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Turkey Is Settling Eastern Qalamun Militants In Syria’s Afrin Region (Photos)

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Turkey Is Settling Eastern Qalamun Militants In Syria's Afrin Region (Photos)

By the Turkish Army, Click to see full-size image

On April 26, the Turkish Army revealed, through its official account on Twitter, that the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) had established a camp in the town of Mayhmudiyah in the southwestern part of the Afrin area to host militants who had wihdrawn from the Eastern Qalamun region. The Turkish Army added that the camp is under its direct protection.

Turkey Is Settling Eastern Qalamun Militants In Syria's Afrin Region (Photos)

By the Turkish Army, Click to see full-size image

Turkey Is Settling Eastern Qalamun Militants In Syria's Afrin Region (Photos)

By the Turkish Army, Click to see full-size image

Over 3,000 militants and civilians withdrew from the Eastern Qalamun region during the last week in the framework of an evacuation deal that was reached between them and the Syrian government on April 19.

The Mayhmudiyah camp is the first clear example of how Turkey is settling its proxies in the Afrin area, which was captured from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) on March 24. Many Kurdish activists have warned on several occasions that Turkey is planning to change the demography in Afrin by settling its proxies there.

According to Kurdish sources, the Turkish attack on the Afrin area resulted in the displacement of more than 150,000 civilians, mostly Syrian Kurds. Turkey claims that it will allow these civilians to return to their homes in Afrin, but this is yet to happen.

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There is another demographic war going on north-Syria – US/SDF are trying to ethnically cleanse Raqqa of its majority Arab population – by having annihilated the city and its residential infrastructure with US Marine artillery and subsequent delays in allowing residents back in.

Michał Hunicz

They confiscate and then destroy Arabs’ IDs to make their return from Kurdish concentration camps impossible.


Garbage Turkish

Mustafa Mehmet


Jozef Majtán

Nothern Caliphate

Michał Hunicz

That last photo clearly shows the plan of “Perfect City”, a new brilliant Erdogan’s idea to colonize the new province. Turks even changed signs over administrative buildings in Afrin, previously there were Arabic and Kurdish, now Turkish and Arabic, respectively. I am absolutely sure that this will be like Roman camp – camp, then fort, then city. Slowly evolving this way.


Each time you try to warn stupid people, they always fail to understand. Fuck kurds. They are more bad than arabs.

You can see the difference between turks and arabs. Turks gave kurds what they understand. Arabs let kurds stole their lands.


kurds let green Afrin for the desert of Raqqah. XD. What stupid people.


The jihadist rodents are being gathered for the final offensive.

Perfect targets for MOAB bombs.

That Guy

Desertification of a green plain.

Richard M

What do the Turks think those Orcs are going to do there, play BINGO and shuffleboard? :D


The Independent claims that the Turks are doing an ethnic cleansing campaign – not allowing Kurds to return and settling Arab rebels in their place:


I suspect Erdogan is going to annex the terrorist-controlled parts of Northern Syria at some stage, sure he’ll probably get kicked out of NATO but I doubt he cares anymore; Turkey is a name-only member of NATO these days anyway.

He’ll probably just take a few years to consolidate Turkish control before making it official.


Looks like the ideal mortar target for the Kurds.


Wow, they really role-out the red carpet for their terrorist pets don’t they. The Turks are as arrogant as the Israelis and Americans, to think they’re allowed to just build whatever they want in someone’s else’s territory.

Semper Prudens

Just as I guessed few months ago: This is an agreed change of ethnic structure in Syria. Turks do not want Kurds near their borders. Assad does not want rebels and their families in his cities. Removing them to the territories previously inhabited by Kurds is a win-win situation both for Assad and Erdogan. We had a similar project in Yugoslavia in 1934, when our king Alexander the 1st (“the Unifier”) had an idea to take a huge loan from french banks, buy all the property (land, houses, cattle and similar) from Kosovo Albanians, put them on trains and send to Turkey where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was ready to settle them in regions previously inhabited by Armenians. The king was assassinated in a joint attack of Macedonian and Croatian separatists in Marseilles, during his official visit to France, on October 9th 1934, so his project remained unfinished. But had he succeeded to implement it, there would be no NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, as Albanians would disappear from Kosovo some 60-65 years before.


Good response, but do you mind breaking things up in the future into separate paragraphs? It would be a lot more readable than a wall of text.

John Mason

With this happening and US bases plus having Saudi, Qatar boots on the ground, one can safely assume that Syria is fucked.

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