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Turkey-led Forces Are in 13 km from SDF-controlled City of Manbij

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Following a series of successfull advances, the Turkey-led forces have seized 2 villages – Awshariyah and Ayn Dadat – south of the Sajur river and now are deployed in about 13 km from the major city of Manbij.

Manbij is a major city in the Aleppo province that was seized by the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Foces (SDF) in July 2016. The new strongolhd of the SDF is one of the targets claimed by Turkish-backed militant groups.

Turkey-led Forces Are in 13 km from SDF-controlled City of Manbij

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Real Anti-Racist Action

Lets see if the Kurd’s know how to fight at all. The US air power is the only thing that saved Kobani, as ISIS was outnumbered 10 to 1, and ISIS still took 90% of the city defeating the Kurd’s haha. I have more respect for ISIS then I do Kurd’s, and I hate ISIS. No body should step in, just let Turks and Kurd’s go at it till the death. Then at least, the world will have only one of the two dens of rats left to deal with.

Joseph Scott

That’s not really true at all. I’m not sure where your particular prejudice against the Kurds comes from, but they are decent fighters. Turkish propaganda aside, their casualty exchange rate with Turkish is pretty equitable, and the Turks are one of the best trained forces in the region. As for Kobani, no, actually IS outnumbered them by around 4 to 1, and the Kurds suffered only 1/3 of the losses IS did. IS also had substantial armour support, of which they lost half. You greatly overestimate the effectiveness of US air support. It actually appeared rather late in the fighting.

More than a year ago I published a TAKE RAQQA BATTLEPLAN http://supremealliedcondista.newsvine.com/_news/2015/08/13/33784359-take-raqqa-battleplan attempting to co-ordinate Turkish & Free Syrian forces with Kurdish and Syrian Democratic forces.

A key feature of my plan was a Turkish army ground attack west of the Euphrates deep into Syria, attacking Raqqa from the south, co-ordinating with SDF/YPG forces (then known as the “Euphrates Volcano”) attacking Raqqa from the north.

However my plan didn’t seem to be taken up by either the White House, Pentagon or NATO HQ.

The Russians / Al-Assad / Syrian Arab Army then claimed they were in a position to attack Raqqa themselves, so I said “Fine, on you go” but it seems it was all a bluff and they had more pressing priorities than to push an armoured column to attack Raqqa.

Anyway, I am still offering to take out ISIS from Raqqa, one way or another, but it looks like I will actually need to be appointed to something to get sufficient attention paid to my battle-plans.

I might suggest appointing me to serve as a military commander under / security adviser to Condoleezza Rice – appointing her as NATO Secretary General or United Nations Secretary General.

I don’t really think it is appropriate for me to take my orders from anyone else but Condi. @

Boris Kazlov

Obviously you like to be subdued by nigga women, how disgraceful.

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