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Turkey Releases Footage of Strikes on Syrian Troops In Idlib


Turkey Releases Footage of Strikes on Syrian Troops In Idlib

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On February 28th, Turkey released footage of attacks by its armed forces on Syrian Arab Army positions overnight, following the strikes that killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers on the previous day.

It is unclear if the footage shows specifically the attacks carried out by Turkey in response to its soldiers being killed.

According to Anadolu Agency, which cited Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar 309 targets were “neutralized.”

This marks the first time Ankara provides any sort of evidence that it is carrying out any military activity and may have caused actual casualties to the Syrian Arab Army.

The previous claims of killing a total of 531 Syrian soldiers, as a cumulative number of claims from Twitter and Defense Ministry statements, have been accompanied by wide-spread repeating of a statement, accompanied by no form of proof, whatsoever.

Purportedly the videos show shelling around Saraqib.

The videos, allegedly shows precision airstrikes, as well as shelling carried out on “regime” targets.

According to the report, alongside the next video, the numbers of Syrian Arab Army soldiers killed since February 10th, is much larger than the numbers initially released by the Turkish Defense Ministry.

As per the report, since February 10th, 1709 “regime” elements have been “neutralized.”

Turkey uses the term “neutralized” to say that an enemy has been killed or captured, and it is unknown if it has captured a single Syrian soldier.

In the operations, 55 tanks, 3 helicopters, 18 armored vehicles and 6 ammunition depots belonging to the Syrian government forces were also destroyed. Among those destroyed, there are 29 howitzer, 21 military vehicles and 4 machine gun nests.

According to Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar, in retaliation to the Syrian Arab Army killing militants, and the Turkish troops fighting embedded in them, the Turkish armed forces had struck nearly 200 Syrian government targets and have “neutralized” 309 soldiers on February 28th.

Akar, who directed the operation carried out by land and air support vehicles for the regime targets in Idlib until the first light of the morning, said:

“Our troops in Idlib were subjected to a low air attack in order to provide a ceasefire, prevent migration and end the humanitarian drama in the region, 33 of our hero soldiers were martyred, 32 of our hero soldiers were injured,” he said.

Akar said:

“Although the locations of our troops were previously coordinated with the officials of the Russian Federation on the field, this attack was carried out, unfortunately, despite the warning, once again, after the first shot, the attack continued.

During these airstrikes even ambulances were struck. After the treacherous attack, more than 200 regime targets were immediately heavily fired with our aircraft, SİHA and land fire support vehicles. As a result of these shots, 5 helicopters, 23 tanks, 10 armored vehicles, 23 guns of various sizes and diameters, howitzers, 5 ammunition trucks, an SA-17, an SA-22 air defense system, 3 ammunition depots, 2 material depots, and a headquarters building have been neutralized. Our shots and activities continue as planned.”




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