish and Russian troops may be jointly deployed in the Syrian province of Idlib as a part of the de-escalation agreement brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran last month, the Turkish presidential spokesman told media on Thursday.

“We will probably be most prominent in the Idlib region with the Russians; mostly Russia and Iran around Damascus, and a mechanism involving the Americans and Jordan in the south in the Daraa region is being worked on,” Ibrahim Kalin said, adding that Turkey, Russia and Iran will further discuss the de-escalation agreement during talks in the Kazakh capital Astana in early July.

Kalin added that Ankara and Washington on working on monitoring and tracking of amrs and weapons provided by the US to the YPG/PYD in northern Syria.

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The Ceasefire in Idlib and other provinces work 100% but de-escelation zones in south Daraa won’t work because the SAA will not give up Daraa unless they gain something.


“Kalin added that Ankara and Washington on working on monitoring and tracking of arms and weapons provided by the US to the YPG/PYD in northern Syria.”
What? So who keeps the area in northern Syria? Talks didn’t work out. The US does what it wants. I don’t think Russia is helping the situation too much. Turkey and Russia should be working out how to pound SDF. Leave ISIS to Syria. US wouldn’t want to fire at Turkish and Russians although they wouldn’t think twice about firing at SAA. Crazy. No plan to get rid of SDF. Sometimes Russia works with the US, sometimes it doesn’t. Frankly, Syria shouldn’t have asked the Russians to get involved. Should have gotten just the North Koreans, Iranians and Hezbollah when war broke out in 2011, 6 years ago. North Korea can lend its expertise with guerrilla warfare and knowledge of asymmetrical warfare to the Syrians. North Koreans would have advised strike the SDF, FSA and all the other US backed rebel groups first. Syrian Army splits up four ways. One lot goes with Iran. Another lot goes with Hezbollah. And one lot goes with North Koreans. North Koreans also embed with the Iranian group and the Hezbollah group. The North Korean advisers are the de facto commanders. They make the plans of attack, they draw up battle strategy. North Koreans would have advised to concentrate on YPG in northern Syria first. The Syrians would want the oil fields, and keep the oil flowing to finance the war. Also, they would be able to shut off the border with Turkey, and stop the influx of ISIS. Instead of letting people out of the country to emigrate as refugees, North Korea would advise holding areas. Massive tent cities would be set up in the desert to hold any refugees, civilians and the like. To approach a town for attack, all residents would be advised to leave immediately. They are told to just take their important possessions and go to these big tent cities. They are not allowed to leave the tent cities by the way. There will be guards guarding the borders. They’re in the middle of the desert so it would be hard to leave anyway. They will be spotted quickly. After the majority are cleared out, the army should send in an army of drones. These drones would have satellite links and be armed attack drones. These drones would do surveillance operations and get the lie of where the rebels are, where their weapons caches are. The drones would pick off anyone they can spot. Of course the rebels will go underground, in tunnels they’ve dug, in basements of buildings. Then the Syrian army can do a massive missile firing operation, and flatten and destroy the city. Hopefully some missiles will blow up deep bunkers. Then they will send in tanks and do clearing up operations. If there are significant pockets, the army withdraws and does the bombing and shoots the surface to surface missiles. Then goes in and tests the waters again. Once the city is secured, set up a garrison, get the locals to come back, and start rebuilding the city. The split armies will be doing these operations in different areas simultaneously. It’s better if they concentrate on border areas first: the Iraq-Syria border, the southern Syrian border with Jordan and so on. This is because it will make it harder for the US to send in auxiliary forces. As time goes on and people see the pattern of how the cities are taken over, they will cooperate more willingly. Nobody will want to be left inside the cities. So they will try and leave by hook or by crook any of these places that have been taken over by rebels. If not, they will be trapped in the city, and they will be pounded by missiles, bombs, shells. This strategy is very risk-free for the average soldier. North Korea can supply the surface-to-surface missiles from its factories in North Korea. It might even set up a factory locally in order to get the missiles to the soldiers faster and bypass transportation problems. So after a while the rebel cities are mostly cleared. Probably if these armies hit the first few towns hard and mercilessly, the resistance will die off and then the fighting doesn’t have to be so intense. The rebel groups will probably call a truce earlier and earlier as time goes on and victory for the Syrian side will get easier. This strategy involves a minimum loss of life for the Syrian side. The civilian toll might be heavy at first as some people don’t listen, and want to stay back and support the rebels, but after they see what happens to rebel towns, people will probably flee as soon as rebels start approaching their town. The civilian camps purpose is to keep the civilian population under control. Currently, there is no such system and civilians are free to come and go. And the rebels and ISIS ones are doing exactly that. They leave for R&R in their home countries, and come back refreshed raring to fight again, an endless wave it seems. So this was Assad’s mistake. After the rebels are eliminated, it’s time to work on ISIS. By now, the US doesn’t have anyone to train or back or supply arms to. The rebels are wiped out. Assad should block his ears to those people crying human rights abuses. The rebels chose to rebel, the government is just taking up their offer to have a fight.
By now, there should be few civilians left in the ISIS towns. They have been watching what goes on and know that civilians will die along with the insurgents if they stay in the towns. So probably most of the civilians have fled, and been housed in well-guarded tent cities. The same clearing out operation goes on. However, the army has to keep their distance from these people. Many of these are suicide bombers. They are crazy, so the soldiers have to take extra care. They even send out civilian suicide bombers. They do the same drones-surface-to-surface missiles thing. But after they do this, they do bunker buster operations. This is because these people might hide themselves deep and emerge later and ambush soldiers. So the bombing and flattening has to be more thorough. After everything is flattened, the army waits 7 days. Anyone alive will start coming out before this. If no movement is detected, they go in with tanks and do final clearing and checking operations. During this time, the Syrian army has sealed all borders tight. Anyone coming in and out is strafed with drone fire. The drones continuously patrol the borders. Remember, no one is allowed in or out. Only the military can do that. As town after town is cleared out, the people can leave the tent town and go back. The army can help in the building. The oil is flowing so some income comes in. Once the town is rebuilt, more people can return. So this operation requires drones, surface to surface missiles, tanks and bunker busters. Costly in terms of hardware but not costly in terms of lives, which is more important. Once the towns are established, ongoing garrisons guard the place. A civilian militia force is created to protect any invasion of militants – rebel or ISIS. People will be too busy rebuilding the flattened cities to worry about that sort of thing anyway. There will be a lot of manpower required. The Norks get paid and they will move out once the war is mostly won. No Russians will be required. The Norks are better than the Russians as allies because they’re not trying to play international politics or look good to anyone or play goody-shoes: they will treat the rebels the same as the foreign ISIS fighters.

Tudor Miron

From what planet you are from? NKorea this/NKorea that… North Korea is yet to regain sovereignity of the half of its territory, don’t you know that? Half of their land is still occupied by US or is it news for you?


The USA was not officially involved, with boots on the ground until 2017. Under Obama, US troops would have stayed out of the conflict. Sure, Obama would arm and fund the various militias, but that’s far less of a problem than the US army on the ground. So from 2011 to 2016, Syria had time to defeat all its enemies and reassert its authority. If the Syrian forces had been under the guidance of the North Koreans, the war would have quickly been over. It’s in North Korea’s interests that Syria win. Syria is an old ally of North Korea’s. The alliance has gone back since the late 60s. Hafez was a good friend of Kim Il Sung. They helped each other to keep each other strong. With Syria partitioned, North Korea loses the help of a good ally. They will still be allies but Syria couldn’t do much if loses more than 50% of its territory. North Korea needs all the allies it can get. Syria was a major ally because of its resources and its position in the Middle East. So the North Koreans would have done their best to help Syria, the same as if they are fighting insurgents in their own nation. The war would have quickly been over, like Hezbollah’s summer war with Israel in 2006.

Russia I am sorry to say is two-faced. I like Putin and respect him, and I have no idea what pressures he’s under in Russia, but Russia is not a reliable partner at the end of the day.

Even though Putin tries to help North Korea in small ways, ultimately, they voted for sanctions against North Korea because of its nuclear and missile testing. You do not vote that way if that nation is your ally.

North Korea, Syria and Iran are in a boat together, and it’s separate to the one that Russia’s in.

North Korea’s missile and nuclear testing and development helps Syria and Iran. Whatever missiles it has, it will pass onto Iran and Syria. So Russia’s actions of voting against North Korea in the Security Council is also a vote against Syria and Iran.

As I say, North Korea, Syria and Iran are in this together. They don’t have anyone to trust.

North Korea would have advised correctly and wisely.

But anyway, the chance was lost. We can’t change history now. The problem is that I don’t think Assad or Russia learned the lessons from before. They are ginger about stepping on SDF’s toes, so SDF and the US army that’s embedded with it, will advance steadily into Syria, taking over parts. They don’t have much to worry about when it comes to the Syrian army; I think they are more worried about the Turkish army. Russia is basically just obsessed with ISIS. It doesn’t want to get into a conflict with the US, no matter what kind of statements they put out.


Its best you hurry back to your video games I think Tigbear.
The US would have walked all over the North Koreans in Syria and supply lines from NK would have been easily cut ,as well as all the shortcomings of NK weapons systems.

Only in their homeland is NK strong and fully understands the cowardice of the USA.

To come out with such a ridiculous and crass perception demonstrates that you MUST be a high ranking US Military Officer Tigbear :)

Only Russia is feared by the US as the Neo-cons fully understand if they attack Russia in a WW3 scenario many MILLIONS of Americans will die and the Neo Cons would be upset, not for the US dead but for the loss of wealth.


Russia’s nothing. It is chasing after the phantom ISIS, running around in circles. It got tricked into focusing on ISIS. Russia doesn’t strike SDF, USA’s boys, even though that’s what needs to be done for Syria to get back its land. Russia even worked with SDF. Russia is showing its uncertainty and lack of confidence in the Syrian War. People are even asking which side Putin is on. It’s good to be diplomatic and not make enemies unnecessarily, but when you do it too much, you seem untrustworthy as an ally.

Syria’s going to lose with this kind of leadership. Syria’s president also doesn’t have the stomach to fight. He wants to keep doing things the “civilized way”. You can’t in this war. You have to hit your enemies hard and eliminate them before they get a stronghold. His father knew that, and he suppressed the rebels as soon as they started to act up. That’s why no Arab Spring could happen under his rule, and none did.

Assad is the new type of leader: he’s well-educated, urbane, but eminently unsuitable to lead an Arab nation. Too genteel. So the other nations find it easy to gang up against him. No matter what he does, they are going to accuse him of human rights abuses – they will even manufacture false flags and have the attacks blamed on him – so he might as well do what he wants on the battlefield to win the war – getting all the land back under government rule.

But he hasn’t done that. He has allowed himself to play a stupid PR game. You don’t win a war with PR, you do it with boots on the ground and the sacrifice of people. Who cares what the UN thinks or what the EU, etc think. They are all under the pay of the Zionists.

Even Russia. Russia isn’t a trustworthy partner in this. Iran and Iraq are, his Shia mates are. He should have just worked with them and with North Korea, which has the hardware, from the beginning of the war. These nations would have been loyal and not been like Russia, playing politics, trying to pretend it is still friends with the USA.

Since North Korea has the experience and the expertise (and the hardware), North Korea should have been the senior partner in this war. North Korea advised the Hezbollah in its summer war with Israel in 2006, and helped bring that to a successful conclusion. It ended very quickly. North Korea would have studied the terrain of Syria and devised a strategy that was adapted to it.

It would have advised hitting the SDF and other moderate rebel militias first. Inside traitors can be the most deadly, especially when they have the support of the superpower. The USA had not officially invaded Syria. Under Obama, they had more room to maneuver. So North Korea would have told the Syrian Government to finish operations ASAP before the Americans had gotten involved.

It’s unbelievable the Syrian Army, a trained force consisting of about 200,000 could not put down the rebellions of the SDF and the FSA. Assad should have just ignored ISIS. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together could tell they were a distraction, useful pawns that were moved around to strategic places as their controllers wanted them to. And for six years, Assad got fooled by them, chasing them here and there, and he still is doing that.

So the Russians and the Syrians are rubbish in this war. They made Syria into a giant mess, with everyone fighting one another. The FSA are fighting the SDF now. And Russians are fighting FSA. USA is attacking SAA, and SAA is attacking ISIS. Goodness knows how Syria is going to end up. It’s going to drag on for another 2 or 3 years and Syria will be broken up. So Russia and Syria committed their forces to achieve basically nothing.

You can’t trust Russians. The people are good, but basically they are going to not put them at risk. They want to play the PR game. They got tricked into playing the “democracy game” and gave SDF and the Kurds up the north lots of legitimacy.

The ones I feel the most bad for are the Iranians and Hezbollah. If Syria gets broken up, it will be bad for them. Iran and Lebanon will become very vulnerable, not to mention Yemen, which is also a bad mess.

I blame Assad the most. He is not suited to lead a country like Syria which was a target for attack all along. Hafez made a bad error. If none of the sons were suitable, he should have nominated a better person, like a trusted general. Assad wanted to lead a normal life as a doctor, I think. He doesn’t have the personality to be a leader of a country that is at war. He needs to stop the hypocrisy game too. Just do what he needs to do to take his nation back. It’s better for the people if he had concentrated on doing that from the beginning.


Edit: This is actully shit reporting because when I read the real statement it didn’t said in these areas but between them and SAA. For the love of GOD SF report the real statements and not just take the parts you want and form it into the statement


And what where did SF provide wrong info in this report? You can find the same info here https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-turkey-russia-idUSKBN19D1WI or here http://aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/turkey-russia-iran-discuss-troop-presence-in-syria-/847361 or in many other places.

Gelson Garcia de Carvalho
gfsdyughjgd .

Another USA and Saudi traitor against Syrian army wants to come in Syria through fake eyeblind Russian friendship to ambush Syrian troops.Now that USA have been warn Turkey wants to push Isis=fsa terrorist through Idlib to Homs to connect with USA//Nato fsa=isis terrorist and capture Der Ezor.Erdogan plan be because Putin will trust him USA pretend to be against Turkey just to bypass the Russian goals.

gfsdyughjgd .

Russians must listen to Qatar confession about the traitor plans which Turkey,USA,Saudi,Nato were having which are ongoing in Syria.Initial plan is to destroy Damascus and over through Syrian government and exploit the oil and gas wealth among themself.Qatar must be dissolve and oil and gas pipeline must connect Syrian and Qatar..Second pipeline must join Syrian and Jordan and will be protect by USA army in Al Tanth in Syria.Turkey must according to the plan be isolated because their want take everything and play bossy use oil and gas as bargaining tool against Putin and Russia.


If turkey thinks idlib will remain a breakaway promise they are idiots. Once Isis falls idlib falls. Turkey can only maintain control of as area near its border in northern Syria. They will have to abandon idlib and expand east from Bab , taking Manbij, kobane, and abayd. This is the pivot Turkey must make : secure its southern border, prevent a Kurdish state and prevent a springboard for Kurdish revolt in turkey.

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