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Turkey May Close Syrian Border at Russia’s Request – Reports


Moscow has demanded Ankara to close the Turkish-Syrian border to stop the flow of terrorists and weapons. According to Russian diplomats Turkey has no choice and it will fulfill Russia’s conditions.

Turkey May Close Syrian Border at Russia's Request - Reports

Photo: AP Photo / Germano Assad

During the negotiations between Moscow and Ankara, Russian diplomats and military demanded to close the Turkish-Syrian border, the Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing Russian members of parliament and its own sources.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia and Turkey have created a tripartite mechanism consisting of intelligence officials, military and diplomatic representatives from each side.

“Naturally, we raised the issue of closing the Syrian-Turkish border to stop the flow of terrorists and weapons. In this way, militants would lose any kind of replenishment supply from the outside,” Deputy Head of the Defense Committee of the State Duma, Victor Vodolatsky, noted.

According to him, this issue is directly related to the national security of Russia.

“For our part, we could provide the Turkish side satellite images of locations through which the traffic of weapons and militants passes,” the deputy added.

Izvestiya reports that the Turkish side is already considering the possibility of closing the border with Syria.

“Turkish negotiators, both diplomatic and military, have virtually no field for a maneuver. At the same time, they, apparently, are attuned to overcome the controversial issues. For this reason, they will have to fulfill our condition of closing the border with Syria,” member of the International Committee of the Federation Council, Igor Morozov, said.



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