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Turkey Permits 1,000 Terrorists to Cross Border and Enter in Syria’s Idlib


The Turkish authorities have allowed over 1,000 fully-equipped terrorists to cross the border with Syria’s northwestern Idlib province to join other terrorists in Aleppo.

Turkey Permits 1,000 Terrorists to Cross Border and Enter in Syria's Idlib

Photo: thetimes.co.uk

With a permission of the Turkey’s authorities, hundreds of terrorists crossed the Turkish border and came in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province to join other terrorists in Aleppo.

Over 1,000 fully-equipped terrorists arrived in Idlib province to join the Jeish al-Fatah group in the province of Aleppo, as Turkish border guards did not impede border crossing by terrorists, the al-Watan newspaper reported on August 16.

According to al-Watan, the main part of the terrorists was from foreign, in particular Arab, countries.

Informed sources said that terrorists were crossing the border at Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salameh and entering northern Idlib at nights.

This information has appeared right after Jeish al-Fatah terrorists admitted that they lost control of the cement factory in the southern countryside of Aleppo and are moving back from the region. They also confirmed that vast areas in the southern countryside of Aleppo were recaptured by the Syrian Army.

Heavy attacks against the Syrian army’s positions were launched by hundreds of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists on Sunday evening.

On August 15, sources reported that Jeish al-Fatah commanders have prohibited their coordinators to reveal a real number of casualties in battles in the south part of Aleppo province in order to prevent the terrorists from losing their morale. This order was made after thousands of young terrorists were killed in the Aleppo battlefield, al-Watan reported, citing sources close to the Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group.

On August 3, over 9,000 terrorists were gathered by the Jeish al-Fatah to prevail over the Syrian Army positions and open a way into the militant-held districts in the east parts of the city of Aleppo. However, they failed to do this and had to pull the forces back after the terrorists suffered dozens of casualties.

Many Jeish al-Fatah terrorists were killed after they failed to break through the army strongholds in New Aleppo district. The government defense lines in al-Hamdaniyeh and the box-making plant in the western side of Aleppo and al-Ramousiyeh southwest of the city were also stormed by the Jeish al-Fatah.

The most of the Jeish al-Fatah terrorists killed in Aleppo were young fighters, who had military training only during three weeks. As Ahrar al-Sham reported, the Jeish al-Fatah brainwashes the young people to make them to join the terrorist group.

According to Syrian and Russian military officials, the terrorists so far suffer losses, at least, there were 5,000 casualties for the last two weeks.



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