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Turkey-led Forces and ISIS Attack SDF in Northern Syria

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Turkey-led Forces and ISIS Attack SDF in Northern Syria

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The Turkey-led forces have recaptured ,ost of the territory previously held by the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) north of Sajur river in the Syrian province of Aleppo. In some areas the Turkish-led forces have already corssed the river.

In a separate develoment the ISIS terrorist group has regained  the villages of al-Kadro and Tell Hawthan from the SDF south of Manbij. Now, the group is developing the advance.

Turkey-led Forces and ISIS Attack SDF in Northern Syria

Click to see the full-size map

A tiwtter account of the Lebanon al-Mayadeen TV channel reported on August 29, citing an anonmous Kurdish official, that the SDF has refused the US request to go towards Raqqa. If this is true, the SDF are now face to face with the Turkish military and Turkish-backed militants . The US support in this battle is not expected.

Turkey-led Forces and ISIS Attack SDF in Northern Syria

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Death to Imperialism, freedom

This is what you get for allying with US lmao

Andrew Illingworth

Exactly my thoughts.


I think you are being unfair here. I don’t think the Syrian Kurds really “allied with the U.S.” in the sense of some ideological alignment; I think that, being surrounded and attacked by the jihadis from the South and the Turks from the North, they were simply desperate to get some help from whatever quarter they could find it – and the U.S. government was the only one that seemed willing to give some aid, even if only temporarily and for their own nefarious ends, of course. Since the Syrian government was unable or unwilling to help them and the idiotic Putin was more interested in attempting a fake “rapprochement” with the criminal Erdogan regime than giving assistance to the Kurds fighting jihadis in Northern Syria, they took the American help, while knowing full well that the U.S. was liable to backstab them. The alternative was destruction (remember what ISIS, cheered on by Turkey, would have done at Kobane if the Kurds there hadn’t taken U.S. help to repel them).

Death to Imperialism, freedom

They are allied with them in very similar fashion Jihadists are allied with the West and Turkey.

They get men, supplies, uniform and money from them and in return they fight for US interests.I don’t think the US likes this either, it’s their allies that they are fighting, but they are clearly backstabbing Kurds for the sake of good relations with Turkey so Erdogan doesn’t get to unfriendly with US.

This year or previous one from my knowledge had no major ISIS offensives against them, and they have been steadily winning ground.Of course, US aid speeds up this progress, but this also comes with the price of having to listen and represent US interests.
Their ideological and political aims overlap enough for them to ally each other, even if official ideologies aren’t the same(Because of very different conditions)

Assad and Russia had limited work with them, but it was always unstable and the SDF attacked them sooner or later(Hasakah for a recent example, but looking back I’d say it was a big mistake to sour relations with Assad prior to Erdogan’s attack, but of course, they couldn’t have known that beforehand).And the goals of Assad and SDF differ, they don’t make natural allies due to clash of interests.US however, does.

But did they know?From what I know they are obeying US(officially at least) in retreating east of the Euphrates, and giving what a huge humiliation and defeat losing all territories to the west of Euphrates is, If I were them I’d seriously reconsider pro-Western alignment.

More than a year ago I published a TAKE RAQQA BATTLEPLAN
attempting to co-ordinate Turkish & Free Syrian forces with Kurdish and Syrian Democratic forces.

A key feature of my plan was a Turkish army ground attack west of the Euphrates deep into Syria, attacking Raqqa from the south, co-ordinating with SDF/YPG forces (then known as the “Euphrates Volcano”) attacking Raqqa from the north.

However my plan didn’t seem to be taken up by either the White House, Pentagon or NATO HQ.

The Russians / Al-Assad / Syrian Arab Army then claimed they were in a position to attack Raqqa themselves, so I said “Fine, on you go” but it seems it was all a bluff and they had more pressing priorities than to push an armoured column to attack Raqqa.

Anyway, I am still offering to take out ISIS from Raqqa, one way or another, but it looks like I will actually need to be appointed to something to get sufficient attention paid to my battle-plans.

I might suggest appointing me to serve as a military commander under / security adviser to Condoleezza Rice – appointing her as NATO Secretary General or United Nations Secretary General.

I don’t really think it is appropriate for me to take my orders from anyone else but Condi.

mnasrun mnasrun

hehehe.. who cares what ??? think..! The facts are all there..! Well.. keep on thinking..!


Turkey = ISIS best friend

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