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Turkey Is Very Unhappy After Recent Increase Of Strikes On Terrorists In Northeastern Syria

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Turkey Is Very Unhappy After Recent Increase Of Strikes On Terrorists In Northeastern Syria


Turkey has reportedly summoned Russian ambassador Alexei Yerkhov was summoned to express its concerns over the recent strikes on terrorist targets (i.e. “Turkish-funded moderate opposition”) in Syria’s Idlib de-escalation zone.

“Yesterday, we held talks with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ankara at our ministry. Mainly, attacks in Syria were discussed. We expressed our fears and concerns. Special focus was given to the attack on the hospital. Similar concern was expressed by our military bodies to our Russian colleagues,” the source of Russian state-run news agency Sputnik reported.

The Turkish side insists that artillery and air strikes on positions and infrastructure on Turkish-funded terrorists in Greater Idlib violated the ‘de-escalation agreement’. At the same time, Ankara has no concerns regarding funding and supporting Al-Qaeda-styled groups in the region to promote its own interests.

Just recently, the Turkish Ministry of Defense blamed the Syrian military for the strike on a hospital in Idlib that alleged claimed five civilian lives and for another attack that reportedly injured seven people. Ankara is also very unhappy with regular strikes on Turkish-linked oil smuggling infrastructure in northern Syria as these strikes disrupt the looting of Syrian oil resources in which both Turkish proxies and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are involved.


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johnny rotten

Poor turkeys, the economic crisis is biting, inflation is galloping, the discount rate is at its highest, and now it is no longer able to do business with oil stolen from Syria, it must be a conspiracy against the turkey, if it continues like this, at the Thanksgiving party it comes skin and bones.

Rhodium 10

Idlib is a terrorist Nest…in other words is somekind of wildlife reserve park protected by Turks and NATO to raise terrorist proxies…..all of them are useful to desestabilize countries around the world.


Thats it,it should have been fried a long time ago.

Just Me

The Idlib terror enclave needs to be flattened after giving the civilians, most of whom are Wahhabi headchopper sympathizers anyway, a 48 hour notice and then bomb the a$$holes to hell.


lol well said


Yes, this IS sad news! :( There have been reports about Turk Lira nearing crash.

Jens Holm

17% down is a lot, when its already weak.


Jensi, you getting fukkin switched on for some reason……somehow I’m beginning to like you now……don’t you disappoint me though. Keep up the good work.


Sorry about your dead joy fik going down again… further down….. 17%

Just Me

Turkish economy is bankrupt and is being propped up by oil theft from Syria. It is to turn the pressure up on the Turkeys in Idlib and target them with IEDs.

Mustafa Mehmet

Why you soo worried about TL, let it crash. not gonna happen relaxs

Just Me

Have to admit, the Turkeys have the right name for the terrorist infested wretched place.

The Objective

Inflation and currency devaluation is TEMPORARY dude. We’ve been there before. As the new economic reforms takes effect, we’ll import less and less and domestic businesses with thrive. The Turkish government is also setting up mechanisms to monitor the flow of money out of the country (similar to how China made it difficult to get money out). You think Erdogan who achieve economic miracles for Turkey would just suddenly reverse Turkish appreciation in Lira without having a target in mind? You bad-bellied commenters on this forum: Watch and see the Turkish economy pick-up really fast. I’m giving it six months MAX and the Lira will begin an irreversible climb against the dollar. As for Russia, it can continue the occasional bombing of some targets, provided no Turkish soldiers are targeted. The Turks and Erdogan are not war mongers, but they aren’t cowards either, and Russia certainly doesn’t have the military might to scare them into leaving Syria. All of the really important weapons for rebels are underground, so bomb the few you can find above ground out of frustration. But let it stop at that – no ground invasion of Idlib.



We all dispute your Al-Qaeda desperation. Give it a rest and worry about your hendu-pak drama. Leave the turkish Al-Qaeda guppu moghal file for Iran to handle…….We are preparing death pits for them. They will go in them pits, just like the others before them. And you will watch this happen and keep quiet. Let Iran do its holy work…….it’s long overdue!

The Objective

Iran should worry more dude. And if you are in Iran, better start praying. Iran-backed forces just killed scores of U.S forces in Syria with missiles three days ago – I think. The U.S has kept silent, but this is not a good silence. a day or two later, the U.S reinforced its position in Syria with a convoy of at least 80 trucks. That’s a large deployment. America is also speeding up its exit from Afghanistan, and I give it this year max, America is out. Iran should truly worry. Turkey will not get involved.


lol….come on brah, you serious?…lol…Iran’s just playin around for now. However……once we resurrect the Sassanian kingdom…….it will be you hendu-pak number one in the que looking for a new religion, when you’d witness us throwin the oglu toglu in them pits. Only then it will dawn on you the gravity of the drama. Stop joking man……get real no?……hendu-pak gypsy/ turkish guppu/ yahudian shyster below the Persian. I want you to keep this in mind.

The Objective

Your economy is currently in tatters. Your prestige as a regional power suffered great humiliation when Soleimani was killed and you did nothing to avenge his death. And look at the other assassinations and deaths of IRGC commanders in Syria. The Sassanian whatever is permanent history. You should first worry about surviving the current onslaught your country faces – which is quite existential. How can you dream of a Sassanian empire while facing an existential threat? You’re up against two nuclear armed countries who are hell-bent on overthrowing the Iranian regime. You have to deal with that challenge first, before bragging here.

Turkey isn’t getting into any wars even if the U.S strikes Iran. That’s your business to take care of. Turkey will help neither side in this war.


Our economy is just fine……We’re actually in the black as attested to by the central banks governor. Now, When we bring down the house of Saud, and you’d witness it. How would you feel as a toady lower caste hendu-pak?….lol…… We’d smear you in shit no?…..lol…..which new religion would you pick up?……because, you know its a comin no?…..lol….you nervous from the Sassanian coming back…..because that means yous goin back to your hendu-pak faith no?…..lol

The Objective

I would love for you to bring down the house of Saud. Because both you and they are enemies of true Islam. First avenge the dead of Soleimani, Fakhrazadeh, and many other Iranian generals and colonels. And then I’ll know that the Sassanian will be back. More than 12 of your oil ships were destroyed by Israel since 2019. Your country is scared shitless of Israel, let alone America. But I don’t give a flying sit. Iran and Israel, Saudi, America, U.A.E can fight each other to total destruction for all I care. In fact, I want you evil lots to fight, and love it when you assassinate or kill one another. If you are so powerful, why not go ahead and develop nukes? What are you guys afraid of, mouthy cowards. Iran will not escape destruction – this I have zero doubt about. Your war with America is not a question of if, but when. And then the U.S will rain such death and destruction on Iran that will make the horrors of the Iran-Iraq war look like childplay. All it takes is one false move by the Mullahs, who’ve been walking a thin line since 2018. And lest I forget, your economy is in tatters. $1 USD is equal to 42,105.00 Iranian Rial, by far the weakest currency in the world. On the other hand, Turkish Lira trades for less than 8 lira to the dollar. Compare 8 to 42,105.00 and you’ll realize just how weak Iran’s economy is. Your currency is toilet paper. All you have is oil to sell. There is soon going to be a war that destroys Hezbollah. The writing is clear on the wall, considering the situations in Lebanon right now. All it takes is just one mistake by your resistance. All the Israelis are looking for is a single excuse to draw Iran into a destructive fight with the West. Make the bold move like North Korea and go nuclear. Then I’ll listen to your idiotic bragging about the Sassanian bullshit. You’re the one who’s out of touch with reality.


lol……aaahahahaaaaa. We’ve been waiting 42 years and counting, but the West doesn’t attack. Why is that? Instead, Iran controls 5 muslim capitals no? And you control none…..lol. You a loser jiving here, whilst your country on IMF/ WB life support no?….lol…..same same with turkish guppu no?

The Objective

“We’ve been waiting 42 years and counting, but the West doesn’t attack”. Really? Tell that to Soleimani’s widow and children. “Instead, Iran controls 5 muslim capitals” Wow! isn’t that wonderful for Iran? Would you care to list those capitals. It’ll be really interesting to know. Maybe Iran is much stronger than I thought, if they really control five Muslim capitals (or countries?)


its sad that the sunni world has collapsed no? not a single sunni wahabbi country is sovereign. it’s over for you. Iran won’t save you because its not in Iran’s interests to save enemies. Sawdi judea, Al-Qaeda moghal republic and pindostan are staring at disintegration. We’ll do this now as China just agreed to Iran’s conditions on the BRI project…….a key part of this project is the dismantling of the three sunni wahabbi/ Al-Qaeda countries I named. You’re goin down!

The Objective

Oh fuck off. Who cares about the Saudi and Emirati hypocritical regimes. I would love for Allah to bring them down and give power to the true Sunni Muslims of those communities. Iran is looking for who to save IRAN, not trying to save another country. The countries you claim to help are now failed states. Lebanon is erupting is chaos – no stable government, economy crashed. Iraq is under a U.S occupation again after the U.S pulled out in 2011. Afghanistan will fall to the Taliban as soon as U.S troops pull out. Syria’s war took the lives of over 2000 Hezbollah fighters, and the war is still ongoing. Azerbaijan is fully in Turkey’s support and fought Iran’s ally (Armenia) to a great victory. Iran lost alongside Armenia in that war, because the Nakhchivan corridor is now open. Do some research on the Nakhchivan corridor’s opening and how it will affect Iran. You keep dreaming that Iran controls some countries, but you couldn’t name even one. Iraq should have been the easiest, but since a top general was assassinated in Iraq and nothing happened till date, you cannot claim that Iran controls Iraq. Also, as long as Iran cannot push the U.S out of Iraq, then you cannot claim to control Iraq. It’s a simple issue except to a mouthy talker like you. The U.S has plans for you in Iraq. Let’s wait and see what happens in Iraq over the coming months.

“Sunni world has collapsed”, says the dreamer. What an insensitive observer you are. Let me educate you a bit.

Just two decades ago, the Sunni Muslim world was largely under American control. Then the Islamists took power in Turkey and began reorienting the country. Then Tunisian Western puppet dictator fell. Then Libya’s anti-Sunni dictator fell. Then Syrian dictator lost control over much of Syria.

You consider this as failure? The Sunni Muslim world is in revival as many leaders awaken from their slumber and try to revive Islam. this got the Western world and other enemies of Islam alarmed. Because throughout history, this is what usually happens before the Muslim world fully liberates itself. I’m actually happy at the current situations that is making things more difficult for the dictators and monarchies. Because after them, true leaders will emerge. But we’ll pay some price in blood in treasure before getting there. May God have mercy on the true Muslims who lost their lives in the struggle. But this struggle only just began. It won’t stop.


bhwahahahaaaa……you’re going to be thrown in cages soon, just like the turkish guppu….lol…..Iran’s beaten you no?…..now you take the money from the west to survive? Pakestan $109 billion to the IMF and $90 odd billion to china in debt. Turkey owes half a trillion to the ECB and another $200 billion to the IMF. Totally in deficit, and here you are gloating on jihadi victories in Azher bhaija guppu republic?…..lol. The US ain’t leaving Afghanistan, that works out great for Iran as the shitbilly and wahabbi talibs rip each others faces off no?…without Iran, the US can’t occupy Afghanistan since we supply food and building materials and all the fuel to our ally the Afghan gubment…lol. 75% of Syria under Iran’s control. Iran runs Lebanon. Ansarallah nearing victory in Yemen. Iraq totally pro-Iran. We use the US to kill your jihadi everywhere no?…..lol. don’t you like how we operate?….come on brah, give it up where credit is due no?…lol. Now China is totally onboard to dismantle yous too. You can run, but yous can’t hide no?….lol


Turks are the globalist Ziocorporate terrorists/NATO’s most spoiled jihadi terrorist proxies, given agency to manage lower ranked forces like ISIS/al-Qaeda, so they should actually be thankful Putin is so pro-business and partnership with the Zioterrorists cause a true carpet bombing campaign from the Russian airforce would leave no hole for Ziowahhabi rats to hide in.


Turks that do not take responsibility to control their proxies and enforce their agreements with Russia and steal oil of a sovereign Syria need to shut up and bear the consequences of justice rendered on their regional interests.


This. And they have only started crying as Russian patience as only very recently worn thin. Iskander fury is only the beginning, rest assured.


Maybe Biden pushed Kremlin over edge, for better or for worse and maybe ultimately for the former.


their confrontational policy antagonizing both the Chinese and Russians at the very core of their respective interests where there is zero space for negotiations even their governments want it, is both a last-ditch requirement to maintain AND what will lead to the ultimate downfall of their ailing hegemony.

It’s a vicious circle that the Kerry/Obama duo understood better than any people in recent US admins, Reps & Dems alike : accept the fait accompli of the US becoming number two for some time and partially relinquishing some of its global empire, step back and recall forces and ressources that are badly stretched thin overseas at the four corners of the globe in order to redirect pillars of influence and re-calibrate geopolitical/financial levers from a doctrine of domination to something more akin to engagement and containment, refortify old areas of dominance with the financial boon it entails, redevelop old and new alliances and rise anew through industrial and tech dependency. Old school. To this day, they still hold the keys for that policy to work, but that requires humility and at least a momentary pragmatic acceptance of lowering their global ambitions, neither of which virtues seem to be on their side.

Trump broke that project when he decided to rollback basically everything Obama did before him, and team Biden seems intent on following suit along the same lines in direct cooperation with the most bellicose fringes of the US Deep State. Their loss, it’s actually fine by me if they want to go the Bush way and accelerate their debacle by yet another couple decades. The 2003 invasion was the first step in shattering the century of dominance they could have achieved at the time, these imbeciles will finish the job and I’ll live to see it unravel for good.


They also lack the professional competence in very basic sense. Diplomatic workers unable to do diplomacy (acting in fact like the so-called generals in plain clothes), ‘generals’ who are unable to operate w/o overwhelming odds in favour..so that small parrying moves block NATO/US initiatives with 5 percent the level of force/funding (cf. Russian funding Suria ops out of its training funds against an armada of support for Syrian domestic terrorists).

No need for Soviet style steam-rollers when small forces suffice, it is same in Crimea, Ossetia, and 2nd Grozny (war). This makes the NWO-SOP even more unsupportable as forces needed to oppose, as it turns out, are small.


That’s what you get when your leaders military and political alike get a free pass to dominate a post-USSR world for a whole generation with such overwhelming superiority that the very notion of compromise, calculus, humility, collaboration or balance were non-existent would it be by need or purpose.

They celebrated the advent of their unquestioned empire over the globe with as much vulgarity and boldness just as their intellect and statesmanship skills were atrophying, and with that their military prowess at strategic thinking. After all, who needs that when a thousand tomahawks can get pointed & clicked to a third world enemy with zero defenses ?

At the contrary the Russians found themselves at the other end of that Renaissance and had to build back their nation and pride bit by bit in a world hell-bent on keeping the down, the geopolitical and financial version of their post-Blitzkrieg debacle that got reverted in Stalingrad. The notion of careful ressources management and the concept of finite ressources proved to be as important as valuable to the forward-thinking of the Kremlin, its culmination was demonstrated to the world in both fields when 80 aircraft did in a matter of months what the biggest military coalition of the planet didn’t achieve in years.

Tommy Jensen



LoL, Kim Memes, so fitting in our time, and will never get old.

Jens Holm

Biden knows about ME too being negosater with Iran as well. I see they try to regain Obamas.

I see others making too much old school there. The Rusians for very good reasons hasnt solved much. Turks a succes is a relative. Iran do their things as usual and are anywhere and nowhere.

I read here, that USA and Israel are the most blamded ones. But should they be? I think others has to have more real focus.

Normal people there hardly is there, when things are reduced to some loosing USA against Russia and China.

I can only see how overrepresented muslims are in most things named bad times and wont blame west as much for the millions of refugees.

Its much as there are totally ignorance for what muslims do to each other and dont even its written in death, wounded and total destructiion and ven named as honor and respect.

I not for any western should waste any own life or money there but the base for “others” are made by the local Leaders and are much older then USA dominance and even USA.

Porc Halal


Jens Holm


jade villaceran

thens jens holm is another person, the other person cant write in straight english and boasting for being dannish, while this one has logic and good in english

Jens Holm

I know who I am nad has for many years. The importance is being able to write, so people understand as well as there is some substance. I do.


PS. HMS Rodney 16″ (3×3 front) not 15.


Ok, thanks.


Dogan Twitter be like :

“Wut wut wut ! I have to pay for my OWN crimes with my OWN money ???? what’s my victim’s wallet for then ??? #Unfair”

Proud Hindu

400 rohingya muslims sent to he££ in Bangladesh slum fire


lower caste hendu-pak/ turkish guppu/ camel jockey/ yahudi are all bottom dwellers. Always have been, throughout history no? All non Aryan no?

Mustafa Mehmet

Kiro amcik 🖕👈


lol…..we’ll get you. Your future is a death pit. Just wait.

Kenny Jones ™

People in Idlib are already using Lira instead of Syrian pound, so Russia collapses their economy and makes them go to Turkey, then Idlib will be regained

Fog of War

The slow motion build up continues. War is coming.

– Jordan publicizes defense deal that allows US forces free entry into kingdom –

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi says controversial accord, which bypassed Jordanian parliament, was ‘the fruit of long negotiations’


Jens Holm

Funny version. I thought there already is a kind of war. SAo whats war???

The Jordanians try to not end as teh rest there. Its tuff balancing. Now USA is in plus a little again for a while.

Albert Pike

Where do you see USA “in plus”, with a senile President Biden, who can’t make it into his own plane without falling on his nose twice? How is he gone rally his troops, or must CamilleToe do the job? Also there no values left in the land of the free – what is Kamala gone offer them – a blow job? No man – when it comes to war then there is no “in plus” for a leaderless nation, which has on top no values left worth fighting and dying for. The USA -or the West in general- was never so weak as a result of their own doing, as right now.

It’s a fruit ready to be picked by China – and that’s what’s it’s gone happen. And the cancer of the West -Frankist-Israel- will have played a mayor role, first in the cultural and moral decline of the West, and second in the technology transver to China (Lavi / J10). There is no hope for your masters…

Jens Holm

Another stupid comment from You. You systematicly are or has bin blindfolded by Yourself and those bad people, You even defend for being nice to You.

You ignore there are many locals in this even they are very very important and are very active.

You are blind or worse about those many initriatives taken by their new Governess regaining things as well as being active in new one. I will not comment the long list of changes. Obvious tjhey are ignored or not possible to get, where You are.

Fog of War

” It’s a fruit ready to be picked by China ” Although, why does it all feel like its being done by design ? Seems to me the US is being setup to fail.

Albert Pike

Sure it’s done by their own elite…

The Objective

Yes, I agree. I think there’ll be aground invasion to get Iran out of Syria. After that, Turkey will be forced out by U.S and E.U sanction threats. Russia and Assad are likely to win should the U.S go ahead with this war to remove Iranian forces from Syria.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have pointed out. Terrorists have also rights. Terrorists are someone’s assets. Someone have invested in these terrorists and Russia cant go bomb the assets of other countries just like that!


To me these turkish are like Rohingya or Pakestani hendu-pak basturds. They are illegal in our region. Shouldn’t we exterminate them?

Jens Holm

Yerrh – To You


tell hem to stay in their country…….there is no problem then……

Maz K

“Shouldn’t we exterminate them?”



I don’t got a problem with them, being that they are asiatic people and widely considered as mongolian outsiders in the region. The issue becomes a problem when these basturds want to play Al-Qaeda games. Then we have a real drama at our hands. Genocide is a bad thing, but if it comes down to it, Iran is prepared to carry it out.

Mustafa Mehmet

Irani mullah can do jackshit…..


you think?……..lol……we’ll throw you in death pits, just like the others. Make no mistake. You are marked for genocide……sooner or later, your turn will come. Iran will not hesitate.

Mustafa Mehmet

Go for it Cockroaches what you waiting for… send Jihadi turks back to Mongolia where they belong https://media4.giphy.com/media/fLcfGLzj4aeaMIqbex/giphy-….. go on you can do it downsized-medium.gif


keep ranting…….death is coming soon you mongolian. Your time is up!

The Objective

Putin is running out of the time Biden gave him to get Turkey out of Syria. That explains the recent Russian provocations in Idlib – looking for an excuse to resume the push into Idlib. The rebels have no incentive at all to violate the cease-fire. It’s against their interest to do so. If the rebels take any action, they are always provoked to do so.

The U.S is deliberately refusing to disclose its Syria policy under Biden because it doesn’t want to make it apparent to everyone that it now prefers a Russian/Assad control of Syria provided Iran and Turkey leaves. The idea is for Russia to push Turkey out while America stands on the sidelines. Then the U.S and Israel will push Iran out while Russia stands on the sidelines. Then America withdraws and lets Russia reunite Syria under the dictator Assad. What a perfect deal for all concerned except Turkey and Iran. Putin get to get rid of the Turkey and then have Iran’s influenced removed by the U.S camp – giving Russia total control of Syria without any competitor (Iran or Turkey). The U.S will then pull out, paving the way for Assad/Russia to reclaim the lands from Kurds and all the oil. Then the U.S lifts sanctions, the Arab League, E.U, and America help with reconstruction. Israel gets to cut off Hezbollah from Iran. America rolls back both Turkish and Iranian influence in Syria. What a perfect and tempting outcome for Putin: But here is the problem:

— The Iranians suspect this, so they are not going to help Russia by providing ground forces for the Idlib offensive. Neither Hezbollah nor Iranian militias will deploy on the front-lines with Idlib, let alone take part in any offensive. Russia and Assad will have to train a new militia to do that.

— Turkey isn’t leaving Syria – at lest not peacefully or without a good agreement: Russia and Assad will have to decide whether to directly attack Turkish forces or use their militias to do so. It’ll be great for Russia if it can get the SDF to fight Turkish forces. This will get Turkey to waste resources and lose some soldiers, but that’s all. It won’t result in Turkey’s withdrawal from Idlib. The new clashes between Turkish-backed forces and the SDF is no coincidence. But I’m sure the Kurds are no fools too, they’ll figure this out. They’ll realize Russia and the U.S are getting them to fight Turkish-backed forces to weaken them both prior to the Idlib offensive. The U.S will betray Kurds in the end, leaving them to the mercy of Russia and Assad once Iran is forced out.

— So, can Putin actually deal with Turkey within the timeframe Biden gave him? This remains to be seen. Short of a military victory over Turkish forces in Syria, I can’t see Putin achieving this – much to Iran’s satisfaction. Iran doesn’t want Turkey out of Syria because all attention will focus on Iran after that, and Russia will do nothing to protect Iranian forces from Israel or the U.S. Do any of you Ruskies doubt this assertion? Say so and get back to you on why it’s the only logical step for Putin right now.

So what the hell is likely to happen? Well, here’s my prediction: If Putin pushes too hard on Idlib, there’ll be a war with Turkey on Syrian soil. this will also clarify to all what status Turkey has in NATO – whether the Christian betrayers will defend Turkey (militarily) or abandon it (more likely to happen). Most of us know that NATO will not help Turkey, because Turkey is a Muslim country now ruled by True Muslims. Well, that aside. Let’s get back to what’s likely to happen.

So what if war breaks out between Russian and Turkey on Syrian soil? Well, one thing is certain: both sides are fully prepared for such an eventuality. But Turkey’s most likely move will be to destroy as much of Assad’s forces as possible, while avoiding Iranian forces. It should be noted that Hezbollah or Iran will not take part in this fight against Turkey, because they both face the same threat in Syria: Expulsion but the West, Arab League, Russia, and Israel. Destroying Assad’s forces will force Russia to deploy its OWN ground forces (both Russia and Turkey will try to avoid targeting each other’s forces. Russia will mostly target Idlib rebels, while Turkey will target Assad’s forces like it did back in 2020. So if both of them wipe out or severely weaken each other’s proxy forces, what happens? Will their official militaries clash? It’s very possible, but I think unlikely)

So what would Iran, America, and Israel be doing when Russia and Turkey are wiping each other’s proxy forces out? It’s almost certain that a rebel vacuum will be created when Idlib rebels and Assad’s forces are destroyed or severely weakened. The Russians and Turks will still occupy their respective positions in Syria, but won’t have any proxy forces from behind which to hide – leaving them only with the option of deescalation or all-out war on Syrian soil. Iran will try to sit it out while keeping a watchful eye on America and Israel. The U.S and Israel will surely take this chance to bomb Iranian forces in Syria. Hezbollah will join the fight as will thousands of Iraqi and other Shiite forces. Israel and the U.S will launch a ground offensive to clear Syria of Iranian forces. They’ll avoid Russian and Turkish forces and only focus on Iran and maybe ISIS. So this is what’ll likely happen: Turkey vs Russia and Assad. then Iran vs Israel and America. The Arab League will watch from the sidelines. In such a situation, the U.S and Israel will gain more territory in Syria, so they are likely to be the winners.

In the event that Russian and Turkish forces directly fight each other, both will be weakened to an extent that they can’t mount any meaningful resistance to Israel and American presence in Syria. Iran-backed forces will be wiped out unless Iran provides them support by missile fire on American and Israeli positions in Syria. given the risk of a wider war with America, Iran will likely avoid doing that, hence, it’s militias will be defeated because they can’t defend against the Israeli and U.S air forces.

In the end, Russia loses more territory to America in Syria. Turkey and Iran will also lose more territory to the U.S and Israel. America and Israel become the dominant players in Syria and will set the rules on what a post-Assad Syrian government will look like.

This is the most likely outcome from any Russian-Turkish fight in Syria. All three (Russia, Assad, Turkey, and Iran) will lose. Hence, by staying in Syria, Turkey is doing Iran a favor. If Turkey were to withdraw today, Iran will certainly be pushed out by Israel and America, and Russia won’t lift a finger to help Iran. They are already competitors.

Because of this, a Russian-Turkey war isn’t likely. For the supporters of Russia who seem to want Russia to start such a war, you are only morons who can’t see far. You are strategically blinded and have poor imagination. That’s why I don’t bother to read most of your idiotic comments.

So if Russia starts a war with Turkey, the ultimate winners are America and Israel. Who then wins if Russia doesn’t start a war with Turkey? Well, this is very complex, but all three (Russia, Iran, and Turkey) are all likely to make some gains in the end. That’s because of Israel-Hezbollah tensions. Why do I say this? Read below:

America is content with occupying N.E Syria for the next two decades to deny victory to both Turkey and Iran (not Russia). But the problem is, the longer this war continues, the stronger Hezbollah becomes. That’s because Iran still ships more advanced weapons to Lebanon through Syria, and Iran is recruiting more forces in Syria and around the region, which it can send to help Hezbollah. Israel knows that it must fight these Shiite forces at some point in the future, because they threaten the very existence of the Israeli government from multiple borders. Israel simply cannot wait another decade without fighting to destroy or at least weaken Hezbollah. Hence, it’ll put unbearable pressure on America to end Iran’s presence in Syria even if it means letting the Sunnis win in Syria ( Syrian Sunnis aren’t pointing 150 thousand rockets and missiles on Israeli cities like Hezbollah does, and they are unlikely to do that anytime soon. Israel’s mortal enemies right now are the Shiite forces surrounding it).

So for the suckers blindly supporting Russia on SouthFront, I’ve given you something to think about. But I know your leaders understand this. Putin knows, and Erdogan knows too. This is the reason why they keep signing agreement and making ceasefires – they don’t like a war between Russian and Turkish forces. Turkey can actually make it very easy for Russia by simply withdrawing from Syria. I know Putin will assure Erdogan that the Kurds will be brought under control and wont threaten Turkey form Syrian soil. But a Turkish withdrawal will speed up the destruction of Iranian forces in Syria. After that, they’ll heap sanctions on Turkey to leave Syria. I’m asking myself why the haven’t already slapped those sanctions on Turkey. But I think it’s because they want a Turkish-Russian war in Syria, and they don’t want to harm the EU (EU businesses have over $200 billion invested in Turkey).

What is the Best Option for Biden Right Now? If Putin fails to get Turkey out of Syria within a stipulated time, Biden and Israel will have no option but launch a military campaign to destroy or severely weaken Iran’s forces in Syria. What will be the nature of this campaign? Will it involve ground operations? Of course Biden and Israel would love the opportunity to have ground operations (because that’s the only way they can realistically get rid of Iran’s forces and influence in Syria). They won’t touch Russian forces or those loyal to Assad. But can Russia and Assad trust America not to betray them? I mean, suppose America takes bank lands from Iranian forces, will it give those areas back to Putin and Assad without pre-conditions like democracy? One way this could be done is, any part of Syria that the U.S and Israel take back from Iranian forces, they’ll let Russian and Assad’s forces take charge of it. This way, the U.S and Israel can clear Syria of Iranian influence without harming Russian interests. If Biden chooses this course of action, the likeliest winner of the Syrian war will be Russia – unless Iran decides to push its forces to start another civil war in areas where Assad controls. This will put Russia directly against Iranian forces and even hasten their demise.

Looks like Biden holds the last card on who wins in Syria. But considering Israel’s influence on America, it’s very likely we should expect a U.S/Israeli war targeting Iranian militias in Syria. Turkey may ultimately have to leave if the Iranians are defeated, especially if Putin convinces Erdogan he’ll bring the Kurds under control.

Goodbye matherfuckers.


cornered in a small, ever shrinking Idlib, and this long of a write up?……lol……you know yous fukked no?……lol. We should give the disposal of corpses duty to the Parsi………they’ve got scores to settle. 1400 years worth!

The Objective

No dude, I think my analysis which conlcluded that Biden chooses Russia is wrong. Biden appears to prefer Turkey, according to news reports I read yesterday. The U.S just signed a defense pact with Jordan to allow U.S troops and air-force move across Jordan at will, with their uniforms and armor just like the Jordanian forces do. The report also said Jordanian military will treat U.S soldiers injured in the course of their operations free of charge. Again, I read reports of a new base on Syria-Turkey base by the U.S coalition. a few days ago, the U.S moved 10000 more troops to the region and deployed 6 b-52 bombers to Diego Garcia in case an operation against Iran becomes necessary. Israeli military transponders have also been going dark lately – a situation that only happens if an attack on an enemy is imminent. There are so many pieces moving across the chessboard against Russia. I think Russia is in for a bad time, especially in Ukraine.


lol…ok brah…you and guppu moghal turks hide behind the hillbilly in your combined helplessness? You know what we Iranians call you? Khaye maali…somebody who massages the testicles. It’s been the story of your life no? never been an empire? can’t govern? can’t rule? can’t even manage your own country no?…..lol…..stop joking brah. Get real no?

The Objective

We are not after a Turkish empire. I’m not even a Turk neither am I in Turkey. But I say “We” because all true Muslims are brothers and no borders can separate us: Erdogan and his supporters, The Qataris, Pakistanis, and all other true Muslims treat each other like the brothers that we are. Worldly empire is not what Erdogan is after. We just want a revival of pure Islam. Yeah, people like Kemal (a secularist) put Turkey in the hands of the west, but this is not permanent. People like Erdogan has now largely given Turkey a different reorientation. You cannot deny that the Turkey of today is not the Turkey that joined NATO decades ago. So Turkey is no longer answerable to America. Just two days ago, Turkey confirmed that the S-400 purchase is a “done deal”. If you see Erdogan do anything right now, it’s 100% in Turkey’s interest. That includes Syria. Turkey is not helping the Syrians because of America. There’s simply no way a Shiite dictator will be allowed in Syria anymore. You have to understand that Turkey has its OWN interests in Syria, which partly aligns with American and Russian interest in some ways. So, my friend, say whatever you want. I for one know that Turkey is NO longer a U.S puppet. You Iranians are only angry that we don’t support your Shiite dictator in Syria. And not to forget, Turkey is not weak. It’s a strong country. We stopped dictatorship in Libya, and will try our best to stop it in Syria whether or not Iranians like it.


You are a private hendu-pak jihadi individual, representing non state actor terrorists. Here you write long messages and responses in delusion. Reality however is very far from what you state no?…..lol. Cornered in a little 50 square mile of Syria with a small hard-on no? We’ve cut off your balls…….the coup de grace is left……What do you suggest? Should we fukk you up good? Cut you out from the roots? You as a dalit can’t surely be counting upon turkey’s misfortunes no? You’ve been shown the ass in Afghanistan too no?…..lol……How did that turn out for you?…..lol. Dude, quit making us laugh…..seriously…..get real no?

The Objective

I represent no one but the Sunni Muslims that your Shiite terrorists are trying to suppress. You’re the delusional dude because you can’t see that Iran is facing an existential threat. You can speculate all you want about who I am or where I’m from. that’s your problem. Why should Turkey bother with Iran? Iran has more than enough trouble right now for Turkey to pay any attention. First deal with those who killed you hero General and others. They are still moving freely around the world. You simply don’t have the guts to follow though on your threat to expel the U.S from the middle east. You couldn’t even expel America from Iraq despite all the vows and threats. Afghanistan? The Taliban is a much braver fighting force than ALL you Shiite terrorist cowards combined (Hezbollah included). America now respects them enough to sit at the negotiation table. What respect do your Shiite forces have from their enemies? Your lives are worthless because nothing happens when you are killed. America kills you at will and nothing meaningful happens. They don’t do that with the Taliban because they know the consequences. You’re the one who’s making me laugh with some juvenile bragging about an imaginary empire emerging from Iran. A lot will happen in the coming days, and you’ll learn that Iran is actually in a very weak position. Mouthy coward.


lol…..you’re bitter being that yous come out as the over all geo-political loser in all this no?….lol…..same same with the turkish guppu too no?….lol. The reality here though is that yous control nobody. Iran controls the land from Kabul, all the way to Beirut. Talibunny ain’t got no hope in hell coming to power again. The ANA is just too big now and well trained and funded. Soon, the wahabbi king-dumb will fall. Then yous going back to being hendu-pak religion no?……lol. We’ll cut yous down from your roots. Losing a general or retired scientists don’t mean reversals on the ground. You’re cornered in Idlib……We bomb you at will. Lets face it, you’ve been defeated no?

The Objective

I will not get bitter over Iran because I know its situation is just too bad despite your ignorant comments. Turkey is actually the geopolitical winner in Libya. Syria is still unfinished business, and the Turkish position is pretty strong. Biden can choose between Russia or Turkey in Syria. Iran will lose whichever way the pendulum swings. You and I on this forum. Just watch what happens to Iran’s militias in Syria. As long as Israel influence America, you can be sure as hell that the Syria link with Hezbollah will be cut in the end – no matter how long it takes Israel. Iran does not control ANY country except Iran. You claim to control Iraq, but that’s where your hero general and other Iranians were killed and nothing happened. The U.S tells Baghdad what to do and it does it. Kadhimi just dismissed 300 pro-Iran intelligence officers of Iraq.

What we’re witnessing is a steady eradication of Iran’s influence over the Iraqi government. Forget the pro-Iran parties in the Iraqi parliament. They don’t control the Iraqi military, and neither do they control the prime minister. They are just seat warmers. A simple indicator of your failure in Iraq is that U.S forces are still on Iraqi soil. More NATO forces even deployed there, and more will be deployed if need be. The U.S is still building the Iraqi military while crushing the Iranian economy. When Baghdad becomes strong militarily, we’ll witness the cleansing of Iraq from terror militias.

Iran controls Kabul? What a big laugh. Iran won’t stand a chance against the Taliban once America pulls out. Shiites are a minority in Afghanistan, and the Taliban is more than capable of handling your Shiite militias there. After the U.S pulls out, both Pakistan and Turkey will arm the Taliban to the teeth to regain control and establish pure Sharia like before. Biden has no option but leave. The republicans will use the Afghan war against him. They’ll blame him for prolonging the war when Trump already closed a deal that allowed the U.S to end the war. This will be very damaging for Biden’s reelection, especially if American soldiers are killed (which is highly likely). I’ve got no doubt that the U.S is ending the Afghan war. But if Biden refuses to pull U.S troops out, the next republican (most likely Trump) will do so within months of taking power.

“The ANA is just too big now and well trained and funded.” Well, let’s not argue about this. All I can say is, wait for the deadline to pass, and then see what happens.

About bombing Idlib, you are free to drop a few bombs every now and then, but NO ground invasion. And NO harming any Turkish troops. Idlib is a pain in the ass for you guys. We’ll see who Biden sides with. He hates both Turkey and Iran, and even hates Russia too. But he must choose between Turkey and Russia. I’m waiting to see who he goes with.

Have a nice day dude, and make sure you have plans to leave Iran immediately when the need arises (and that includes your family). That’s just a friendly advice.


lol……man stop joking…..ok?…..stop the drama no?…..What do you think this $600 billion deal we signed with China is for?…..lol…..We’re goin put you into cages. You got it? When you take the money from the hillbilly and camel jockey and play Al-Qaeda games?…….this will be your end……a fukkin cage! You see what we’ve done to the turkish uighur guppu?……..lol…..same thing will happen to you. We in Iran goin appoint Parsi’s as undertakers to be your cage managers. The Parsi have a long list of grievances on you. Their Nassusalars will take you to the underworld. Just watch.

The Objective

China signed a $400 billion deal with Iran just in case Iran manages to resolve its problem with America and Israel. China can NEVER risk such a huge investment in a country that might soon go to war. China only made the step in anticipation of normalization between Iran and America. China will NEVER fulfill that deal until Iran and America reach a long-lasting agreement. The Chinese make $500 billion in just one year trading with America. Plus, several hundred billion Euros trading with Europe. Apart from the risk of war, if you think China is going to risk that market by investing in Iran despite the sanctions, then keep dreaming. I don’t have to educate you on this.

Iran is already in a cold war. Israel blew up 12 Iranian ships in less than two years. They are sabotaging Iran by blowing up things in the country just days after China signed that $400 billion deal. It was a message to China that its investment in Iran will not be secure. China got the message and never followed up with the projects till today.

Chinese deals never benefit any country. A good portion of the Iranian population rejects this deal with China because of the long-term consequences. China would want to sign such a deal with Turkey, but Turkey won’t allow it as Erdogan is squarely against these huge interest debts and predatory nature of Chinese investments. No developed country will agree to such terms that Iranians agreed to under that deal. Because it’s basically selling Iran’s wealth to China for cheap. India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Europe, Russia, and others will never agree to such terms Iran agreed to. The Mullahs are cornered and under intense pressure. China is only trying to take advantage of their desperation to lock them into an unfair deal should sanctions be relieved.

US sanctions is blocking China from investing that money in Iran. Get that into your thick skull.


Come on brah, this Chinese $600 billion deal is all investment into Iran by China. Not predatory loans, like they give you, and abuse you like an anti-India jihadi proxy no?…..lol. I feel sorry for you now, because this is the lowest point in your history no?….lol…..I mean yous on your last leg brah. Sawdi judea defeated……turkish guppu bankrupt……you in pindostan would sell your daddy down the river to the hillbilly no? for a few bucks? just so that you can eat a meal. Now Russia starting the NSTC project too, pulling hendu into the loop. Chahbahar port in full swing since hendu completed it. We laid a new rail line from Iran to Afghanistan recently. You should see all the news on press TV. It will sadden you, because yous realize your defeat, but these are the facts. What will become of you? do you know? would it be jihad time soon? suicide bombing failed in the SyRaq big time no? and that was your last trump card? Thousands of suicide attacks were foiled by Iranian backed militias and the Iraqi army. We all saw your last gasps of desperation. How does it feel now? How does it feel to be defeated?

The Objective

You surely don’t understand the details of the Chinese deal. but mark my words: China isn’t sticking out that amount of cash without assurances of a U.S-Iran rapprochement. I’ll advise you to read a lot about this deal and also listen to what the opposition in Iran is saying.

You’re always addressing me as a Pakistani. I wouldn’t mind being a Pakistani or Turkish citizen, because they are all my brothers. I just don’t disclose my nationality online. Because there’s absolutely no need to.

My friend, ISIS is not your problem in Iraq or Syria. Your real problem is America, Israel, and Turkey. You have to defeat them all before declaring victory. The last time I checked, you were the ones losing generals and thousands of IRGC soldiers and Hezbollah fighters. Turkish loses are less than 100 despite conducting major anti-PKK operations. America’s losses are even less. Israel hardly took any casualties. Russia too didn’t lose much personnel – less than 50 actually.

Those who did the real dying in Syria and Iraq are Iranian soldiers and their militias. this includes generals and colonels.

The Pakistanis you keep slandering are already nuclear armed and no country dare kill any Pakistani general so disgracefully let alone kill a head of Pakistans military branch. Likewise, no country would dare kill a Turkish general without paying for it in blood.

Your Iran-Afghan railway will be controlled by the Taliban in the future. The government in Kabul will never stand after a U.S exit, no matter the amount of support from Iran.

Your Chahbahar port will be bombed as soon as your war with America or Israel starts. The U.S will maintain these sanctions. Israel will keep killing Iranians in Syria, and will keep destroying Iran’s ships. There’ll be more sabotage within Iran. Lebanon will one day slip into civil war that destroys much or all of Hezbollah. Iraq’s PMU will continue to weaken as Kadhimi increases his purge of the pro-Iran factions in the government. At a point, the militia will idea hand over its weapons or fight a powerful Iraqi government backed by the U.S. – just like what’s happening in Afghanistan.

Iran is corned right now. It cannot rush for the bomb due to the threat of U.S air strikes. It also cannot abandon its terror militias in the region – which means there’ll be no peace with Israel or the GCC. And without some kind of peace settlement, no deal would survive for more than four or five years. There’s also color revolutions to think about.

You’re actually the loser, only if you can see it.

Simon Ndiritu

It will be very expensive for Russia if it doesn’t debunk and destroy Turkey’s claim of moral high-ground. Russia needs to mete adequate punishment to Ankara’s to deter it in future. Ankara’s claims may Give Biden’s clowns justification of intervening and further muddying waters

“…We expressed our fears and concerns. Special focus was given to the attack on the hospital..”

“… blamed the Syrian military for the strike on a hospital in Id-lib that

alleged claimed five civilian lives and for another attack that

reportedly injured seven people.”

Diana Cornwell

So why is Russia building nuclear power plants in NATO-member Turkey?

Why is Putin enabling an Islamist NATO country right on its borders, to become a nuclear power?

NATO is the mortal enemy of Russia and Russia is essentially delivering additional nuclear capability to an *Islamist* Jihadi faction of NATO, namely Turkey!

Are Russians out of their minds? They keep voting for Putin.

Well, thank you Russians, and thank you Putin. You’re our hero.


Putin, the Russian Pashinyan ?

Diana Cornwell

Exactly! Birds of a feather indeed!


Russia must stop hitting Turkish terrorists, so that Turkish terrorists can conquer Syria Mongol style. Then after Syria falls to the Turkish ISIS Caliphate we can finally have Turkish Conquerors in East Europe again!

Diana Cornwell

Sarcasm I presume. Hence the upvote.

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