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Turkey-led Forces Are in Control of 845km² of Syrian Territory

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Turkey-led Forces Are in Control of 845km² of Syrian Territory

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The Turkish Amred Forces and Turkish-backed militant groups under the banner of “Operation Euphrates Shield” have seized control of 845km² of the Syrian territory from the ISIS terrorist group, the Turkish General Staff said.

“The progress comes within the framework of our anti-terrorism campaign to secure Turkey’s southern border,” ARA News agency cites Turkish General Staff.

The Turkey-led forces have reportedly destroyed 516 ISIS targets since the start of the operation.

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Tom Johnson

The Syrian supply route into northern Aleppo is now in range of Turkish 155mm in Marea.

The best anti-ISIS scenario now is for Turkish-backed forces –

– right now that’s Rebels/FSA but in future I would hope to strengthen those forces with the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Turkey (NRDC-T), assuming all necessary political consents are granted-

– to take Al-Bab then push east-southeast toward Al-Khafah.

It’s really important for the anti-ISIS coalition that we keep a front line for fighting between Turkish-backed forces and ISIS and to be sure not to block Turkish-backed forces advaning versus ISIS because we will need Turkey to advance deeply into Syria to attack Raqqa from the south.

The worst scenario for the anti-ISIS coalition would be SDF/YPG obstructing the Turkish-backed forces and for skirmishing to develop between Rebels/FSA and SDF/YPG when really the focus must be kept laser-like on the fight with ISIS.


the retard strikes again…NATO is usless cant defeat isis with its prehistoric airfleet..

Lasse Riise

You know that Ankara so far has focused mostly on invading villages already liberated by SDF, right? Only recently have the Turkish invasion forces started to make deals with the Daesh. Daesh has agrèed to hand over some villages (between Jarabulus and Azaz) to the Turkish invasion force.

Supreme Allied Condista

I know that I am asking Ankara to focus exclusivey on taking villages, land from ISIS, and for Turkish invasion forces not to fight with the SDF for control but to come to agreements by civilised negotiation and cooperation as the anti-ISIS coalition partners that Ankara and the SDF should be.

If individual Deash units melt away, disband, surrender, without a fight, to the Turkish invasion forces, so much the better. It’s not for me to second guess Turkish commanders on the ground as to how they take the ground from the enemy ISIS – so long as they take it.

However, there should be no deals offered with ISIS as an organisation.

The strategic aim of the anti-ISIS coalition must be to wipe ISIS out, wipe them off the map, taking all land they hold. Then anti-ISIS forces can deploy eradication units who can hunt for hold-out ISIS units and if they don’t surrender and take their chances with a military tribunal then gas them in their bunkers, like the burrowing vermin ISIS are.

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