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Turkey Launches Security Operation Against Its Own Proxies in Afrin


Turkey Launches Security Operation Against Its Own Proxies in Afrin

Turkish-backed militants in the area of Afrin

On November 18, the Turkish military and several Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups launched a large-scale security operation against the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering and other armed groups of the Olive Branch force, which occupies the northern area of Afrin.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering and its allies are accused of corruption and several other crimes. According to the pro-opposition monitoring group, the Hamza Division, the Sultan Murad Division, the al-Sham Corps and the 3rd Corps are supporting the ongoing operation against the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs.

“Turkish forces and the factions blocked the roads leading to the city of Afrin and besiged several district within the city, the most violent clashes are taking place in the street of Vilat in Afrin,” the SOHR said in its report.

Meanwhile, sources liked to the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering confirmed that the group is still holding its positions in Afrin. Furthermore, several armed groups have arrived in the city in order to support the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs.

While pro-opposition sources claim that Turkey is attacking the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering because of its corruption, local observers believe that Turkey wants to eliminate the group because it is not obeying its orders. According to this version, many of the groups currently attacking the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs are far more corrupt, like the Hamza Division.

Last month, leader of the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering, Abu Khula, announced that he will dissolve his armed group and the group will hand over all of its weapons and vehicles to the military judiciary in the Euphrates Shield (ES) area in the northern Aleppo countryside.

Back then, opposition sources said that Turkey pressured Abu Khula to make this decision in order to punish him for launching a unauthorized attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the village of Tadef, which is covered by a de-escalation agreement.

This confirms that corruption is not the real motivation behind the ongoing security operation and shows how Turkey is willing to fight its very own proxies in order to keep them under control.



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  • Barba_Papa

    Attempting to give a damn……?

    Nope, not really.


    Turkey lost control over one of it’s criminal gangs.
    Who would have thought this possible. :)

    • Pommy Pie

      Turks don’t give a toss as long as its happening on the other side of their border

    • Sencer

      Nothing new. Old tactics, old problems.

      ”Because of their lack of discipline, they were incapable of undertaking major military operations, but were useful for other tasks such as reconnaissance and outpost duty. However, their uncertain temper occasionally made it necessary for the Ottoman regular troops to disarm them by force.”


      • Brother Ma

        Well done Sencer. These bastards are nothing but bashi bouzouks!

  • Rodney Loder

    Political process in operation, I’m sure the same thing is happening all around the World, US hegemony is coming to an end, Xi is just not prepared to take it from the Talmud jew US which the people in America, Australia and Canada don’t identity with.

    APEC meeting closed without joint communique, the issue Trump wants to end of the WTO (World Trade Organisation) and institute Trump Tower Jerusalem as WD (World Dictator).

    China said enough is enough, the US is not going to take China on, that’s rubbish, US cant even beat Taliban.

    US wants to a put a new military base somewhere near Port Moresby.

    How can the US be treated unfairly in trade, they produce nothing not subsidised by royaltied accumulated through financial institutions, have a work ethic comparable to a terminally ill obese sicko, and think their wonderfully blessed as ever the teenagert saving of the Chosen jews.

    Count down till they attack China, infinity minus •0000000321. this could take some time, bear with Pence but don’t sign your relationship with China away.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      The right wing media and conservative parties in Australia are 99% pro Jewish, I’d always thought the Zionist had only overrun the US political establishment and it’s whore media, but I was wrong, I’ve started paying more attention to what’s going on here too lately and I’ve noticed, we’re not that much different to the US at all in that respect.
      The naval base at Manus Island is already there but they’re going to beef it up now, I mean really beef it up. This is to counter China’s growing influence in the area but we’re all being misled. China’s investing in trade and industry and nothing else, but to watch Australian news you wouldn’t know it, all we get is China’s only offering deadend loans to the poor pacific nations that are meaningless, and worse still bad for the poor nations, pure BS, they’re really good deals that benefit both parties, but the same can’t be said about the deals Australian companies make with the poor Pacific nations. A few years ago the Australian government acted reprehensibly against Timor, the poorest pacific nation in our area. The Aussies used their spy equipment to listen in on secret negotiations over a joint Australian/Timorese natural gas venture, passing on the information to the Australian company involved. Australia spied on the poorest country in our region for a commercial gain, and got caught in the act too, now we’re going to court over it and the whole world can see what it really means to do business with Australia. Those pacific nations aren’t as stupid as most Australians think they are, they were paying attention to what happened in Timor, so was Xi Jinping.

      • Rodney Loder

        Australia, Canada and New Zealand are culturally linked to US exceptionalism because of the way the indigenous populations were treated, justification is always popular, but some good things are coming out of Trump’s trade war with China, were going to set up electric grid facilities in Papua New Guinea where only 23% have access to electric power, competition for their support is beginning, Indonesia and Phillipines also, and I agree these Nations won’t cozy up to Trump because they know China is here to stay because the can, US can’t, corporate power is shameless and fickle, Chinese
        Government is consistent and strong.

        Labour is likely going to oust the Liberals when Trump causes mayhem and the Jews are going to cop it sweet, I’ve been telling them that for over sixty years but the difference now is that the Jesus Christ saviour of israel BS is not backed up by easy won wars, China and Russia will support israel, but not enough to die for, the Islamists of the ME will unite against israel and the US will quit because they are out gunned, israel has painted itself into a corner with a defeated economic persuasion of investors without Armies.

        My point is that US bases (Manus Island) are a meaningless content in this cycle of warfare, both China and Russia will ramp up confrontation knowing that the EU will push for a bigger part played by the UN, and US Generals will not go up against hypersonic missiles and Multi band Radars, stealth fighter are mostly obsolete even before they became a force to be reckoned with.

        I only vaguely remember Timor gas issue but agree.

        • Willing Conscience (The Truths

          I’m not so sure about Russian and China supporting Israel, Russia perhaps indulges Israel for a mutual benefit but China has actually been warning the Israelis to stay out of their affairs. China’s warning to Israel and the US concerning Chinese/Iranian interests and infrastructure in Iran was not a request, it was a stern warning, The Chinese also offered to help Assad take back Idlib province at the same time they issued that warning to the US and Israel over Iran.
          “Australia, Canada and New Zealand are culturally linked to US exceptionalism because” they all follow the doctrine of the LGBTQI organization, Putin Trump and Xi Jinping don’t though.

          • Rodney Loder

            Relationship between Russia and israel has turned for the better since 2015, I remember Max Kaiser plugging up israel in 2013-14 and hammering Hezbollah like you wouldn’t believe, that was typical of Russia, typical of Putin, a new Regime in israel and the US would cause a repetition for sure, Russians are the jilted lovers that will always comes back for more, it’s because they feel terribly ashamed of betraying their heritage and want to have some sort of romantic excuse.

            China cares nothing for sentiment, it’s Chinese counterparts in Myanmar can take a hike as far as Xi is concerned, but I agreed there is no place for sentiment in war, my priority is a place for me in Islam so we probably have a different outlook.

            The Australian relationship with Canada and New Zealand will probably become strained Australia will go Labour with the Philippines and Indonesia, insolvency is the only other choice.

            The LGBTQI is not a funny thing, this culture is a threat to the Nation, I see it as Matriarchal Society and anybody who wants to help hinder its progress is doing good job.

            I hoping for popularist movement similar to Franco’s Spain, only Far Right, Stalinist Left, anti jew and real Jews of whatever colour throwing everything possible at the Queers, I know Stalinist Left seems out of place but things change in politics, and I’m on record as advocating that approach decades ago we can work together I’m sure of it, because if Trump can stay in power long enough, maybe another 6 years, there will be anarchy on the streets anyhow.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            I think the improving relationship between Israel and Russia is solely due to Putin’s increasing influence with Iran. Even with all the military threats and sanctions they’ve imposed, the US’s been totally unable to curb Iranian influence and machinations in the area, Putin’s done a much better job of that for the Israelis than they have, the Israelis know who they have to try and keep happy
            now, at least for the time being.
            I think you’re right, Australia will vote Labour, but deep down I hope you’re wrong.
            The LGBTQI movement and organization is the New World Order, the people who want to destroy the traditional family are the ones behind a lot more than most of us could ever imagine.
            “my priority is a place for me in Islam so we probably have a different outlook” – so long as it doesn’t involve killing innocents, treating women as second class people, or even being cruel to those that are wicked and deserve to be punished, I have no problem with anybodies religion. I’m sure Islam teaches Muslims that their own conscience was created by God to help them understand right from wrong, if you trust that more than you trust what other people are telling you you’re always doing what God wants, my conscience has never allowed me to be cruel or devious without feeling guilty for it, I’m sure no-one else’s has either.

          • Rodney Loder

            The first wake up call, as the Russians ignored all the colour revolutions and balkanized Yugoslavia, was Libya 2012 when Medvedev ok’d NATO bombing with British, French and Tunisian invasion, the next real big wake up was the Ukraine, at the time there was a hope of a Siberian secessionist movement and that scared the Russians.

            Probably all that Western pie in the sky will end soon when Trump goes, but now at the moment I agree it’s good, Russians really want to be in the Wealthy Nation Club but they need China and that could keep the brakes on for a long time to come, we hope so.

            LGBTQI is the Michel Foucault philosophy, and has got bid spending backers, but also is a great target for a popularist movement.

            I have permissions from Salafist Call Egypt to claim to be Isa Son of Maryium, the reason is a Prophet can’t be killed, so if I’m killed I can’t be Isa, and the nascent movement is crushed, any martyrdom bomber could make that claim I’m unique in Salafist eyes even I don’t think MbS would touch me but obviously Mossad would and it’s spitting in their face openly that is my Prophetic claim.

            I don’t really have any ambitions to hurt anyone, except myself on my dirt bike so no worries there.

    • neil barron

      FAKE IDIOT ! Nothing here to read .

      • Rodney Loder

        Little coward talking tough put you name address address up, I do maybe we live close maybe perchance you can fight little boy, I break your neck easy. Terry Loder on Quora address included don’t be sparing with the up-votes.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Wow what a humanitarian Erdogan is, he displaces over 300,000 people from their homes in an armed incursion, but makes sure the people that kicked them out aren’t allowed to loot their homes and sell their possessions, what a nice guy.
    Where is the UN, 300,000 displaced Kurds, genocide, ethnic cleansing, looting, assassinations and all manner of atrocities but still no UN. In Daraa and Quneitra the UN estimated there would be somewhere between 275 to 325,000 people displaced in that conflict and demanded that Assad and Russia not go ahead with the campaign due to humanitarian concerns. There turned out to be only just over 100,000 displaced people in the end, most of them terrorists and their families, and minimal civilian casualties, but the UN was screaming baby killer at Assad and Putin from before the start and right up until the end of that campaign, why don’t they do the same to Erdogan now. There was no genocide, ethnic cleansing, looting, assassinations or anything else like that in Daraa or Quneitra, but there is here.
    The Kurds are right to feel totally abandoned by everyone, when even the UN ignores your appeals for help and justice you know you haven’t got a friend in the world. But Assad and Putin aren’t a pair of lying users, they don’t abandon the people that are loyal to them and under their protection [yes I know Assad didn’t help the Kurds at the start, but he COULDN’T, he was losing badly elsewhere], it’s time for the Kurds to work out what’s really in their best interests and make some new friends, ones they can really rely on.

    • Jens Holm

      Good article. Several during many years has amputated UN.

      You forget refugees and displaced behave like nomads. When ISIS took over Jarablus, Manbij Ak Bab and many Kurds had to leave Homs and Damaskus there was 180.000 inhb. in Afrin and 120.000 = 400.000.

      But after that many mainly kurds went to fx Manbij.

      Next was the many threats from Turks and FSA to take Afrin. Again the refugees as well as others left, if they could, so many did.

      So its wrong to say, thise many wasnt there. But it was WAS. So correct Youi find the fighting ones, their families and the ones, which are not able to leave or at least let old and smal children to take care of animals and protecting their houses.

      UN try to feed as compensation and often do mit 100%. To campare Assads set fire to growing fields and even the farmers on them.

      I am sure You as anoiýone else unfortunatly again forget those SDFs are not only Kurds. The more then 2 millions refugees from there dont support war. So why go back to old days of Assad.

      I agree the non support for SDFs is too strange, but decissions in UN again and again are blocket, bacuse all nations in the world has to agree.

      I dont like UN anymore, but I see no good replacement.

      We in west should help SDFs ….

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        Yeah right you’ dreaming impossible dream again ☠️

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Most of the Kurdish civilians have left the western enclave altogether, it’s not safe there anymore, it’s mostly just the fighters left there now. The towns in this area aren’t that mixed up ethnically, they’re either mostly Arab or Kurdish with only a few of them being mixed equally, some also have other small minority populations mixed in too. There were even some Druze living right up here in the north before the war, but I think they left as soon as it started and headed south to where most of the other Druze live.
        The SDF is made up of roughly 65% Kurds, 30% Arabs, 10% or less other minority groups, and none of them really get along well together. The Arabs hate the Kurds and the US and want to go back to Assad, and the Kurds have given up hope waiting for the US to put Erdogan in his place and are ready to go back to Assad too, over 50 delegations to Assad from the Kurds begging for self autonomy in exchange for their loyalty, check Kurdish news sources, they’re not hiding it from the US. The other minority groups in the SDF I’m not sure about, I’d imagine they’ve remained loyal to the US but maybe just like the Kurds they’ve started to imagine the worst too and are thinking about switching sides.
        Trump has some SDF Christians fighting against Isis at Hajin at the moment because the Kurds are on strike and he’s desperate for reinforcements, just imagine what Isis will do to any of the Christians if they catch them, the Christians won’t stay loyal to Trump for long if they start seeing their people being burned alive on TV.

  • Hanny Benny

    Turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (800 years of DEVSIRME !)

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      mr parrots what’s means devsirme you keep repeating yourself like a little parrot

      • neil barron

        All you’re doing is squawking like a little twit.
        If you had an ounce whit you would know Hanny Benny statement is succinct and correct.

      • Hanny Benny


        • Mustafa Mehmet