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MAY 2021

Turkey Reveals Tactical Drone Armed With Machine Gun (Videos)

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Turkey revealed a small tactical unmanned aerial vehicle armed with a machine gun. The Songar drone is built by Turkish defense contractor Asisguard. It’s designed to provide fire support for convoys or defensive positions to ranges of up to six miles.

The company says that the Songar is designed to”increase survival against harassment fire in patrol zones and fortress patrol areas, or in the event of any ambush or threat during the transition of land vehicles and convoys.”


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  1. Hornet24 says:

    Nice promovideo BUT did you see how unstable this platform is when you firing more then two or three bullets (first video 1:00 – 1:03)

    Soon operated by HTS/NSA terrorists?

  2. Azriel Herskowitz says:

    hoping to see that used by the moderate rebels on the battlefield against assad regime

    1. J Ramirez says:

      Hope to see it used on the Jews ;}

      1. Jake321 says:

        See my post above, Igor.

        1. J Ramirez says:

          Think before you type…… stupid Jews ;} How the fuck? That better be a big ass drone. Did your parents drop you on your head as a kid?

          1. Jake321 says:

            Hey, dodo, Israel builds big drones and has miniaturized nukes. Most anything a regular fighter jet can carry, an Israeli drone can carry. And if you missed it, for decades there have been suitcase nukes and nuclear artillery shells. Your parents didn’t have to drop you on your head to make you be the ignorant fool you are. All they had to do was be your parents.

      2. <> says:

        Keep hoping, Assad is our bitch and he better remove the filthy Persians or we will turn his puppet country into another Gaza.

    2. Concrete Mike says:

      More pantsir targets. No worries my cannons are bigger than yours.

      Stupid chimp.

  3. Vitex says:

    Shot by your own drone

  4. Jake321 says:

    Israel Reveals Tactical Drone Armed with Tactical Nuclear Missiles…to put things in perspective.

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      So you guys are idiots then?

      Who in their right minds would deploy nukes on drones?
      How can one be a responsible custodian of nuclear weapons and deploy them on DRONES?

      Its highly irresponsible and will blow up in your face!
      Do not give robots nukes WTF is wrong with you??

      1. Jake321 says:

        Now you can change your pants, kid.

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