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Turkey Proposes New Plan To Save Idlib Militants – Report


Turkey Proposes New Plan To Save Idlib Militants – Report

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Turkey has proposed a new plan to Russia that could prevent a military escalation in the northern governorate of Idlib and stabilize the situation there, the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on July 22.

As a part of the Turkish plan, militants in Idlib will reopen the Hama-Aleppo highway and hand over their heavy and medium weapons to Turkey. In return, Turkey will work to restore the public services in the governorate and will found a new “National Army.”

Asharq al-Awsat said that Turkey will held a meeting with the opposition factions in Idlib, including Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), in the upcoming weeks to inform them of the plan. According to the newspaper, the main goal of the plan is to prevent the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from launching an offensive on the governorate, similar to what we saw in Damascus, Aleppo and most recently in Daraa.

While Turkey appears to be confident that its plan will succeed, many radical groups in Idlib led by HTS will likely reject the Turkish proposal. These groups may view the plan as attempt to strip them from their powers in favor of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups.



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  • S Melanson

    This is how the Turkish Plan will work:

    Without the Turkish Plan, the militants in Idlib will be utterly destroyed by the coming Syrian offensive.

    Under the Turkish Plan, the militant’s new ‘National Army’ of the Republic of Faerie Land will be utterly destroyed by the coming Syrian offensive.

    • New Israel is Muslim

      The best and only thing Erdogan could hope for in Iraq and Syria is to have Turkish military bases in the Kurdish regions to prevent more uprising. That is it. Anything else, is a land grab which Assad, Iraq and Iran would not go for.

      • jorge

        The Turks will not have military bases in Syria. The only thing they can do it’s to retreat, to go back to Turkey. If they don’t make the reconciliation between their syrian looters and the syrian government, then their looters will be destroyed.

        • akepenin yan kolu cehape

          You wish

          • jorge

            Okay, in that case, those turks with imperialist dreams must prepare to die in Syria. I think there will be any new Lepanto, only a Vietnam, last phase, for imperialist turks. Attention: I’m not speaking of the turkish people, I’m referring the looters disguised of Turks, or the looters among the Turks (everybody has their own thieves).

          • akepenin yan kolu cehape

            Dude, cut the crap like imperialist turks etc. Assad and Russia needed and still needs Turkey for the separatist enemy threat in east of euphrates in this war. Turkey is a huge leverage on that issue.

          • jorge

            No they don’t, as Ataturk didn’t needed the Young Turks.

          • akepenin yan kolu cehape

            If it wasn’t Turkey’s cooperation, this war was way far from being ended.

          • jorge

            Turkey must work for the reconciliation, that will be an intelligent step, and starting by the return of the syrian public services, like the Post and the schools, to Afrin, Al Bab, etc.

          • Nice Lepanto reference! I love irking Ottoman Orcs!

          • jorge
    • You can call me Al

      Hahaha, I had to read that thrice. Nice one.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    This is a move by the shiteating Turks to pull off a land grab in Latakia and Idlib. What Turkey is in want of is getting its ass handed to it.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      so you lot willing to have.shithistan nexts door to you that’s not gone happen. Once our borders save we thing about it .now you lot try to liberate ragga areas if you can

  • AJ

    This is just crazy – Turkey wants to form a new national army in another country!! If Turkey wants to save the militants then ship them all back across the border.

    • Pave Way IV

      Turkey guilty of intellectual property theft from the U.S.! This is just the old U.S. plan for creating a Syrian Kurdistan vassal state, except with Turkish al Qaeda head-choppers in Idlib. Come up with your own damn plan, Erdogan! Quit stealing ours.

      • Rawshan Iajdani

        Actually they stole this IP from Russian invasion in Georgia.

    • You can call me Al

      As for this “Asharq al-Awsat said that Turkey will held a meeting with the opposition factions in Idlib, including Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)” …….. TURKEY funds the HTS.

      Kill them all SAA, go on your own “Turkey shoot” !!.

    • Cedric Hunter

      Bravo, have the militants immigrate over to Turkey.

    • akepenin yan kolu cehape

      This report is bs. All Turkey wants is to prevent a new refugee wave since there are 3-4 million syrians in Idlib. She has already 4 million syrians inside. Otherwise HTS would already be supported long ago.

      • Feudalism Victory

        Then they should close the borders and force the folks in idlib to reconcile with assad. Maybe they could do a white helmet type évacuation for their best proxies.

    • Syria should return the favor by arming the Kurds and directing them to seize Ottoman lands.

    • Christos MK

      That’s Assad fault though. His father crushed and imprisoned many conservative Muslims and these conservative Muslims want shelter from Turkey. Assad, instead of uniting Syrians, went on to crush his political opponents (like all socialist leaders do) and has made Syria weak and easy for the Zionist regime.

  • jorge

    If that’s true, the turks are crazy, they will not get an inch of syrian territory. Turks can’t form a syrian national army, only a looters army, and they can’t put their turkish public services in Syria. Erdogan go to hell!

  • russ

    Immigrate them into Turkey!!!

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      LOVE that one :D! Since Turkey is so fond of them, they should welcome those head choppers with open arms!

    • akepenin yan kolu cehape

      how about Russia?

    • Christos MK

      Immigrate them to Saudi Wahhabistan.

  • Paciullo

    8.000 terrorist deads during this year in the Idlibistan zoo; how many animals there are now?

  • New Israel is Muslim

    This is where Erdogan is out of line. Erdogan should be there like Iran was for Iraq, if jewamerica toppled Assad, then Erdogan would be there to pick up the pieces to form a new anti-zionist government allied with Turkey. You don’t canabalize something like Assad’s Syria. He could do so to zionist Sisi’s Egypt, or zionist Jordan or zionist Saudi Arabia, those fake nations need to be cut up and eliminated, not Assad who the jews hate. Erdogan should know better, but is stuck in his Shia vs Sunni idiocracy that is keeping the muslims from defending Palestinians.

    • You can call me Al

      Yes and NO. “if jewamerica toppled Assad, then Erdogan would be NEXT”.

      • Tudor Miron

        Exactly. But Erdogan is still in line. And while he thinks that he’s smarter than others, in the end he outsmarts himself.

    • BL

      How’s he going to create anti-Zionist allies when his own country is tied to Zionism? Turkey is still part of (((NATO))), Israel still has an embassy in Ankara, and Turkey has large trade relations with Israel, not to mention the fact that Turkey itself is a heavily infiltrated country with many movements and groups that were historically created by Zionism. The very foundation of Turkey was a Judeo-Masonic plan after they defeated and disintegrated the Ottoman empire.

      • Brother Ma

        Well said. The “Young Turks” that started Republican Turkey was almost wholly composed of Donmeh or crypto -Jews!

        • BL

          Not just them but Ataturk himself was a Freemason. He was put in charge by Britain in order to transform Turkey away from its Ottoman legacy into a new concept of (((Western))) secularism, democracy, and republicanism all heavily infiltrated by (((Western))) agents and ideas. The recent coup attempt by the CIA Gulenist network was just one example. There are many more such groups.

          • Brother Ma

            Very true.

      • Christos MK

        Erdogan supports Ottomanism. We will see in the future…

  • R PLobo

    This is what happens when the empire of chaos is pushed back. Desperate attempts to save face by keeping their miserable orcs alive. The zionist entity just took in 800 mercs from Southern Syria – what a farce. No amount of propaganda or misdirection will be able to cover the complete rout that this has become for the banksters. Even the lowest of the low presstitute MSM (which is all of it) will not be able to make any kind of coherent narrative out of this disaster.
    As for Turkey they are now completely screwed – all of those mental retards will be forced back into Turkey once the SAA and the RASF push into Idlib. The mercs could not even resist in the Golan pocket where they were back by the entity. National Army what a sad and pathetic joke!

  • Rafik Chauhan

    no talk with terriost . turkey should not interfere bcuz Syria is not interfere in turkey affair . SAa/Rusia and iran should tell turkey one think. all the foreign terriost go back to their country and Syrian national hand over their weopeons and reconcile with government . Syrian land is not for terriost and turkey should get out .Turkey is trying to divide Syrian by creating national army. In Syria there is only one national army which IS SAA. idlib should be taken by force if this terriost does not surrender

  • antoun

    poor turkey the idliebistan will be annihiled soon in september october uhuh!!!

  • Rüdiger Preiss

    Is this a joke or what? Go SAA!

  • svenne svensk

    As long as russia will support the syrian offensive by air and some ground forces the turks will not defend the rebells

  • TS

    Let them try.. 4-6 years of CAPTAGON is a powerful enemy of everyone..Idlib is the accumulation of nutters and a way of life. All I see is a double punch emaciation, Turks get the first blow, maybe they want the women..

    • Brother Ma

      Those bitches must be very loose after servicing all those goatfucker headchoppers!

  • Spit

    So You doubt me and my Loyalty.
    This is fine. Today I say Stupid things tomorow I say Stupid things that make You think. I will make You think the next time I post.

  • Len Zegelink

    get fuck out of syria,fuck turkija .syria is syria .fucking turkisch goat fuckers .

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Too much brandy again

      • Feudalism Victory

        Never post drunk

  • World_Eye

    Turkey from All that nasty jihadists wants to form a National Army in Idlib, Syria are you fucking kidding me, does this Erdogan is fucking brainless or his brain is already dead. Stupid fuckhead.

  • Smaug

    This plan would make Idlib a Turkish satellite state like Afrin. Radical won’t won’t go along with it but the overall plan will likely succeed, they already gave a military presence there and command a confederation of local militias.

    • As a puppet state it will be as successful as South Vietnam. A den of thieves and pirates masquerading as a country. Good luck to the Ottoman Orcs trying to make that work.

  • Tudor Miron

    Erdogan is outsmarting himself. He thinks that he controls those FSA/HTS thugs but that’s not really the case. He will become a victim of his own “smart” moves.

  • David BlackBeard


  • Merijn

    Has Turkey Become F*CKING CRAZY or What??!!!

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    Fuck you Erdogan, you’ll soon need them internally as your praetorian army to quash those who will turn arms against the neo-ottoman Islamic dictatorship you’re making out of secular Turkey.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      French leftover

  • Jeth Roderet

    Here is a better plan: the Idlib terrorists should surrender unconditionally. And the terrorists that do not want to reconcile with the Syrian government can go live in exile in the Western countries that funded and created them.

  • gustavo

    These terrorists must be destroyed, and Syria knows it very well. Their destruction is jus a matter of time…..SAA-Ruissia are coming !! Better for the terrorists to go to their original formation (Turkey).

  • Gary Sellars

    Here’s a better plan – bomb Idlib into the fucking stone age and KILL EVERY LAST SINGLE GOAT FUCKER WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.

    • John Whitehot

      “bomb Idlib into the fucking stone age”

      the area is occupied by jihadists. it’s already stone age.

  • Drogba

    Get out of Syria, or be thrown out,its very simple really.

  • Xanatos

    Translation: turkey will ask terrorists to turn in their weapons and uniforms, and get new weapons and wear new uniforms.

    Turkey doesn’t understand, HTS (al Qaida) must be destroyed. All their fighters must surrender and go to prison, or be killed. It is a terrorist group. Turkey can go to hell.

  • John Whitehot

    “In return, Turkey will work to restore the public services in the governorate and will found a new “National Army.”

    What does this mean? The way I read it, it means that Turkey is landgrabbing the area, according to its own plan.

    • jorge

      They are already doing that in Afrin, Al Bab, etc. They are forming a army of looters and brought there the turkish Post and turkish universities. more clear than what that means just the water.

  • Johan

    Never trust a Turk or the US, all they want is to keep that part of Syria by all means. Erdogan is a dictator and did tray it by arming them, by supporting them, now by taqiyya and if he not succeed he will use force. When he lose he will call you his best friend and bent for you ( remember only the Russian fighter shot down) : honour less, corrupt, tiranic but opportunistic.