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Turkey-Led Forces Seize Sha’alah Radar Base West Of Al-Bab (Syria Map Update)


The Turkish Army and pro-Turkey militant groups have taken control of the Sha’alah Radar Base and the nearby Sha’alah Radar village west of al-Bab in the Syrian provine of Aleppo. These areas had been controlled by ISIS terrorists.

Recently, the Turkish military has deployed additional troops and military hardware in order to intensify military operations against ISIS (and partly against the Kurdish YPG) in northern Syria. However, Turkish forces are still not able to break ISIS defenses near the town of al-Bab.

Turkey-Led Forces Seize Sha'alah Radar Base West Of Al-Bab (Syria Map Update)

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  • ‘Sup Bruh!

    We need to encircle the city. Way too many reinforcements from Raqqa are making this a mission impossible together with minimum casulties approach.

    • mhtsaropinigitakis

      when turks take al bab ypg should attack azaz andjarablus and syrians al bab…a good synchronization and it will be a massive blow to turks

      • Jens Holm

        I hope not. You give Turks exuses to do anything all over.

        Im sure a kurdish attack can give succes like that, but it will be very temporary.

      • ‘Sup Bruh!

        Holy shit. Due I hope YPG does such a thing so shit can hit the fan for real. I doubt though. When ministry of defense moved 50.000 men to Gaziantep, YPG raised USA flags literally begging “oh the mighty US and its air force, protect us :(“

  • Michael

    Looks like the war will be ended while Turkey is scratching around al-Bab. The Sultan has no clothes.

  • JB