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Turkey Launches Raids against IS in Kurdish Regions

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This report shows important developments in European media:

  • After Turkey’s pivot to the US, EU and NATO in its Middle East policy, the Western media has started to support Erdogan’s actions in the region. They even repeat Erdogan’s claims that PKK the Syrian secret service are responsible for the Anakra bombing on October 10. 
  • The Turkish government has continued its raids in Kurdish regions. Turkish special units are searching ISIS militants there and we are sure that they will find them. It’s done to justify Erdogan’s anti-Kurds policy.
Turkey Launches Raids against IS in Kurdish Regions

Anti-Terror-Operation in Diyarbakir

Originally appeared at DW, translated by Reduit exclusively for SouthFront

After clashes in Ankara two weeks ago, reinforced Turkish police once again go head to head against IS terrorists in Diyarbakir, resulting in numerous explosions and a firefight, several casualties were reported including  two police officers.

Turkish Special response units conducted a search of a suspicious house within the city of Diyarbakir, located in the southeast of the country, in which mainly Kurds reside. It was believed it housed a cell of jihadists from the Islamic state (IS).

Reports from Turkish media state that while a raid was being conducted in the Kayapinar district a firefight erupted, resulting in the deaths of 7 IS terrorists. 2 officers were killed and 4 wounded when suspects set off an explosive device, says local news report from Anadolu. The fighting continues.

Turkey Launches Raids against IS in Kurdish Regions

Photo from the scene

On the 10th of October, 100 civilians were killed when two suicide bombers caused explosions in the capital Ankara. Shortly after, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that IS, PKK, PYD and the Syrian secret service were to be held responsible for this bloodbath.

It is also believed that IS jihadists were behind the clashes which erupted Diyarbakir and the city of Suruc that is situated on the Syrian border, where during June and July an estimated 40 civilians were killed.
Investigators believe that the IS cell members behind these attacks are Turkish citizens who have joined the IS in the east of the country.

The Turkish media reported on the weekend that Turkish police are on the hunt for 4 new jihadists who have entered Turkey via the Syrian border, with plans to conduct more terrorist attacks on Turkish soil, it is believed that one of them is a woman with German citizenship.

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Turkey is corrupt. NATO is corrupt. PKK is also Corrupt.
Iran, Syria and Russia and Lebanon are pretty much the only good guys here.

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