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MAY 2021

Turkey Pounds SDF In Ain Issa Amid Alleged Russian Demand To Surrender Town To Syrian Army (Video)

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Tensions between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkish forces continue to ramp up around the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa.

On December 5, the Turkish military and its proxies shelled Ain Issa and its outskirts with more than 150 artillery shells, according to the Hawar News Agency. The shelling, which lasted for eight hours, didn’t result in civilian casualties.

Nevertheless, a number of sources said that one to three fighters of the SDF were killed as a result of the shelling as well as minor clashes near Ain Issa.

Turkish forces intensified their attacks on Ain Issa in the last few months. A center of the Russian Military Police and a number of Syrian Arab Army positions are located in the region.

According to recent reports, Russia warned the U.S.-backed SDF over a nearing Turkish attack on Ain Issa. Russia allegedly asked the group to hand over the region to Syrian government forces in order to prevent the attack.

The SDF reportedly rejected Russia’s proposal. However, it reportedly showed willingness to play down its influence in the region in favor of Damascus.

A Turkish attack on Ain Issa will be a violation of Ankara’s agreements with both Russia and the U.S. Such an attack will also further complicate the humanitarian situation in northeastern Syria. Last year, a Turkish attack on the region left thousands civilians without shelter.


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  1. JIMI JAMES says:

    Russia:Turkey you must surrender to syrian democratic forces there’

    Turkey:Oh yeah,watch this pal’

    1. LRcaptain says:

      that’s USA/Israel saying that not Russia

      Russia tells the SDF to surrender to the SAA

  2. LRcaptain says:

    the kurds have two options
    surrender control of the northern territories to the SAA
    face more Turkish attacks and possibly invasion by Turkish proxies.

    1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

      they are getting ”guerrilla ” help from the Makhmur refugee camp(ıraq) which is the result of chaotic Us policies in Middle-east..

      1. JIMI JAMES says:

        Ah,the good guys who help bush rid sadman insane,yes tremendous cia assets too:

        1. Linda Wilson says:

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    2. Kohlhaas says:

      Yeah, without the US protection that’s pretty much it. At the end, SDF held territories will either go to Assad or FSA.

    3. They hope Turks accidentally attack SAA but they aren’t present there anymore, they should either leave or be wiped

  3. HiaNd says:

    Russia -Turkey proxy wars spread now from Syria to Libya to N. Karabakh-Azerbaijan.
    Next one will be Cyprus….?!
    Turkey must be careful not to make one too many proxy war, that will make them pay all other wars altogether and with interest.

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      They are learning alot from the russians these days which is better late than never:
      The biggest losers will be the very same neo-liberal vultures whom decided to destroy them,
      including the failed attempt to murder the legitimate elected Turkish leader back in 2016,

      indeed karma is a biatch,so use their tools at disposal against them,huge mistake cia/eu-epp’

      1. HiaNd says:

        I do not think that Russian and Turkey interest are ever parallel.
        I do not believe; that they ever going in the same direction, completely.
        Their marriage out of interest is only (very) temporary.
        More things divide them than unite them.
        They are friend-enemies that can suddenly become old enemies.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          That’s contingent on the loose cannon, Erdogan. US/NATO has pretty much had it with Erdogans antics.
          Russia has lost patience. Putin speaks to the Sultan in a sharp, and direct manner. Noticeable over the Caucuses incident.
          Turkey needs Russia more than Russia needs Turkey.

          1. HiaNd says:

            Basically I agree but still….it is still early to say.
            It ain’t over ’til it’s over.
            Only true crisis show true colors and every-bodies positions.

      2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Yes those traitors are being punished well aren’t they, 10,000 arrested in the first 2 weeks after the coup attempt, 80,000 in jail currently, and all getting exactly what they deserve, all 80,000 of them, and I’ll bet each and everyone of them had a finger on the gun pointing at Erdogan.
        You need to migrate to Turkey Jimi James, you belong there, maybe Murdergan would even let you go visit one of those jails and let you slap some of those traitor around for a while, though I suspect even the little girls he has locked up would be able to give you a good slapping, that’s if they weren’t tied up when you tried.

    2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      Yes they do have to be careful but not of Russia, it’s the EU that will teach the Turks how to play the age old game of proxy wars properly, they’ll learn a few good lessons from the true masters of proxy wars, the EU have had a lot of experience with proxy wars and they’ll have Americas help too, so Cyprus is in good hands, unlike Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan, where Turkey’s either winning, holding it’s own, or drawn Russia to a stalemate.

  4. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

    Lavrov: “ We have very good relations with Turkey, that does not mean we have to agree on everything. Full agreement on all issues cannot be possible between any two countries,” …


    THE CAUCASUS, THE CRIME, ARMENIA, TURKISH SUPPORT OF ISLAMISTS ARE NOT SUBSTANTIVE DISPUTES.. .Turkey’s energy supply at prices that harm the Russian economy, the transfer of nuclear know-how, technological theft, MIT activity throughout the Russian East are not substantial differences, disagreements … the eating of Russian media, the killing of Russians , the abduction of white women, the blackmail, the control of the underworld, the drug and arms ring, inside Russia ….THEY ARE NOT ESSENTIAL DISPUTES ...

    1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

      the transfer of nuclear know-how,technological theft?????Can you be more specific?

      1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

        you know them Komsu..you recently uploaded photos.

        1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

          which one???there is no tech help from Russians in arms industry also in nuclear subject…

      2. Kohlhaas says:

        Probably referring to Akkuyu. But it’s just a power plant.

        1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

          There is no know-how help..they are constructing and making money through plant also all nuclear wastes will be used by Russians..

          1. Kohlhaas says:

            Yeah, I know :D

          2. HiaNd says:

            Ignorant comment.
            “Nuclear wastes” can not be directly “used”. Russia has facility(rector) specialized for recycling “nuclear waste” (it must be PAID by Turkey for that service of taking away “nuclear waste”)
            After “recycle” process Russians are re-using certain quantity of that “recycled”material. The very small quantity left in that processing (that is not for use) is stored with other dangerous radioactive materials in specialized underground facility.
            No country in the world takes “nuclear waste” for “free” without any financial compensation not even in Africa.
            Russia is one of the rare countries in the world, that can “recycle” that “nuclear waste”.

          3. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            thanks for elaboration..all waste process is under control of Russia again..my point was to proove/show that no nuclear know-how help..

          4. HiaNd says:

            You welcome.
            I wasn’t commenting “your point” but very important detail.
            Russia has sold full package to Turkey not only to build nuke power station but also taking care of nuke waste.
            Words “wastes will be used Russians” were unfortunate, since no country in the world takes “nuke waste” without compensation.
            African countries do that as primitive source of income (store “nuke waste” in abandoned mine deep underground and take money)
            Transfer of nuke tech know how costs extra money ( India did that – by ordering several nuke plants + transfer of tech )

          5. Jim Allen says:

            US recycles nuclear waste, its called Depleted Uranium Munitions. It’s distributed liberally throughout countries US has gifted “freedom,” and
            “democracy” to. Extra applications to civilian infrastructure, and populations, a US military trademark.
            While high levels of radiation leaks uncontrolled from waste facilities, and reactors in the country.

          6. HiaNd says:

            They have irradiating presence. A beacon of “democracy”.

          7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Who’s actually ignorant of Russia’s intentions.
            And is it really a rare ability to recycle radioactive materials, I suppose that depends on how you define rare, for me rare means only one or two countries, maybe three, it doesn’t mean a dozen or more countries, but that’s just my opinion.
            And did he say for “free”, or did you just make that up, or worse still did you lie and misquote him, I can’t see anywhere he said for free.
            Too be fair he did say “ALL” nuclear waste which is possibly incorrect, the Russians will probably only accept waste they can recycle or store safely and may avoid certain waste materials.
            This article explains what Russia’s real intentions are, which means Servet’s right about Russia accepting the worlds nuclear waste and you’re full of shit, which is something you seem to accuse a lot of other people of being, FULL OF SHIT.
            For someone so pro Russian you don’t know much about them do you, maybe you should find out more before you wrongly criticize people for telling the truth, read this.

            “Despite some strong opposition from the public at home and by the government in the United States, Russia is preparing to open its borders to become the largest international repository for radioactive nuclear wastes.

            With strong backing from President Vladimir V. Putin, the Ministry of Atomic Energy is expected to get a new legal mandate from Parliament next month to offer permanent storage for the highly toxic spent nuclear fuel that has been piling up in temporary storage basins at power plants around the world.
            Moscow estimates that it can earn $21 billion in the next two decades by accepting 20,000 tons from 15 countries Russia has identified that would send used reactor cores by ship and train to new installations in Siberia, one of which is nearing completion.

            The program would represent a far-reaching development in the international nuclear power industry, as governments in Germany, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are in the midst of national debates over how to dispose of highly radioactive reactor fuel cores. Spent fuel assemblies, filled with toxic byproducts of the nuclear fission that occurs inside reactor cores, must either be buried in secure geologic formations for thousands of years, or reprocessed to recycle the plutonium and uranium in them as new fuel.

            But the reprocessing of nuclear fuel has become one of the most delicate issues of the nuclear safety debate because it separates plutonium and uranium in forms that might be stolen or diverted to illicit nuclear weapons programs. Russia, France and Britain reprocess fuel for civilian reactor programs, and Germany and Japan ship spent fuel to England and France for reprocessing, but the issue of permanent storage for most of the world’s spent nuclear fuels and their wastes remains an open question.

            The United States abandoned reprocessing technologies in the Ford and Carter administrations, citing proliferation dangers in creating a ”plutonium economy,” higher costs and environmental concerns. The United States is still evaluating whether it can safely store spent fuel and wastes from 104 American reactors at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

            A key element in the Russian proposal is to accept the world’s spent fuel, charging up to $1,600 per 2.2 pounds to hold it in perpetuity, but also preserving the option to reprocess and resell it should national policies and economics lead to safer reactor designs and new fuel configurations.

            Russian officials say they hope to use profits from the new industry to help pay for an extensive environmental cleanup program here and to promote the development of more efficient reactors that would use plutonium-based fuels in a form designed to prevent their diversion for weapons use.”

          8. HiaNd says:

            “suppose that depends on how you define rare, for me rare means only one or two countries, maybe three, it doesn’t mean a dozen or more countries,”

            OK, give us the list of that ;“dozen or more countries” that can “recycle” Uranium I am waiting the”Truth”.
            I know only for US and Russia doing it.
            For the rest read carefully both of our comments before writing your nonsense. And if he accepted my comment why are you so but-hurt huh?!

            Should I read the rest of your…..your book, considering that you start with nonsense claim?
            I’ll pass on reading of all that.
            Good bye !

          9. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You want me to make a list and send it to you, LOL, after you tell me you couldn’t be bothered reading an article I copy and pasted to you, sure I will, unlike you I like to tell the truth.
            And that article totally disproves what you just said, and so do 100 others I found [why can’t you find any], and they ALL said Russia wants to become a nuclear waste storage and recycling country and accept all the worlds nuclear waste, they even say a facility in Siberia is going to be the place a lot of the most harmful waste is kept, but you told Servet he was ignorant, when in fact he was correct, so who’s actually ignorant, it’s you.
            Here’s your list young man,
            Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, India, China, US, Russia, UK.
            You didn’t specify Uranium in your original comment, you just said nuclear waste, so are you trying to cheat again, if you were you’re out of luck, read the list and weep, though that’s only 11 countries and not 12 or more, but I can’t be bothered to look any more, I think 11 is enough to prove my point.
            And no I won’t link you anything, you have to start looking for relevant articles for yourself, that way you might learn a few things and not appear to be as dumb as you appear to be.

          10. HiaNd says:

            “You want me to make a list and send it to you”
            You are obviously retarded so I am forced to repeat to you your own words ;“dozen or more countries” and my demand to WRITE DOWN THAT “DOZEN or MORE COUNTRIES” first so that we can talk about that.
            For me there are only TWO countries exist which do that: US and Russia.
            Also if you post “copy paste” article you must give the SOURCE of that article to show article to be valid and authentic (not edited)

            Do you understand now retarded bozo or should I make it even simpler for you?!

          11. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Well I just listed 11 countries, if that’s not enough to prove it’s not as rare as you suggested I don’t know what is.
            Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, India, China, US, Russia, UK.
            There are probably a few more too, and they have lists for how much each country recycles each year, though not all of them currently recycle it themselves, but they do have the capabilities if they want to, they just prefer to pass it on to someone else.
            And as I said previously and totally contrary to what you claim, Russia does want to become the worlds nuclear waste dump, they say they can make 21 bill a year from doing it, but you say they would never do it, but that’s because you don’t listen to the important things Putin says, you just live in a world of pure imagination instead.

          12. HiaNd says:

            It doesn’t work that way young man.
            I will not take your word for it !
            I need proves that those countries CAN RECYCLE uranium !
            You have to give some proof that at lest some of them do that …specially small countries like”Swiss, Belgium”
            “though not all of them currently recycle it themselves”

            What ?????!!??
            Ha ha ha this is TOTALLY IDIOTIC playing with the words on your behalf !
            The point of this silly dispute that you have IMPOSED about totally not-important detail of my comment was that NOT ONLY RUSSIA has capability to RECYCLE URANIUM but “dozen or more countries”can do that as well
            Now you are starting to back off on your IDIOTIC claim !


          13. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, India, China, US, Russia, and the UK can all recycle uranium.
            You waste too much of your own time.

          14. HiaNd says:

            Read you stupid fuck!
            I was not talking who is recycling but about having CAPACITY (facilities ) to recycle uranium you simpleton !!!!

          15. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Here’s an article that tells us both France and Japan do,


            And here’s another article confirming Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland do too,

            “Other countries, such as France, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Russia, have taken a more progressive stance, and regularly recycle their nuclear waste (through the alternative fuel cycles explained above). While the cost and infrastructure setup for nuclear waste recycling is high, mitigating the need for long-term storage repositories and preventing the depletion of uranium resources is worth the trade-off. As the costs of nuclear waste storage continue to rise, recycling spent fuel will become a necessity for the nuclear nations of the world.


            And this one for China,


            And this one for India,


            And YES, they ALL refer to reprocessing uranium.
            And now I have to go to bed so I can work in the morning, if you still want more proof ask me again tomorrow and I’ll link some more, I know I’ve left out a few countries but I will find them tomorrow if you ask again, but since you’re a big boy I think you should find out for yourself and stay up all night so I don’t have to bother.
            You play with words when you say,
            “I was not talking who is recycling but about having CAPACITY (facilities ) to recycle uranium you simpleton”,
            You do realize you actually have to have the facilities to recycle uranium to actually recycle uranium, [that’s how I play with words sunshine], so if they are recycling uranium they also have the facilities, because you can’t recycle uranium without the facilities, you simple halfwit.
            And my country of Australia doesn’t have the facilities to recycle uranium but we do have the capabilities and knowhow to do it, all we’d need to do is build the infrastructure, and then we too could recycle the uranium you claimed was rarely being done, and I’ll bet a lot more countries who don’t recycle uranium could too if they wanted to.
            And what do you think Israel does with it’s nuclear waste, I’ll bet they recycle the uranium too, though I’ve never read that anywhere, but I’ll still bet they do, they like to squeeze every last penny out of everything they buy.

          16. HiaNd says:

            So it is 4 ONLY !

          17. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You’re original reply just said 4 and now you’ve edited it to 5, but you have to edit it again because I have 7 countries listed so far with conformation links, that just leaves Britain and 2 other to make the 11 including Russia.
            So I say Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, India, China, US, and the UK can all recycle uranium, that makes 10 by my count and Russia makes it 11, so I need just one more country to make the 12. and 2 more to make more than a dozen, and as I said I won’t include Israel because they don’t admit what they do.
            So I need conformation links for the UK, and then add one or two more countries to the list to make it 12 or 13 countries, happy now.
            And you originally said only Russia and the US recycle nuclear waste, and you didn’t say uranium, just nuclear waste, but they all recycle uranium and some of those countries even use much better equipment than the Russians do.
            You’re lack of knowledge and ignorance is truly astounding.

          18. HiaNd says:

            Yes I was not reading it properly and I realized that it was 5 not 4.
            I have not time now to verify your sources … Since you tend to post FALSE INFORMATION’S, all must be verified

            I’ll check that later if you provide links for each country (instead of running your big mouth (as usual ) as only proof)

            From your link:
            “Other countries, such as France, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Russia, have taken a more progressive stance, and regularly recycle their nuclear waste”
            So one can’t understand jack shit from those words if those countries just do recycling by themselves or send it somewhere to another country for recycling!
            THAT IS NOT VALID PROOF !!!

          19. HiaNd says:

            It was meant “uranium nuclear waste” – since that was the subject of comments you retard !

          20. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            They are recycling “uranium nuclear waste”, how many times do I have to repeat myself, you total retard, that’s the 3rd time you said the same thing and I’ve replied with the same answer every time, they do recycle “uranium nuclear waste”, I’m not talking about other radioactive material, just uranium, so are you going to ask me again, for the 4th time.

          21. HiaNd says:

            I have not seen yet single sentence that is saying that !
            Stop sending me articles only , send me the quote that is saying clearly that one or more countries you mention have CAPABILITY to RECYCLE BY THEMSELVES uranium radioactive waste !

          22. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Then you didn’t understand the articles I sent you, because they all say those countries do recycle uranium.
            You just can’t admit you were wrong, I said more than just the US and Russia could recycle uranium and you said it was rare, then I said for it to be rare only 1 or 2 or at the most 3 countries could do it, and then claimed probably a dozen or more countries do recycle uranium, now I’ve sent you a list of 11 countries including Russia, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, India, China, US, and the UK, then I linked articles that confirm that France, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, China, India all recycle uranium, I know both the UK and US do to, that’s 9 countries, then Russia makes 10, so that’s at least 10 countries there.

          23. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Then it means you can’t read simple English and should probably stop trying, try using a translator app, that may help you but I doubt it. you probably can’t read your own language too well either.
            First you told me to stop copy and pasting and now you say don’t link the confirming articles, that sounds like a good idea, I’ve had to spend hours linking you stuff you don’t accept anyway, so I won’t be linking you anything else, I’ll just continue to make comments and criticize your comments when I don’t agree with them, which is quite often.
            I suspect you’re a Muslim Brotherhood member to be honest.

          24. HiaNd says:

            LIST of countries that have facilities to recycle are
            and maybe India
            All other you have mentioned are USING SERVICES of other countries and does NOT have capability to recycle !
            Now fuck off idiot !

          25. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I’ll revise my claim from 11 to 17 countries have been able to recycle/reprocess Uranium and stick to at least 11 countries still can and do.
            UNITED KINGDOM
            UNITED STATES

            What a rare ability.

          26. HiaNd says:

            NOR TRUE you filthy LIAR all those countries does not recycle by themselves only the one I have mentioned!
            It takes special nuke reactor and additional facilities to have capacity to recycle!

          27. HiaNd says:

            WHERE in those words that you quote as would be “proof” do they say EXPLICITLY that France, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland do the recycling BY THEMSELVES within their own recycle facilities?!??!

            You are LIAR and swindler, using false proof !!!

          28. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I’m not a liar but you are a retard, you asked fore links and I sent them, they are the proof that those countries can recycle uranium and they do it themselves, they don’t ship it off to Russia or the US, they recycle it themselves.

          29. HiaNd says:

            Fuck off!

    2. JIMI JAMES says:

      The biggest threat to russians are hitler/soros/incest assets these days (period)
      Your going nowhere with your lame speculations,truth is it were your incestry masters of cia/frankfurt whom got the turks to get to armenians back then,but this is now and you will not start a war for any homosexual fatassed gimp,whom expects you to oblige to nwo/tyranny:

      Elefteria na to xepis,mi zitas thanato,asto diavolo,anixe ta matia,then kepthai kanenas=cia!

      1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

        a ship of crazies being replaced by a ship of fools…fuk off BOZO.

        1. JIMI JAMES says:


          1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            It’s for sure … you got it from the psychiatric hospital.


          2. JIMI JAMES says:


            On the contary,too busy looking so damn good,
            fk your nwo/reset incestive schemes,coksukrrrr!

            I live by constituates,not insolence,Your going down too,asswhole, I SWEAR!

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You’re a true genius, Russia actually surpassed the Saudis last year and yes they are still currently ahead in total cash reserves, but the Russians lost more in monthly earnings than the Saudis did this year, current data shows the Saudis monthly reserve increases were down by 912 mill a month but Russia’s were down a whopping 1.7 bill a month.
            And really smart people also take into account the glaringly obvious reason for the change in monthly increases/decreases.
            The Saudis began an oil trade war against Russia at the start of the year, they took the price of crude oil to a level that meant the Russians [and Iranians] were only making a few cents per barrel profit, but the Saudis themselves were selling their oil at an even lower price, so they were PURPOSELY making even less profit than the Russians were, hence the lower total Saudi cash reserve.
            Your graph looks good but it doesn’t show us what’s happened to reflect those figures, for example back in 2014 the Saudis and the US started a MASSIVE oil trade war against Russia and Iran, and your graph shows us the drop in both countries reserves due to lower export revenue, but if you truly understand what your graph also shows, you’ll understand the Russians can only increase their cash reserves when oil prices are high, as they were after the 2014 trade war finished in 2015.
            Putin always says the same thing to the OPEC countries and I’ll quote him word for word,
            “Lower production and increase price so we can all make more money”,
            And before 2014 that’s exactly what most of the OPEC countries were doing, and when they do lower production and increase prices [as Putin tells them to do] the Saudis actually make a lot more money than the Russians do, and they lift their cash reserves faster than the Russians can, that’s what your graph also shows us, did you know that.
            And you should’ve linked a graph that shows this years current data, that’s if one’s available yet, it would’ve shown a switch at the end of 2019 with the Saudi line dropping less than the Russian line by November.
            Graphs are wonderful when you know how to read and understand them.

          4. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            xa a xa xa you are absolutely crazy

      2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Putin just told you who the biggest threat to Russia is and you ignored him, he specifically told you he needed lifetime immunity against any possible future criminal prosecution for himself and all his family, so what more do you need to know, Putin himself is telling you who the biggest threat to Russia is.
        Imagine a president who could covertly do things while in office and then be unaccountable after he leaves, that’s just encouraging corrupt behavior.

        1. Simplekindof Man says:

          There is a law protecting MPs in Greece against prosecution,how about that.
          Now can you imagine the rot and corruption of these maggots?

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I didn’t know that but now I do it helps explain a lot.
            If I was a Russian I’d be really worried, because apart from the moral implications for Russian society these new laws bring, they can also look at Greece as an example of what this type of corruption can do to the Russian economy.
            But at least anti Government figures and journalists aren’t assassinated on Greek streets the same way they are on Russian streets, so the Greeks have got at least that positive aspect to redeem their corrupt system.
            Oh yes I can imagine the corruption, that’s why I don’t want Russia to fall into the same trap, too late they have. :[

          2. Simplekindof Man says:

            “But at least anti Government figures and journalists aren’t assassinated….”
            “Our”media outlets and “journalists” are all sellouts with an agenda with a majority neolib press.

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I know a lot of Greeks and I find it really hard to believe all the Greek media are total sellouts to neoliberal values, Greeks like to argue too much for that to ever happen, you couldn’t pay them enough to stop them arguing, which is a very good quality the Greek people have, it birthed democracy after all.
            But I will have a check to see for myself, I don’t really follow Greek news usually unless there’s a relevant issue I’m following, so I’m not arguing with you, just a little doubtful.

          4. Simplekindof Man says:

            The problem is we (on a social level)argue for the sake of argument (ego etc)without a coming up with a logical conclusion and true will to find a( generally accepted) solution.
            On the political level it’s just a game as in all countries- conflict of interests of the few “elite”.The media plays along.
            I was young and and now im old,as a saying goes,and on TV the same “reporters” like mummies are forever parroting the same old shit.
            From the moment a news outlet has affiliation to a political entity it’s obvious they are not impartial.Its pretty obvious when you realize that of the 300 useless carcasses in parliament a good 10 to 20 used to be “journalists-reporters-tv announcers” they are promoted you see,for the decades of loyalty.

          5. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I’m pretty old too and I’ve also noticed modern media no longer has any truly independent or honest voices anymore, everyone’s partisan nowadays to the point of telling lies to get their point across, or hiding the truth when it harms their political interests, or seemingly blind to reality. But that’s our fault because we put up with it, maybe we shouldn’t.

          6. Simplekindof Man says:

            “we”are the overwhelming minority….
            “Partisan….”and mindless polarization might I add.

    3. Arman Melkonyan says:


      Russians are depraved animals who cooperate with the diseased abomination of the Turk.

      1. Turkey is the lesser evil in comparison to the US, rather them for Russia, why are you so hostile

  5. gypsygreek says:

    Wherever Turkey and Russia faces each other, eventually they share that region amongst themselves
    Look at NK, Libya and Northern Syria
    The next playground maybe Southern Cyprus or Greek islands

    1. HiaNd says:

      You are far from being the same league with Russia
      Cyprus is non NATO, EU country in very friendly relations with Russia.
      Attacking Cyprus (and than Greece) would be VERY big mistake – probably the last one in Turk existence as country )
      Erdogan’s Turkey is over ambitious for their own good.
      No greater powers like that (Western included) when smaller regional power like Turkey has very big ambitions-hubris and only keeps creating conflicts and problems.
      If Turkey makes wrong step and hurts directly Russian interests, Turkey will be totally crashed in one week and nobody will move finger to save you.

      1. gypsygreek says:

        Greeks should be freed from slavery of NATO and EU
        Erdogan will be the devil and Putin will be the saviour
        But they both will take their share eventually, like in NK

        1. HiaNd says:

          It doesn’t work that way.
          Russian-Turk interests converging in specific time in Turk desire for emancipation (from US dominance) and seeking of more prominent role not only in the region but also in the Muslim world altogether.
          So Russia was and still is willing to accommodate Turk ambitions, but to the extent that those ambitions does not perturb completely the stability of the whole region.
          In layman’s terms; Turkey wants too much and too quickly.
          No greater power:Russia, China, US; Germany, UK, France etc. see those changes acceptable.
          Turkey is having desire to take pee down every bodies neck and sing:’It is raining again’ It will not be permitted without punishment!

          1. gypsygreek says:

            Not immediately, in the future
            Russia will take the lions share and Turkey will take the rest
            America will be kicked in the ass and Eastern Mediterranean will be free
            Greeks and Turks will live like brothers with mediatorship of Russians
            Nothing wrong with Russian imperial desires, I support them xD

          2. Ice Icegold says:

            Turkey will take nothing only economical measures.

        2. Ice Icegold says:

          You are full of bullshit

  6. Rhodium 10 says:

    Why SAA have to help SDF while this group in cooperation with USA are stealing oil from Syrian oil fields knowing that USA purpose is to deprive SAA of oil?…

    1. Satellitte says:

      Pragmatic gesture. For Syria/SAA the biggest problem is Turkey and the US and their head shopper wabbits zionist rat animals in Idlib.

    2. Jim Allen says:

      Because Syrian Kurds are Syrian citizens, and are therefore protected by Syrian Law.
      As Assad explained. The reconciliation was Assad’s doing.

  7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    The Kurds only agreed to let the SAA and Russia into these US controlled autonomous areas to help them stop the Turks, but it seems the Turks are virtually unstoppable, they’ve been continuously bombing dozens of villages in 3 separate area of northern Syria, 2 in Al Hasakah and 1 in Ar Raqqah, and they’ve just attacked and destroyed a SAA position in Tel Tamir.

    “Tel Tamr: Turkish forces targeted a military point of Syria army in northern Tel-Tamr countryside, fully destroying the point. Casualties unknown.”

    But there are signs the US and Russia are becoming fed up with Erdogan’s antics, they’ve both sent aircraft to the areas the Turks are attacking.

    “Two Coalition aircraft reported over Tel Tamr this afternoon.”

    “Russian warplanes over al Bab for 2 hours”

    The Kurds in Russian controlled Tell Rif At have been under constant Turkish artillery attack for a week now, and just a few days ago the Turks discovered a big bomb at Al Bab which the Kurds must’ve planted, so is the Russian warplane flying over Al Bab to stop a Turkish reprisal attack, or are they there to stop the Kurds breaking the Turkish/Russian MOU, it’s unknown at this point.
    But I have noticed the US has flown 2 of it’s warplanes right over the Turkish positions at Tel Tamir, and I have no doubt that’s a stern warning to Erdogan not to push his attacks any further.
    Hopefully Erdogan ignores the US and provokes a retaliatory response from them, I hate to admit it but I’d love to see someone give the Turks a good hiding.

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