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JUNE 2023

Turkey Releases Captured Syrian Soldiers Following Talks With Russia (Video)

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The Turkish military released late on October 31 eighteen Syrian service members, who were captured by its Syrian proxies in northeast Syria earlier this week.

RT’s reporter said that Turkish military handed over the Syrian soldiers to a delegation of the Russian Military Police in the Darbasiyah border crossing in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

The eighteen soldiers were captured on October 29, when Syrian militants backed by Turkish battle tanks attacked their position near Ras al-Ayn. Videos released by Turkish-backed militants themselves show that they executed a 19th soldier after capturing him alive.

Reporting on the service members release, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the eighteen soldiers were not treated according to international or humanitarian laws.

“They were all transported to Syria without receiving medical treatment or even first aid, they all arrived with blood covering their bodies and their cloths were torn,” the monitoring group’s report reads.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced earlier on October 31 that it was discussing the issue of the Syrian captives with Russia. Initially, the ministry declined to confirm that the prisoners were indeed service members of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

By facilitating the release of the Syrian soldiers, Moscow has prevented a further escalation between Ankara and Damascus. It should be taken into acount that the Syrian Army has encircled dozens of Turkish troops at an observation post in northern Hama.

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Hanny Benny

Beautifull that’s why the Hama-Post is usefull ;) erDog (or better PutinsDog) makes himself blackmailed :) :)


Stupid Russian Puppets sees themselve in a League that they don´t understand, if there was no Russia there would be no term like “Syrians” and they still even don´t obey their Master.



Ceasar Polar

Shut up judas


SAA need to do unto Turkey as the Turks have done unto them. However, without balancing murder for murder. nonetheless at that point they should demand that those who murdered their comrade should be handed over to the Russians and that they should stand trial in front of an international tribunal for their crime of MURDER. Erdogon would have no qualms about allowing a couple of his proxies to hang from a rope. After all he has to get rid of them one way or another….


What u just wrote is a pipe dream! Wake up to the real world!

Ceasar Polar

Good. Now turn over the terrorists that killed the 19th soldier, to Assad. No court, just an eye for eye. These terorist-scums should be all executed.


Assad’s comment about the whole situation: https://www.hawarnews.com/en/haber/al-assad-promises-turkey-of-war-is-careful-not-to-be-enemy-h12483.html

Astrid Watanabe

Assad has a cool head. Admirable!


I’m not surprised about that. He’s a smart guy.


Thanks for posting it. Yes, Assad is very clear where the problem is, and it is a pity that Russia is still pleasing Erdogan in many aspects (invasion to Syria, for example).

World Wisdom


World Wisdom

Thank you, Great Russia – the only hope of the normal world.


Great to see them returned home. I think that the activity E and SE of Ras Al Ayn will start to drop. But if not, SAA is reinforcing to take out the Turk NSA trash. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-reinforcements-pour-into-northwest-hasakah-to-halt-militant-advance/


They where mutulated, no less, Turks you know. Erdogan yesterday also locked up 200 persons who deared to critic the occupation Erdogan is the hew Stalin, Hitler, Mao, idi Amin who makes Turks to beggars .


Wonderful news, great job!

I hope that the injured have full and complete recoveries.

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