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Turkey – Libya – Egypt – Greece Maritime Dispute Fallout Continues

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Turkey – Libya - Egypt - Greece Maritime Dispute Fallout Continues

The agreement that set off the latest round of disputes

Turkey’s announcement that it will resume searching for oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean is “extremely worrying”, the EU said on Sunday. Turkey announced the decision after Greece and Egypt signed an agreement delineating their respective exclusive economic zones in the region, which include areas claimed by Turkey and Libya.

The discovery of vast gas reserves in the region in recent years has sparked a prospecting scramble by Greece, Turkey and Egypt as well as Cyprus and Israel. The dispute has become much more heated with the ongoing conflict in Libya, particularly after one of the two rival authorities in Libya (the Government of National Accord) signed a maritime agreement with Turkey that included areas claimed by Greece and Egypt.

In response, Egypt and Greece recently signed a maritime boundary agreement of their own last week purporting to define the respective countries’ exclusive economic zones. On Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the resumption of oil and gas exploratory operations accusing Greece of failing to keep its promises.

The European Union has expressed its concern over the rapidly deteriorating situation.

“Latest naval mobilisations in eastern Mediterranean… will lead to a greater antagonism and distrust,” foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a statement on Sunday, calling the development “extremely worrying”.

“Maritime boundaries must be defined through dialogue and negotiations, not through unilateral actions and mobilisation of naval forces.”

Borrell added that “disputes must be solved in accordance with international law,” and said Brussels was “committed to help solving such disputes and disagreements in this area of vital security interest”.

The deal between Greece and Egypt aimed to establish maritime boundaries between the two countries and appeared to be a direct response to a similar accord reached last November between Turkey and the UN-recognised government in Libya.

The agreement considerably enlarged Turkey’s maritime territory and drew accusations from several countries, led by Greece, that Turkey was trying to assert its dominance in the region. LINK

In a related development, a spokesman for Egypt’s ​Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said on Saturday that the new maritime border demarcation agreement with Greece would allow for more bids to be launched regarding oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean.

During a phone-in with Ahmed Moussa’s TV show “Ala Massoulity” (By My Responsibility), Abdel-Aziz stated that had the borders not been demarcated, Egypt would not have been able to conduct oil exploration.

He explained that the border demarcation process provides a legal basis for the government to conduct exploratory activities in the zone and offer exploration permits to international consortiums, as occurred following the demarcation of maritime borders with Cyprus which led to the discovery of the Zohr field.

Egypt and Greece signed an agreement on Thursday to define an exclusive economic zone between them.

While the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that the agreement to demarcate the maritime borders between Egypt and Greece covers a region that is part of the Turkish continental shelf, and that the agreement is a violation of Libyan maritime rights as well, the UAE and Bahrain on Friday welcomed the agreement to demarcate the maritime borders between Egypt and Greece, establishing an exclusive economic zone between them. LINK


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Lux et Veritas

Greece needs to take a more assertive role in the Mediterranean and its increasing ties with Egypt is a good sign. It also seek closer ties with Algeria, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Even a token Greek military group in Syria like Armenia has done, will get the message across to the Turkish bullies. Turkey is a weak state and it is time for regional states to call its bluff and bog in down in multiple sapping wars .

Mustafa Mehmet

Go on you can do it bit more bake beans and you ready. All that country you count run by dictator.. you might as well do it yourself moron

Lux et Veritas

Turkey is a Salafist dictatorship itself with thousands of military personnel, teachers, civil servants and human rights activists in jail after the staged coup.

Mustafa Mehmet

yeah yeah. Country you count lot of people gone missing almost everyday especially in in Iran.. Egypt.. AlgeriaI.. Syria.. go on Greek and Armenian teach TÜRKİYE a lesson

Fleecing Rabbi

Erdogan is our man. Shavua Tov


No question about it. Turkey is a US and Zionist attack dog and has killed more Muslims than your people.


This is funny. Greece and Egypt sign an agreement and UAE with Bahrain voice support. And no one asks how is it your business:))) They messed things up in Yemen now they are eying mediterranean. Well its not a lie, money does make you an asshole. It is purely something that all parties involved should sit down and discuss. And the parties are Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Libya. UAE, Saudi, France, Zimbabwe, Samoa have nothing to do with it.


The parties involved are 3, the 4th was put out of the window, others.


When Erdogay the Taliban turned the Christian cathedral of Aya Sofia to a mosque why did Pakistan and Qatar voiced their support wise guy?


Non of their business either.


Turkey must be made to pay a price for its aggression and thuggery.

Porc Halal

This is what they had been doing for living for centuries now, plus slaves and sex trafficking…in line with their sick religion…


Turks are very immoral and hypocritical people, worst in the region.

Mustafa Mehmet

How come you escape

johnny rotten

The situation is much crazier than it appears, no one is actually able to defend the alleged future oil structures, as Hetzbollah perfectly explained to the Nazi-Zionists, it only takes little expense to burn any attempt to collect oil and / or gas then why do they do it? why are they madmen who can’t wait to send their peoples to their death for delusions of glory and power? or maybe out of fear? in any case all of this makes no sense, except perhaps for the puppeteers behind the scenes always looking for full spectrum domination. The fact remains that when a fool takes the first step someone will feel obliged to take the second and so they will run towards total war, evidently the lesson of WWI has not served any purpose or perhaps it was forgotten too soon.


as long as the turkey/libyan alignment prevents the jews in palestine to get the stolen gas to europe, I’m all for turkey. and moreover, turkey and iran can and will end the jewsih terror regime in palestine/middle east and that is what the world needs, a jew free middle east and fewer embedded/entrenched jews in different cities around the world, notably, paris, london and washington dc and so on.






Your map shows a Greek map next to Cyprus. Cyprus is a sovereign country and has its own flag. I understand you didn’t make the map but, specially copying from illegal war lords gotta be careful with sources.


What illegal sources?

This is official international agreement between sovereign nations. And Cyprus IS GREEK anyway.

Mustafa Mehmet

Cyprus is Turkish re. souvlaki girl. back to your cave now your priest waiting for you play with each other


Τsimpa ena arkhidi esi re shit kebap kai horepse ena tsifteteli, karagiozako!


That is a very dangerous statement. Saying that Cyprus is Greek based on the ethnic identity of significant part of island population (or official language) analogically can be used by Turkey. For example, “Cyprus is Turkish anyways”, there is significant part of population being Turk. Unless you don’t recognize Cyprus sovereignty over the whole island. If you say island has two countries (Southern and Northern Cyprus), then I would understand your statement. I disagree but I understand.


1. The 2 sovereign nations are that of Greece and Egypt. (GNA by the way has NOT got the majority or the approval of the Libyan people, the Libyan people support in vast majority Haftar and LNA)

2. Flag and Greek language:

Arcado-cypriot, or southern Achaean, was an ancient Greek dialect spoken in Arcadia in the central Peloponnese and in Cyprus. Its resemblance to Mycenaean Greek, as it is known from the Linear B corpus, suggests that Arcadocypriot is its descendant.



3. Cyprus has been Greek since over 3000 years ago.

The first written source shows Cyprus under Assyrian rule. A stela found 1845 in Kition commemorates the victory of king Sargon II(721–705 BC) in 709 over the seven kings in the land of Ia’, in the district of Iadnana or Atnana.

The former is supposedly the Assyrian name of the island, while some authors take the latter to mean Greece (the Islands of the Danaoi).



1. Again, I am not talking about the agreement. And no one doubts that Egypt and Greece are sovereign countries. GNA is the internationally recognized entity. And in the absence of elections it will remain so. Without elections anyone can even say that majority of Libyan people support parliament of Zimbabwe. Without elections, it is the UN recognized party. Any country doesn’t agree can raise a voting in UN general assembly, have it voted for. But so far LNA is the legal representative of Libyan people. 2. Its about flag not language. Cyprus has its own flag that is not blue white stripes. It is a fact not an argument, yet for some reason we are still in a debate. 2.1 Language, no one doubts that Greek Cypriots are related to Greek people, and Turkish Cypriots are related to Turks it is a common sense. Cyprus has both turkish and greek as an official language. 3. Historic Rights are not prioritized over the international law. Otherwise everyone will pick and choose the time period that fits their narrative. And we will all end up moving to Africa since we all came from there. And according to international law, Cyprus is a sovereign country dejure neither Greek nor Turkish. Island has both significant greek and turkish population, and it is up to them to choose what they want for their future. Not me, not you, not Athens not Ankara, not London. And again for the third time, Cyprus has its own flag, your source mentions a wrong flag on the map. Below is the flag of Cyprus. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9ce135f4b51c36aa172d31e6ef385bb54e51437fec07c5f7d09214cd1f5a20b4.gif


These are the fans of the football team of Cyprus Anorthosis.

I dont know if you can see it but there is a lot of blue there…oh look they got a Greek flag too ! I wonder why !


These are the fans of another Cypriot football team APOEL

I wonder why they too got a Greek flag on the background…

Who knows right ?



And yet another one APOLLON LIMASSOL OMG I cant believe it ! its that blue and white stripes and a cross flag again !





https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/01bc7b60a2d64b43a8784d0817d3ba0cd59b5a2c5cc185546bd79f4c08962ac1.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9ce135f4b51c36aa172d31e6ef385bb54e51437fec07c5f7d09214cd1f5a20b4.gif Ok seems like i am talking to a wall. I will make it very easy now, kindergarten level, maybe you will understand now. Which one of the below is the flag of Cyprus. And remember only one of them can be the flag of Cyprus.


The official Cyprus flag the one with the drawining of the island it self is suppose to represent the whole island.

But since the illegal turkish invasion in 1974 that flag does NOT represent the whole island cause the turks still occupy the northern part.

Hence the true flag, the unofficial and the one in the hart of the 700.00 Greek Cypriots is in fact the Greek flag.

On top of that the Cypriot national anthem is in fact the GREEK NATIONAL ANTHEM :

The “Hymn to Liberty” or “Hymn to Freedom” (Greek: Ὕμνος εἰς τὴν Ἐλευθερίαν, romanized: Hýmnos is tin Eleftherían, pronounced [ˈimnos is tin elefθeˈri.an], also Greek: Ύμνος προς την Ελευθερίαν Hýmnos pros tin Eleftherían pronounced [ˈimnos pros tin elefθeˈri.an]) is a poem written by Dionysios Solomos in 1823 that consists of 158 stanzas, which is used as the national anthem of Greece and Cyprus.

What is it that you dont understand?

CYPRUS IS DE FACTO GREEK. AND THE NORTHERN PART IS OCCUPIED BY TURKEY. THe psudo-state they created is not recognised by any nation in the world apart forthe oocupiers them selfs.

Its not rocket science.


Mate your logic is so messed up, gotta start from pre-school to catch up. Where are the times when the Greek were leading in science and logic and philosophy. Maybe thats why from the cradle of European Civilization, Greece moved to become the beggar of European Civilization. I hope you are not above average in Greece, if you are I am genuinely sad for future of Greece.


My logic is messed up?

Come on Einstein, why dont you analyse it, analyse my logic and tell me where exactly is it messing it up? And by the way did you ever intended t ohave a point on anything you said so far on your comments?

Or where you trying to convince me that the flag of Cyprus is the one with the island it self and thats it ?

hahah the only logic consumption one can make here is that you are most likely also another kebap that is playing it neutral.

Greece aint no beggar dear, get a dictionary and check the words you use before you use them. Greece took loans and is paying them back with loads of interest on top. Thats money that Merkel takes and then passes is over to Erdogan so he can built his palaces and train some more isis jihadis to send to Syria and Libya. What does that make turkey, your country, by the way? it makes it a failled thug terrorist state run by a Taliban oil and land grabber.

Dont be sad for Greece, be sad for turkey cause your days are numbered. Erdogan is taking the whole country down the ditch he has been digging for the past few years. Good riddance to it!


Greek flag is Cyprus’s flag as much as Union Jack is USs. I made my point, didn’t get through your wall, but ill repeat. The twitter post you shared shows greek flag instead of Cyprus flag next to Cyprus. Which is wrong. Because Greek flag is the flag of Greece. And Greek flag is not the flag of Cyprus, because Cyprus flag is the flag of Cyprus. Maaaan, its like im talking to a baby. I love Kebab, perfect food for hangover. Paying with what, boat production cap, immigrant intake. sad life mate sad life. But beautiful country, and amazing people I must admit. Once even one random old man on a street in a vilage invited me for coffee, i wasnt speaking Greek he wasn’t speaking any foreign language, but we communicated very well. Sad though that some dumb people made such a country become what it is now. Big time Merkel is paying, she is scared of immigrant flow and the crazy Erdogan incidently not that crazy to take advantage. It is true, Turkey does use terrorists in their interests, they think of them as PMCs, but at the end of the day terrorists are terrorists. I am sad for Turkey too, crazy guy on top, nice place too. Im not sure if its days are numbered or not, but who knows. Also FYI, if anyone dares to say anything against Greece or you, doesn’t automatically become a Turk, but sure whatever makes your confirmation bias happy. Let me be the only sad person, dealing with low level intelligence and logic.


yadayadayada and nothing of any essense whatsoever in your comment. Again!

Funny how you forgot to comment on the fact Cypriots talk Greek, write Greek, use the same anthem as Greece and use the Greek flag too alongside their own. Thats alright though nvm, as long you made your point that I am the dumb person and you are the Einstein, thats all that matters.

By the way making a compliment about the odd person you met on a holiday (if that is not a made up story) only to try to make a point that some compatriots of mine are nice but I am not… hahahhahahaa Cause you are talking with me now, right !… if it was someone else you were exchanging comments with it woulda been them that are the bad and you d made up another fantastic story about another Greek that offer to buy you …sandwitches or something… hahahaa …you are not convincing anyone Turk!

…tststs…Silly boy…


i will leave you guessing:)))



Mustafa Mehmet

??????????????Greek moron

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