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Turkey Massively Deploys Battle Tanks, Equipment Near Iraqi Border

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Turkey Massively Deploys Battle Tanks, Equipment Near Iraqi Border

The Turkish military is massively deploying battle tanks and military equipment close to the border with Iraq, the CNNTurk reported on November 1. The forces are heading from central Turkey to the districts of Silopi and Sirnak in the Sirnak province, according to the report.

In December 2015, Ankara deployed about 150 troops and 25 battle tanks to the Bashiqa camp in northern Iraq. Since then, this force has been allegedy training the Kurdish Peshmerga and assisting it in the ongoing Mosul offensive.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider Abadi demanded the withdrawal of the Turkish troops from the Iraqi territory. Nonetheless, Ankara denied this possibility and said that the Turkish military will play ‘an important role’ in the liberation of Mosul.

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Maybe Iraq could take in to the UN. See if the Saudis on human rights would be willing to take it to the floor. I mean after all the international body needs to condemn the invasions of Syria by state sponsored terrorist, the Invasion of Syria by Turkey and soon Iraq! Ha the UN ! I wonder if the UN even takes the UN serious anymore. Guess we will see if Turkey enters Iraq.


They want to make sure there is no genocide of the turkmens. I believe that the turkmens and other turkish proxies need to be eradicated so in the future Turkey cannot use them as a pretext for another invasion.

Kill them as ISIS collaborators and destroy their villages.

Marek Pejović

whatever they bite they wont be able to hold on too long.
Firstly, because once Mosul is liberated and cleaned up, do you think the military will just dissolve in mid air? nope, they will be there demanding that turks withdraw or else. People take NATO membership of Turkey as a holy cow. but it’s not. See, the main question is how many NATO members would ACTUALLY support coming to aid of Turkey illegally invading Syria and Iraq? i dont think many. and certainly not any remotely important NATO country (aside maaaaaaybe US). and this kind of internal pressure that turkey would make on others to act would cause ruptures within NATO which can have long-term implications, and US should be aware of it. Turkey is ofcourse still powerful, but a full out war with Iraq WILL put pressures on it which will make it falter. Edogan is still playing poker, but soon the other players will have their hands free of the terrorists, and then you will be dealing with two large, battle-hardened armies with (at leastr in syrian case) a decent air force, missile force, modern equipment (these turkish tanks look very outdated, btw.) and battle-hardened infantry. and then there is Iraqi army and PMUs.

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