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Turkey Rejects France’s Offer To Mediate Between It And Syrian Kurds


Turkey Rejects France’s Offer To Mediate Between It And Syrian Kurds

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On March 30, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that Turkey had rejected France’s offer to mediate between Turkey and the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria and described “unacceptable,” according to the Turkish Anadolu Agency.

“Who are you to mediate between Turkey and terror groups? .. This is what France does, trying to show themselves as important, to play a role in every subject. But this is unacceptable,” Cavusoglu said, according to Anadolu Agency.

The Turkish Foreign Minister also slammed France for hosting a delegation of the SDF and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) on March 29 and said that the meeting shows France’s “double standard” on what he called “terrorist groups.”

The French Presidency office announced that France is ready to mediate between Turkey and the SDF to put an end to the Turkish-Kurdish crisis in the northern city of Manbij. A Kurdish official even claimed that French President Emmanuel Macron had said that during a meeting with the SDF and the PYD, that France is ready to send forces to Manbij.

However, a French presidential source denounced the Kurdish official’s on March 30 claims and said that France is not planning to carry out any new military operations in northern Syria besides anti-ISIS operations within the US-led coalition.

Macron’s administration has increased the French political interference in the Syrian crisis, for not so clear reasons. The French president even threatened to bomb the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on countless occasions, so far.



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  • jerry hamilton

    This was expected.

  • Claire Langoulant

    Allahu Akbar Erdogan ! Fuck the Kurds those cockroaches of IsraHell !!! Macron shut ut evil rat ! Vive la France !

  • antoun

    bravo turkey!!! fuck the vermin separatists kurds!! fuck macron coward larbin israel and the usa!!!

  • Eskandar Black

    The french havent been bloodied in Syria, i think young Macron will make a mistake, and then realize what he walked into.

  • Mortal

    Watching our European leaders threatening sovereign regimes and collaborating with non state actors that disrupt peace and well being of normal people sickens me. My whole continent is asleep, or more specifically hypnotized, manipulated, institutionalized, conditioned to hate and consider itself the superior master of the world. We need to awaken from this terrible nightmare and reclaim our lives and countries, for the sake of humanity’s future. The core of the west is rotten to the bone, and outsiders cannot understand the tight grip put on the peoples of Europe by the establishment and its institutions. We are media slaves, and those who propose a different narrative are condemned as conspiracy theorists, lunatics or even enemies of the state.

    • ruca

      If it is sovereign, it is not a regime.

      • Mortal

        Right, edited.

    • Boris Kazlov

      Today I heard a presstitute commentator say that the British investigation is focused on determining the identity of the Russian agent who poisoned the Skripals, how about that for manipulation?

    • David Pryce

      Totally my mother turns to me the other day and says” them Russians, are spying in Dublin. Ireland? I said you read that crap in the paper, other than the headline I asked. What proof was given? Clueless chickens!
      Mind control is real and my poor mam and the 50plus age group are fucking drowning in the shit.
      I feel sad, that ppl, don’t Q the MSM it’s complete crap, and they’ll print it to keep the job
      Truth is for us and the interweb generation.

  • Rob

    The Turkey decision is absolutely right. Turkey should never cooperate or coordinate with these warmongers and terrorist supporters. Turkey knows that Washington, UK, France and Israel are the main culprits behind the establisment of the false flag state Kurdistan.

    • David Pryce

      Spot on Rob

  • Yui2

    I have no love for Turks, but this was a good move. France has no bussiness sticking its nose into any of this, and only a fool would allow a rat of a man such as Macron any degree of influence on anything, if he could prevent it.

    • ruca

      Also Macron’s nose is big enough to stick into things. Yet he’s got nothing to back up his nosiness.

  • as

    A failed attempt of trying to look tough from the French here. I don’t think it can be even a contest for the FSA craziest coming from French troops.
    It’s a good things that the M president got cold feet here and rebuked the Kurds.

    Now what’ll Kurds say after French turn their back ? Why not try saudi arabiya ? Oh nope… Kurds no want arab.

    • Sinbad2

      A failed attempt by Macron to look like a man, the French people would lynch him if they could get their hands on him.

      • ruca

        He certainly is the most irrelevant “leader” of this age. Ok, May is still trying to be less important than Micron.

  • David Pryce

    Fuck France Zionist to the core
    The so called SDF are ISIS nusra and kurds
    When was the last time u read French Forces attacked the terrorists?
    They like it both ways, the victim when a police officer dies by the terrorists the Syrian Army is moping up.
    Sarkozy told Al Assad he would see his Country destroyed.
    Well where are you now you loser!!

  • Johan

    Erdogan who are you to nvade countries, hail people because they dare to contradict you, make them redndant because they vote against you to deafen the media, to ethical cleansing other counries and yours, to make farmers even porer and make women to breading and fucking machines. Who are you a lw inteligence iman and nothing els and lieing about a university degree you never had.

  • Ariel Cohen

    Macron is just a little boy who is trying to act like a big man in a man’s world, but he is quite obviously too young and green, as well as plain stupid and lacking in any real understanding of the situation.

  • what can french do ? they screwed up in mali and after years of operation cannot even regain peace… and they want to play in syria too ? i guess this is exact example of Pride goes before the Fall..

  • NeoLeo

    France today is nothing but a pathetic vassal, and mIcron is irrelevant.