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Turkey Plans to Build New Town near Syrian Al-Bab

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Ankara plans to build a new town near Syrian city of al-Bab in six months.

Turkey Plans to Build New Town near Syrian Al-Bab

Al-Bab city, July, 2012 (Photo: Panoramio / m.jamal6030)

The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) plans to build a new town to the north of al-Bab city in the Syrian province of Aleppo in order to accommodate 80,000 people, the Enab al-Baladi information website reported, citing an engineer, working for the project, Othman Sultan. Reportedly, the plan has already been criticized by experts, according to whom it has “suspicious demographic and political objectives.”

According to Sultan, the new town will be located in Nadhah region to the north of al-Bab city. The engineer noted that there will be two districts in the town, the first of which will consist of 400 buildings, stretching over a 2 km area, while the second one will be filled with 311 four-story buildings. He also added that there will be four schools in the first district of the town, while the second area will have three schools. According to Sultan, every district will also have a grand mosque, two prayers rooms and a hospital.

A journalist with close links to the Turkish government, Hamza Tekin, confirmed the Sultan’s words and added that the town’s construction process will take about six months. However, according to building experts, the project will need at least three years to be completed, especially considering the fact that it will be located in the combat operational zone.

According to political analyst Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm, Ankara is going to arrange a ‘construction show’ in the region in order to justify its mid-term presence there for humanitarian reasons, as well as to build the town in order to achieve its long-term goals.

“If accomplish, Turkey will certainly try to relocate a large number of Arab refugees to al-Bab, as it will help them get rid of a portion of its Syrian refugees, whose concentration on Syrian soil would then become a burden for the international community. Secondly, Turkey would change the population structure of al-Bab in favor of Arabs to push Kurdish population further to the east. And the last but not the least, it could start its safe zone’s plan that has recently received US President Donald Trump’s approval, all through this single move,” the Fars news agency quoted the words of the political analyst.

Khoshcheshm noted that it is unlikely that Russia, Syria and Iran will agree with the Turkish plan, unless they receive the needed guarantees, considering strong opposition of the Syrian government to the plan of Turkey and the US on establish the so-called safe zones, which “envisages a belt in northern Syria to accommodate refugees, whose security, according to the plan, should be provided by militant groups.”

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cock jesus

Turks must be cleared how they will be f*cked by Kurds in the coming years.


What about putting effort into rebuilding Al Bab?! It was pretty much destroyed by Erdogan’s bombs and arty. So he should start there.

Gary Sellars

After paying for the rebuilding of Aleppo, the kebabs will be bankrupt for a century….


Well, to be honest, Russia offered to give the honour of paying for the reconstruction of Syria to the West.

They are still thinking about this, for the next century or so.


Wait.. and when they have finished the town Nuke it:D


Quickly Erdog oyu must throw children into the combat area so u can cry out crocodile tears if one of them gets killed! xD Insane ottomans…


Turkey is aiming to change the demographic composition of the largely kurdish countryside there.

Something Turkey often accuses the kurds of, calling it a warcrime and human rights crime.

But only when the kurds are accused of this?

Bill Wilson

Now we know where the SAA will move into next.

Jens Holm

Some days ago I read somewhere, there should be a base. Dont know where.

Gary Sellars

Hopefully the Turdks will have the good sense to get the Syrian government involved in the town planning aspect and approval of the building specs and codes, cuz when the filthy Turdomen are driven back into kebabland, this city will become the property of the Syrian people…..

conrad caldwell

What? Does this mean the Sultan’s plans have a political objective? Shocking!

Erdogan never does anything he does not believe will benefit him, launching witch-hunts, demonizing minorities, destroying the Turkish secular state, and now persecuting Islamists (his own AKP), all in order to become Sultan of Ottomania.

Get the hell out of Syria, Erdogan, and that goes for the Russians, Americans, Iranians, Lebanese, Saudis, and all other foreign funded armies conducting atroccities in Syria!

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