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Turkey Paid Deposit On S-400 Air Defense System To Russia – Erdogan

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Turkey Paid Deposit On S-400 Air Defense System To Russia - Erdogan

FILE IMAGE: Sputnik/ Sergey Malgavko

Turkey has paid a deposit to Russia for the purchase of the S-400 air defense system, Turkish President Recep Erdogan told media on his return from Kazakhstan on September 10.

Our friends have already signed [an agreement on] S-400s. A deposit has also been paid, as far as I know. The process will continue by the transfer of a credit from Russia to us. Both Mr. Putin and myself, we are determined on this issue,” Erdogan.

Erdigan denied reports that Ankara may reject the deal because of the opposition to it from the US and other NATO allies. He said that no other country has the right to discuss Turkey’s sovereign and independent decisions in upgrading its defense.

“It’s us who will make decisions regarding our independence. We are responsible over taking security measures for the defense of our country. We’ll save ourselves if we face difficulties in procuring defense systems,” the  president said adding that Turkey’s requests to purchase combat drones from the US and its allies have not been positively responded. 

Erdogan also emphasized Ankara’s negative attitude towards the US support to Kurdish militias in Syria branded as the Syrian Democratic Forces.

They give tanks, cannons and armored vehicles to the terror organization but we can’t procure some of our needs, although we want to pay the price. What happened in the end? We started to produce our own drones and armed drones. We have killed 90 terrorists in the last week,” he said.

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Pay attention to the Turks.

Ishyrion Av

Unfortunately for turks, when their S-400 will encounter some Russian friendly target, the missile won’t be able to lock on…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They will lock on fine to anything NATO has even the F-35 jets which lose their ability of stealth to fire rockets and can be locked onto afterwards no matter what and the missiles in them are quite dangerous.

Solomon Krupacek

when can we buy your tales on amazon?


US is really losing its grip on Turkey, which is quite significant seeing it has one of the largest NATO armies. Suppose Erdogan didn’t like western MSM screeching about him not being democratic enough, or the massive US support of Kurds, or USA no longer trusting Turkey with nukes, etc.


Given the EU has rejected Turkey. . .

I see an application from Turkey to join the BRICS soon. They have shown Strong Interest. . .

And Turkey is against America building an independent Kurdish area in Syria, Iran and Turkey. . .

So I also see Turkey moving from NATO to a Russian based defence arrangement. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

Bye, bye America


Its only clear that now, turkey has chosen the dark path, it cannot be longer part of the NATO. Besides i think US estimate Turkey is expendable. So if they are allowed to join Russia defense, they have no more value to NATO


Dark path lol? NATO is the dark path you braindead imbecile…


NATO is the undisputed axis of Evil.


Why did Erdogan create kurdistan in Syria in first place ???? Erdogan is stupid just like most sunnis.


I bet the Americans are not as angry as they seem. They would like to have a closer look at the S-400. And as good NATO partner Turkey won’t disappoint them.


Exact. isn’t that funny that Turkey can have S-400 but not Syria ??? XD.
I don’t know what game is playing Putin.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The chance the US will see them was answered by your own sarcastic remark, nil and none is correct.

John Whitehot

so clever.
I wonder why countries don’t consult with you when doing arms sales Lmao.

DJ Double D

Russia lost big opportunity and big money contracts by not demonstrating to the world the capabilities of such defensive weapons as the S-400 and similar weapons in Syria. I was wondering if US would have shied away from firing them if presented with such opportunities.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They might get to see them in action if they try to attack the SAA, since there is no chance Turkey will let the US see them.


The Turks will change sides in a second if that suits them. they will ship the S-400 to US if they feel like it

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes and how much do they like the US attempt at the overthrow of their Government , the 2 pilots who shot the Russians were Gulen Fanatics, the Russian Ambassador another Fanatic. You see the picture more clearly as the US help arm and supply Kurds in the Middle East to keep it destabilized.

Yep,Looks like Turkey will help out NATO with your interpretation which is unlikely in the circumstances if you actually view how they treat Erdogan.


all this is erdogan propaganda. The attempt to overthrow the government was a total disaster for many reasons. first the police and secret service knew about it. when it started most generals switched sides in a split second. then erdogan used the whole fiesta as a way to feed the fanatics with anger, common people with anger etc. a spectacle for the masses as in ancient ROme. if the US wanted to overthrow him then trust me they would have done so. they are masters in overthrowing governments for years now….decades…..Then erdo a madman accuses Gulenists for everything. when he desided to aproach Russia he had to get over the Russian plane shot down…which he did by saying that it was an anauthorised move from Gulenist generals to Gulenist pilots…..come on…..politics for children……

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There those who are very much in favor of joining Europe , and some who see it as selling out Turkey.They all forgot there is a will to destroy them as they are seen as possible threat in the west and Europe. Turkey has always played for favor in Europe with only to slapped down at times , that is a very naive endeavor to belong to corruption and cronyism on a grander scale.

Israel is more likely an equal player in much of the chaos in Turkey and it might take making a dictatorship until you can root out the issues since there has always been , the west present in the manipulation of politics in the region, not unlike in the Mediterranean.

Bet the Greeks would love to leave this nonsensical austerity program , worst economic system by the Germans might work for them but it doesn’t work if you have none of the fall backs as the Germans do.


Turkey is a huge market. EU wants Turkey to join. But the gap between EU and Turkey is huge. Human rights, freedom of speech etc are unknown words in Turkey. It has gotten even worst with the madman Erdogan who wants to think of himself as a sultan a new emperor of the new Turkish empire. So its not EUs fault that they got rid of him. he is a loose canon. he insults the US all the time, Israel as well, not to mention Germany and other EU countries. He manipulates ‘refugees’ to create humanitarian problems in the district.
he is a complete psycho not a brilliant ruler.
As for the part of the Greek austerity program….its a long discussion….i would only like to emphasize that the Greek politicians play a major role in the continuous economic destruction of their people…..greeks were stupid enough to elect a government of fools ,that have no idea about economics, all they do is getting their salary, travel all the time ,live the life they would have never lived on their own since they were useless creeps. never worked in their entire life, and even if they did they just made money out of extortion (pay me or we will go on strike and we will make your company bleed economically) …..so Greeks need the evil Germans or others to teach them austerity etc…..even with their evil rule they spend more money that they have. the circus that lays government there has sky rocketed the cost of government in just 3 years ,by giving salaries to all useless friends pretending to work in the Public sector. All major manager positions in state owned companies are taken by people who dont even know how to spell their names…….and much more..as i said i can go on for hours.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Syria had the same problems decades ago and have fought for decades to get corruption out of their government. They had the Sunni elite giving jobs to their relatives who couldn’t even spell and left it to the clerks they hired. Bill Browder the US businessman hired illiterate people in his company and wrote off hundreds of millions in rubles and failed to pay these taxes when he was caught. He was the one who started all this Russian sanction nonsense and even the false stories of the Hacking all elections.

Business frauds abound everywhere they line their pockets and defraud the people they’re expected to serve no country seems to be exempt or short of these kinds of people.


Turkey wants an Air Defense system that the US can’t shut down it it targets US planes illegally over Syria. . .

The writing is on the wall. Turkey will oppose the US backing of the Kurds in Syria with the subsequent danger to Turkish Territory.

They will do this with an air defense system that CAN shoot down US Planes.


He is no such fool. He tried to involve NATO in a war with Russia and failed. Now all he is trying is to stop the Kurds from having a state. Its a diplomatic move. He wants to show the US that they are loosing money in golden contracts.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Erdogan wants to deploy S-400 to cover all Rojava ( kurdish part of Syria) as a deterrent vs US coalition in case of their jets ( F-16/ F-4) start bombing that part… and stop Kurdish move to oil fields and west of Deir ezzor…in order to seal rojava territory!


would be funny to see that. by all means, Erdogan is crzy enough to shoot down US aircraft. he already shot down russian aircraft. he is a madman :)


They are meant for the Aegean sea not Kurdistan

Manuel Flores Escobar

Kurdistan is most important for Erdogan that Aegean sea…among other reason Erdogan lost the Syrian war..and now he doesnt want to lose Kurdistan war!


Kurdistan is a matter of pride…..the Aegean has oil


another madman with a huge arsenal……

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