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Turkey: Opposition Calls For Constitutional Reform Referendum Result To Be Annulled Over Unstamped Ballots

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Turkey: Opposition Calls For Constitutional Reform Referendum Result To Be Annulled Over Unstamped Ballots

The Turkish opposition has called for the results of the April 16 constitutional reform referendum granting new presidential powers to be annulled. The opposition says that unstamped ballots given to voters is a main reason behind this situation.

The “only one way to end the discussions about the vote’s legitimacy and to put the people at ease… is for the Supreme Electoral Board to cancel the vote,” Bulent Tezcan, deputy chairman of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said on Monday. He emphasized that it’s illegal count the unstamped ballots as valid.

In turn, the Turkish electoral board says the referendum result is legal.

“The disputed ballots in Turkey’s referendum are “legitimate”, the head of the election board said Monday.

Sadi Guven, the chairman of the Supreme Election Board (YSK), defended the decision to allow votes that did not bear official seals to be counted alongside checked ballots.

In a news conference in Ankara, he said the “voting papers and envelopes that were claimed to be void and disputed since the evening are YSK-made, real, legitimate, non-fake ballots,”” the Turkish pro-government Anadolu Agency reported.

The international observer mission also said that the referendum fell short of international standards.

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I hope these groups, start more active resistance against Erdoghan. It’s a shameful day, when the Neo-Ottomans are claiming the official and full takeover of Turkey. Islamization, radicalization and Neo-imperialism will start to flourish. The Turkish nation is reversing it History in an attempt to reopen the darkest page of Human civilization. True Evil is about to be unleashed, destabilizing and tearing peaces of neighboring nations and regions. Dark day for the Human Civilization, like chain that can trigger even, darker events.
The picture of that woman walking to Erdoghan’s billboards depict it perfectly. If you’ve been in Turkey 15 years ago you know what I mean.

Hershel "El Muerte" Ezestein

Civil war is brewing….Grab your popcorns!

Bill Wilson

NATO will insure that the straights remain open.

Paulo Romero

Wahabbism is rising in Turkey through Erdogan and his links to Saudi Arabia and the Zionist cabal.

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