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JULY 2020

Turkey Releases Footage of Strikes on Syrian Troops In Idlib


Turkey Releases Footage of Strikes on Syrian Troops In Idlib

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On February 28th, Turkey released footage of attacks by its armed forces on Syrian Arab Army positions overnight, following the strikes that killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers on the previous day.

It is unclear if the footage shows specifically the attacks carried out by Turkey in response to its soldiers being killed.

According to Anadolu Agency, which cited Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar 309 targets were “neutralized.”

This marks the first time Ankara provides any sort of evidence that it is carrying out any military activity and may have caused actual casualties to the Syrian Arab Army.

The previous claims of killing a total of 531 Syrian soldiers, as a cumulative number of claims from Twitter and Defense Ministry statements, have been accompanied by wide-spread repeating of a statement, accompanied by no form of proof, whatsoever.

Purportedly the videos show shelling around Saraqib.

The videos, allegedly shows precision airstrikes, as well as shelling carried out on “regime” targets.

According to the report, alongside the next video, the numbers of Syrian Arab Army soldiers killed since February 10th, is much larger than the numbers initially released by the Turkish Defense Ministry.

As per the report, since February 10th, 1709 “regime” elements have been “neutralized.”

Turkey uses the term “neutralized” to say that an enemy has been killed or captured, and it is unknown if it has captured a single Syrian soldier.

In the operations, 55 tanks, 3 helicopters, 18 armored vehicles and 6 ammunition depots belonging to the Syrian government forces were also destroyed. Among those destroyed, there are 29 howitzer, 21 military vehicles and 4 machine gun nests.

According to Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar, in retaliation to the Syrian Arab Army killing militants, and the Turkish troops fighting embedded in them, the Turkish armed forces had struck nearly 200 Syrian government targets and have “neutralized” 309 soldiers on February 28th.

Akar, who directed the operation carried out by land and air support vehicles for the regime targets in Idlib until the first light of the morning, said:

“Our troops in Idlib were subjected to a low air attack in order to provide a ceasefire, prevent migration and end the humanitarian drama in the region, 33 of our hero soldiers were martyred, 32 of our hero soldiers were injured,” he said.

Akar said:

“Although the locations of our troops were previously coordinated with the officials of the Russian Federation on the field, this attack was carried out, unfortunately, despite the warning, once again, after the first shot, the attack continued.

During these airstrikes even ambulances were struck. After the treacherous attack, more than 200 regime targets were immediately heavily fired with our aircraft, SİHA and land fire support vehicles. As a result of these shots, 5 helicopters, 23 tanks, 10 armored vehicles, 23 guns of various sizes and diameters, howitzers, 5 ammunition trucks, an SA-17, an SA-22 air defense system, 3 ammunition depots, 2 material depots, and a headquarters building have been neutralized. Our shots and activities continue as planned.”




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  • BlueOctopusBoy

    Erdogan: 200,000 bakeries providing bread to SAA have been neutralised.

  • Louis IX

    It’s a call for more direct strikes on Turkish army. I hope Russia will give them some.

    • Kell

      Yep wipe Idlib clean – Turks only respect strength

  • cactus

    time to bring up the pantsir into idlib front …can’t allow this sh*t to happen again, this explains why the hts gangsters took over saraqib

    • Kell


  • Alex Cabrera

    now that it has proof that turkey is durectly attacking SA troops

    now its time to attack turkish troops directly

    kill all those in observation site

  • SnowCatzor

    Bullshit, there’s nowhere near that many casualties. Turkey’s just telling it’s usual propaganda. Although at least they finally have something on video for once. Plenty more Turkish casualties incoming today I bet.

  • Johan

    Or the SAA is now without weapons and soldiers, certainly without tanks or this is a flagrant lie. Anyway even if this is a lie it is proof that SAA and Russia are not capable of defending off Turkey army not to mention that their air defence apparently is a joke.

  • Adi

    The atack on turkish troops was obviously a very good idea.Who was the genius behind it?

  • Johan

    Erdogan got where he was begging for, and now the traitor and bully s begging for the European and Nato support. Who wants this traitor and thief in his rangs? Pussy Trump but I mean what reasonable honourable men or women, not that prostitute Trump etc?

  • ifke

    It’s obvious Turkey killed all syrian soldiers, and even more than all. So…Syria now has -233 soldiers exactly!!

  • Informbiro

    The attack on turkish troops was made by a mad man or it was a false flag made by turks themself to justify destroying the SAA.So much men and equipment destroyed. :(

    • Lone Ranger

      Play silly games win silly prizes…

  • Adi
    • Informbiro


  • Adi
    • Lone Ranger

      CIA CGI is getting better by the day !)

    • Informbiro

      Is this for real?

      • Adi

        Real as it can get.

        • Informbiro

          Where the fuck are Pantsirs?

          • Basic Guy


    • Zionism = EVIL

      Dude you are shooting blanks like your goat loving military.

  • Lone Ranger

    Turkroaches are crying and raging ;)

  • Tango123

    Poor Syrian army.
    Sitting like a lame duck in their own country and the Turks are shooting clay pigeons with them. The Tiger Forces are only bed rugs who don’t dare to throw the Turkish occupiers ….- hm …. observations-posts … out of the country. So they will lose the war and all dead Syrian soldiers were in vain. You betray your own country …

    • Lone Ranger

      Lay down the crack, it’s bad for you…

      • Tango123

        nice answer, but nothing but insults behind it. kicked dogs just bark

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Fucked goats just bleat, ask Erdogan :)

          • Tango123

            I hope so, I‘m not on his site. But I‘cant understands the syrian „tactics“ any more

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Look, the Turkeys invaded Syria, a once friendly Arab neighbor and now want to annex the best agricultural lands and have supported headchopper terrorism, what is Syria supposed to to do? It has no choice but to fight for its lands and expel the aggressor.

          • Tango123

            I am of your opinion. Then why do they allow the Syrian army to be rocketed by the posts? An official warning to Erdogan that if there is fire again, all posts on Syrian soil will be wiped out. I don’t think the Turks would dare fire another shot. Instead, the Syrians behave like pussis who are afraid of the Turks.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            I am a FACTS kind of a guy, let’s be realistic, Syria has been under NATO, Americunt, Turkeys and Zionist attack for over 9 years. The SAA has not folded, largely thanks to Russia and Iran. Turkey is ten times the size of Syria and supported by the whole west, so the SAA really can not fight an offensive war while fighting terrorism at the same time and deal with daily Zionist attacks. It is now up to Russia and Iran to put Turkey in a box as the lunatic goat fucker Erdogan is out of control. Russia needs to put some serious SAM systems in Idlib and take out a few F-16s.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            If NATO are getting directly involved without white helmets fake chemical attacks narrative then it shows desperation

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            SAA have been fighting for years. and you think they are cowards or scared?

        • Lone Ranger

          Time to insert your Tampax…

    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      next you will ay ISIS is just a book club.

    • Concrete Mike

      Syrians did not get to where they are today by being cowards.

      Stop acting like a petulant child. Go to be now neville chamberlain!

  • cliff

    The syrian government must neutralise those observation lost and take them as prisoner of wars and any Turkish convoy moving in must be taking out.

  • Josiah Isaboke

    Turks and Americans have one thing in common…THEY LIE!!!This are videos they took while attacking “ISIS” or Kurds and MIXED THEM UP,REMOVED THE DATES JUST TO PLAY PR FOR THE AUDIENCE WHO WERE EXTREMELY FURIOUS YESTERDAY DEMANDING ANSWERS…No way Syrians or Russians would be so careless to let a Turkish plane there free bombing or someone is sleeping behind the air defences; I would choose the former on this one

  • jm74

    Regarding the photo of the shelling the information in the photo (GPS 20-4-N0 Position) is in English; one would assume that it would have been in Turkish.

  • Joe Doe

    SAA have no other choice, than directly attack Turkey troop, any supply and Turkey post. SAA needs hit Turkey very hard. There is no other choice, if SAA wants overpower Turkey in Syria. Waiting and do nothing will not help SAA. This what many armies make such basic mistakes and losing the wars.

    • Wahid Algiers

      To act hard now could bring Turks to the table and to leave Afrin and Idlib with their head up.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Putin made a very serious error and should have hit the Turkeys when they downed the SU-24 and killed the pilot on live TV. It is never too late, but Russia needs to send firm message like arming Iran and delivering more S-350 and S-400 to the SAA.

  • Florin Boar

    bad day for SAA


      They had worse.

      • Florin Boar

        In that moment will be a bad day for all of us, sir.
        I would like to believe that common sense will win and everyone will respect the borders of other countries. But, it seems that for some, the lives of simple people do not matter.

    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      bad day for Turkey. This will be remembered as the day that forced Russia to step to NATO

    • javier

      r u retarded?


    Remmember when usa said they hit isis,with actual footage all over the world,except from russian jets?
    Just saying.

  • klove and light

    wow… stupidity is spreading here….ridiculous the comments..absolutely ridiculous….


      At least there are less civilian casualties,now the deep state/cia/nwos control has been nullified.

  • In war there will be casualties on both sides. Heroes of great stature on both sides will give their lives for the cause they believe in. That’s to be expected.

    When Turkey launched the opperation against the SDF/YPG in NE Syria the death count was 220 YPG to Turkey’s 190. That being the case Turkish claims like this: “As per the report, since February 10th, 1709 “regime” elements have been “neutralized.” are an obvious lie. It appears as if Turkey is spreading misinformation in an attempt to demoralize Assad’s troops. I believe the truth would be demoralizing to Turks to be honest..

    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      Turkey are actively supporting ISIS al qaeda and you call them heroes?
      they are like yank pigdogs

  • Dawn

    The pictures looks so superb quality that i find it hard to believe its true.. Compare that with Russian combat footage..

    • Ayman

      Western ElectronisOptics > Russian
      Turkey uses new generation PODs and FLIRs

  • <>

    Crush them Turkey, that is what’s coming to the SAA (and alot more) from the IDF, if they don’t force the Iranians out when we have a new government. You have been warned.

    • Josiah Isaboke

      You mix with Jihadis you are bound to get hit…Israel already showed openly they supported ISIS so the world is aware….More to come!Brace yourself for more dead turkeys because it ain’t going to be pretty https://twitter.com/NoFlyZone4Roj/status/1233354537836187649

      • <>

        Well my problem is with the Iranian proxies in Syria, including Hezbollah. The IDF is well prepared for an upcoming war if needed, trust me. Our Gazan problem right now is a bigger threat because of Bibi the corrupted fuckhead, but Gantz will restore back order and teach them a good lesson they won’t forge for a very long time. I’ve been waiting a very long time for it.

        • javier

          you suck x 1000

          • <>

            Your Gazan terrorists thought so too, till we came for them. You can guess where they are now, their friends will join them once Gantz gives the IDF a greenlight. They don’t care to kill Israeli kids with rockets, we won’t show them or their families any mercy too. If I lay my hands on any captured Hamas member, he will regret the day he met me.

          • roland

            Your government set Hamas up dickhead it’s netanyahu who orders them to fire those rockets they seem to start flying every time he’s in trouble or wants to get reelected I hate to say this but you isrealis are some of the biggest victims of this satanic government you have as they have turned you into dumbed down hate filled psycopaths who are being led into the potter’s ground. Enjoy

    • Kell

      Lol Israels already doomed – the Shia crescent is a permanent fixture now thanks to Israels medeling stupidity.

      Only a matter of time now and the more you bomb and provoke the quicker your end will be, you are stuck in quicksand of your own creation :D

      • <>

        I don’t think so, only time will tell :)

  • Kell

    Turks are now openly terrorist, id suggest treating them as such.

  • Josiah Isaboke

    Turkey just got furious that NATO talked de-escalation and didn’t send 1000s of military with F-35 and Patriots to help them fight the SAA so Erdogan just opened the gates himself for the refugees to flood Europe. Last time he bribed the same to get money his economy needed…Hhahahahahahahaha https://twitter.com/DailySabah/status/1233284459862073344

  • Vas

    Are we sure that those hits are against Syrian troops?

    Because both Russian and Syrian air force said that wont allow any turkish jets crossing in the syrian air-space, so either they lied and allow Turkey to cross and bomb Syrian targets or most likely this vids are older perhaps against Kurdish fighters before Russia/Syria enforce a no fly zone in the Idlib area and its surroundings.

  • Constellation 2023

    Bombs away on the troops of Satan!

  • Kell

    Drone laser painting targets for 155mm laser guided artillery shells – time to get the Pantsiers in and shoot down anything in the air over Idlib

  • IMHO

    Time to see if Russia is going to put up or shut up.

  • antoun

    sacres mythoman lies turkey