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Turkey-led Forces Claim to Retake Al-Bab in Northern Syria

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After the success near Azaz, pro-Turkish semi-official sources started to promote the idea the Turkey-led forces (Ankara-backed militants and the Turkish Armed Forces) are going to seize the ISIS-controlled town of Al-Bab in the Syrian Aleppo province in the nearest future.

Now, the Ankara-led forces are just in 20km from the town. If pro-Turkish militants take control of it, any hopes of the Kurdish YPG to link up the Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria will be destroyed.

Turkey-led Forces Claim to Retake Al-Bab in Northern Syria

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Marumiyu Moriame

sdf should race them there. then beat them

Gue Bjuen

if ypg takes al bab a hell gate will open. it’s better the turks take al bab for a while.


the best would be if the SAA were able to take it

Alex M

The SDF/YPG absolutely need to be the ones to liberate Al-bab. Otherwise the Islamists will dig themselves in.

Jens Holm

They already are – for years – as well as possible. There are even wall of soil around it. Ypu can get pictures of it, if You look for it.

Tom kauser

Edorgans hair lip!

Peter Jennings

It seems Turkish forces want to be the next Al-Nusra terrorist group. They are in Syria as an invasion force because Turkish help hasn’t been requested and is not wanted either.
The spoilt children in the US will make sure the Kurds are armed and mobilised in order to keep Turkey chomping at its bit, invading other foreign countries and causing more problems for Syria and Iraq.

Whilst the Russian super power is now in the region to stay, they may as well assist the Syria people with the return of the Golan Heights. The Iraqi’s too should be looking for alternatives to the three decade long US/nato trick being played on them.

Jens Holm

So why should any hope for kurds being destroid at all. This is not Turkey. Turkey go home. You made it possible to kill many 1000 kurds because of Your own lack of reforms for Kurds in Your own country.

Go home and stay. Very strange You grow many little PKK`s in Your own garden of 10-15 million kurds.

I dont think Kurds/YPG should take Al Bab either, but Turks shouldnt. Turkey the land, where 12.801 polices are not to be truated and now 3.000 Lawers as well.

The land which shut down all opposition 20 kurdish sattelite channels in Europe and Turkisk Gülen Shcoools, so our local turks and kurds cant learn turkish and their parents are afraid to even visit Turkey.

They should take protevt zones anywhere. They could have done in for years inside Turkey. But no, they helped ISIS in stead by money from saudis.

No they support FSA, which seems more turkish than Kemal, Gülen & Erdogan.

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