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Turkey Is Recruiting Syrian Militants To Fight For Azerbaijan Against Armenia – Reports

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Turkey Is Recruiting Syrian Militants To Fight For Azerbaijan Against Armenia – Reports

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Turkey is recruiting Syrian militants to fight as mercenaries for the Azerbaijani Armed Forces against the Arminian military, Sham FM reported on July 18.

Citing sources with knowledge on the matter, the Syrian radio station said Turkish forces opened a recruitment center for that purpose in the occupied city of Afrin in northern Aleppo. Ankara is allegedly offering militants high salaries.

“[Turkey] wants to move the militants loyal to it to Azerbaijan to fight against the Arminian military in exchange for a renewable six-month contract with a monthly salary of $2,500,” a local source told Sham FM.

Other sources reported that the Turkish intelligence is now coordinating with al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham in Greater Idlib to assemble a special force unit that would be deployed in Azerbaijan. The 300-man strong unit will allegedly carry out special operations on the border with Armenia.

In the last few days, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and the Armenian military engaged in a series of skirmishes. Twelve Azerbaijani service members and four Arminian soldiers have been killed on the border between the two countries.

Turkey, a historical ally of Azerbaijan, vowed to support Baku against Armenia. İsmail Demir, the head of Presidency of Turkey’s Defense Industries, said Ankara is ready to provide all types of assistance.

“Our armed unmanned aerial vehicles, ammunition and missiles with our experience, technology and capabilities are at Azerbaijan’s service,” said Demir said on July 17.

Last year, Turkey deployed thousands of Syrian militants in Libya to support its allies there. Syrian sources argue that Ankara may be planning to support Azerbaijan in a similar manner.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    And Turkey is in NATO…go figure…
    But than again the U.S. and UK are as well…

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Aside from lip service, I doubt the US and UK will help Turkey. Something tells me that NATO is giving all the rope Turkey wants to hang themselves.

      1. Fog of War says:

        Or its the other way around.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        I hope you are correct.
        If it’s as you say, the situation with the US/UK V Turkey is a similar to ‘falling out amongst thieves’ that all the NATO backed terrorist gangs exhibit.

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Armenia better brace yourself…
    Zombie jihadis are coming, get the flamethrowers and cluster bombs ready…

  3. Ivan Freely says:

    LOL Shit that didn’t take long for the hidden hand to be publicly shown.

    1. SteLe says:

      Yeah, so much for all those here yesterday that sweared Turkey is not involved..
      It was quite obvious from the start.
      Turkey is encircling in hitting Russia on all fronts. Syria, Lybia, and now also Ukraine, Armenia, Balkans, Caucasus. US must be quote pleased that Erdogan and them are now again united in “confronting Russia”.

      1. Free man says:

        If it’s appears on SF it doesn’t mean it will really happen.
        Do you really think that a secular Shiite state would allow Sunni militias, some of them Islamist, enter its territory?

      2. Black Waters says:

        Not Turkey, but USA, it’s using Turkey as a Pawn, as they used Germany last time.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Very good comment and close to the fact. Americunt agenda is total control of Caucasus, they have made inroads in Georgia, Azerbaijan is stooge and only Armenia has held out so far. Hitler had the same ambitions in Barbarossa, to control the Caucasus and Russia’s underbelly, Turkey is a NATO vassal state and now Russia has hostile borders all along, with the exception of China and Iran and if the Caucasus become CIA central, then Russian Muslim areas are in real trouble and so in Xinjiang in China. The Americunt arseholes and NATO arselickers will do everything they can to weaken Russia even further.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      You know children, read my posts dating back years, Edrogan is doing what the Wahhabi Pakistani cunt Zia ul Haq did to the Afghan refugees during the Soviet era by letting the CIA arseholes recruit them for terrorism, brought in Wahhabi headchoppers and then when the USSR collapsed, abandoned them. Erdogan is a shameless coward street thug and is cynically using hapless Syrian refugees and forcing them to join proxy terror groups to operate in Syria, Iraq, Libya and lately Yemen as well. The Syrians and other stupid Arabs are pawns of manipulative forces, they would have been better off in a strong united Syria, which under the Assads was the most progressive and stable country in the Arab world, now Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and soon Armenia and Azerbaijan will be battlegrounds for others to fight their proxy wars.

      BTW, the battle for Sirte in Libya is about to start and take my prediction to your nearest Jew bank, the LNA will win as Egypt has sent is regular troops disguised as LNA and it is quite apparent that the Wagner group has regrouped in Central Libya and it will be game over in Sirte, unless Turkey brings in massive reinforcements, which would be difficult.

  4. Daniel Martin says:

    In my humble opinion Russia should take of the satin gloves in it’s relationship with Erdogan, which erratic and expansionist behavior is endangering and usurping the power balance and stability in the entire Mediterranean region. Turkey is behaving like regional thug to both it’s neighbors and beyond by using, financing and supporting militant terrorists which actions only create chaos destruction and instability across the region. And if they don’t, take action soon Erdogan will only grow balder and interpret this as a sign of approval or weakness, from there on I’m afraid that it will be only a matter of time when these militants show up on the borders of Russia.

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      The cia assets,not turkeys,Turkey ain’t dumb to vy the enemy eg:2016 decoup,turkey will lose!

    2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      The Chechen separatists who belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood have been to Russia many times before and they’ve killed thousands of Russians already, 200 primary school children in one hit once, and these guys being sent to Azerbaijan also belong to the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] too, that’s why Russia has the MB listed as a designated terrorist organization, and they should also designate Erdogan as a terrorist too, since he’s been the de facto leader of the MB for the last decade or more.

    3. Harry Smith says:

      Current Armenian government is a State Dept puppet. They allowed many USA funded NGO in country and these NGOs now are training anti Russian, anti Turkish and anti Iranian groups. So Iran, Turkey and Russia are very interested in the ruling elites change in Armenia. They helped to pro Russian politician Kocharyan to start the political mechanism of democratic change of govt, but current Armenian president Pashinyan arrested Kocharyan and some members of his team. Well, if this didn’t worked there is another way. Russia just stepped aside and let Turkey do the job. And if Turkey would be able to utilize part of radical guerrilla fighters it will double the profit.

  5. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

    Now the turkey fucked it…Another thing Syria … another thing Libya and another thing Caucasus…The ancient poet Aeschylus had written a tragedy…entitled … “Prometheus Bound”..Prometheus, however, was “tied” to the Caucasus….Turkey should be careful … because “Prometheus”…the time has come..who will be “solved”.

  6. Free man says:

    It won’t happen.
    Azerbaijan does not need such “help”. It won’t let in armed foreign militias.

    1. <> says:

      True, also Azerbaijan has some Israeli toys so Armenia better stand down.

      1. Nemesiss Gemina says:

        rerember when iran stole the USA iQ-170 sentinal spy drone that was operating at over 50,000+ ft in the air ? iran is quickly catching up with its domestic production, and russia recently is more than happy to sell whatever it has to highest bidders in region…. isreals technological supperioty is going to be short lived… I think Russia would love the excuse for another battleground in the region to break out that it can go and moderate and act as peace brokers in between while selling weapons to all parties involved…. not even isreal, or even worse… just exported isreali hardware… will be unable to extensively exceed the performance of, nor would it be able to produce enough or replenish in numbers enough what russia can shit happpily out

        1. Nemesiss Gemina says:

          within the next several years when all players are becoming increasingly evenly matched in terms of technological capability, either domestically produced or flooded from forign dealers… your going to see war turn back to oldschool ‘numbers’ game strategy… and when that happens i actually do expect that their will be alot more peace in the region, i beleive countries such as turkey, libya and usa that are trying to actively start wars now are not going to enjoy the outcome of them in 3 years

          1. <> says:

            Let it happen, we’re ready.

      2. Nemesiss Gemina says:

        rerember too even the broke ass houthis shot down 13 AH-64 apache helicopters in less than a month… armenia would be a crown jewel for russia to operate as it would put it right in the center between cacaus & georia, while allowing it to actively border iran physically (not just accross caspian) which i feel something russias been trying to find an excuse to do anyway lately… russia & iran have good relations but they are strained for obvious reasons… but if Russia felt the need to protect Armenia, and their are multiple indications on several different levels that it certainly would alongside many other well trained groups…. and as long as those players are in defense mode (which they would be) their is very high chance that turkey and azeri would be defeated, no matter what hi-tech gear they have… regardless of how many troops

  7. JIMI JAMES says:

    AH,The good old cia divide and conquer pope dream narrative,well even had that were to be the case,
    look what we got,official teorrists right next to russias back yard then ain’t it? bring on more cia bbq then!

      1. ali says:

        i didn’t say they’ll 100% take part in this i said they’re ready. the next depends on how the delusional turks act. the IRGC might be and probably already is in azerbaijan by now creating more resistance groups so there’s no need for hezbollah, after all it’s the third biggest shia population on earth. don’t think we’re sitting and watching. go ask the israelis and the saudis and their jihadi animals, wait you’re turk you can ask your own animals too, they’ll tell how badly they getting raped in syria on a daily basis. in 2020’s West Asia the persians have the last word.

        1. Sencer says:

          Ali, my dear , first you are quoting some twitter charlatans supporting hezbollah who claim that Hezbollah is together with Armenians against Azeris , and now you are claiming that IRCG is already in Azarbaijan creating some ‘resistance” pockets. Against whom ? LOL. Seems to me that whipping your own back causes some disturbances amongst you iranian immigrants.

          BTW,please quit that cheap propaganda as well. After all those years of Hezbollah’s existance there , Golan is at the hands of Israeli , Lebanon is being bombed daily whenever Jews want and almost everyone bombs you in Syria whenever they like. And after all your losses, deaths , Russia is asking you out of Syria step by step, because it is their oblast now. Thats what I call a rape is , and thats the reality against hollow Middle Eastern big words of yours. But go ahead , tell us yr drams about ‘ last words’ while your goverment collects some peasants from Afghan mountains for fighting in Syria for USD 100 /a month for your cardboard empire.

          1. Free man says:

            Mr. Ali should concentrate on what is happening in his own country:

          2. ali says:

            I’m sure those mountain afghans can fight a hundred times better than the salafi and wahhabi syrian and libyan dogs you invest so much on to lose for you and humiliate you furthermore. what i meant is, don’t think you can wage a war just outside of our borders without us taking that war into our own hands because that could very possibly happen the way you’ve see us do it before in tens of other cases. and about israel, it’s time is close and will come sooner than you think. see we fight wars when we know we can win them. not really used to losing the way you turks are in libya and syria.

          3. Sencer says:

            Ali, you confused peasant , first decide who will fight with whom , then quit threatening others with hollow empty words , and do something actually if you can instead of pounding your chest here like an ape. The only land force you have outside your borders are some shrine lickers who are killed by almost everyone. The reason why you are not on the news all the day is simple , your lives are so cheap noone cares about it.

          4. ali says:

            you sound hurt. must’ve hit a soft spot. and you really have some guts talking about our land force outside of borders when yours are salafi jihadi animals. the ones you depend on, the ones i’ve seen you try desperately to justify on this webstie with every chance you can get. scum.

          5. Sencer says:

            LOL. Quit making lousy assumption when being trashed. Next time please read better and understand who is fighting who before you post , quit making hollow threats like every ordinary Middle Eastern bum. BTW, I dont remember defending any ‘Salafists ‘here , but this does not mean that I sympathize shrine licking imbeciles like you. Now please go cry elsewhere. .

          6. ali says:

            https://southfront.org/turkish-intelligence-brag-of-freeing-woman-from-isis-wives-camp-in-northeastern-syria/ first comment on this doesn’t look very good for you. everybody knows the wives are jihadi animals too just like your hired jihadis and should be put into cages for their lives but no mr terrorist lover is opposed to this lol fuck off scum.

          7. Sencer says:

            I openly mentioned the kids there and called their ISIS father as a terrorist, Seems that you still lack the ability to comprehend. Now go and play your play violin elsewhere , shrine licking immigrant.

          8. ali says:

            ok i’m gonna lick my shrine you go suck jihadi dick and ask them to keep fighting for you in syria despite being fucked in the ass by iranians and russians on a daily basis later

          9. Sencer says:

            Well looking on whats going on all over ıraq and syria , seems to me that being fucked in the ass became your field of expertise.

          10. The Objective says:

            He forgot Soleimani was killed in a humiliating manner and all they could do is launch a symbolic lame-duke retaliation and then tweet the Iranian flag.

          11. Sencer says:

            And they managed to kill another 70 people in his funeral. But if you ask them , they have the Word in West Asia” LOL

            And they are writing all of these from where they are living as refugees , as most probably they were the first ones who escaped that shithole called Iran.

          12. ali says:

            stupid assumptions from a stupid person. i live in khuzestan. try harder next time mr salafi lover.

          13. Sencer says:

            Mr shrine licker , finally I found a peasant really living in that shithole and joining this nice conversation of our through a VPN. Lucky me..

          14. ali says:

            peasant? lol. start learning farsi. later.

          15. Haj Rizwan says:

            I respect Turkish people, their religion, their culture and etc..
            It’s clear for me that Muslmi brotherhood just like it’s friend wahhabi movement is in pocket of ziocorporate, they’re trying hard to divide muslims and shapes a radical ideology from a peaceful religion.
            No need to look further, I mean the way you make fun and disrespecting other people beliefs and aligning with your zio-zombiemind fellows.
            You know how much it stinks when a a so called Muslim joined with talmudists against other Muslims, such a shame….

          16. Sencer says:

            Haj , you need to direct this tirade to your persian brothers , who always jump on that fishy train of accusing everyone with supporting ISIS when someone confronts their nationalist and expansionist areguments.

            You friend Ali here openly supports a the agression of a christian nation against a shia one and creating terrorist structures with in a muslim state just because they dont serve iranian interests.

            Now open your eyes and try to see what is going on around you.

          17. The Objective says:

            Russia let’s Israel bomb your people. Russia will likely push you out of Syria. Russia won’t let you hurt Israel, not even shooting down Israeli planes in defence. Russia won’t let you export the very destructive shiism to Russia, and neither will China.

            The last time your people killed Turkish soldiers, you know what happened – 3000+ Syrian soldiers killed within days by Bayraktar drones and a handful of missiles. That was a lesson well-deserved. You will no longer mess with the Turks.

          18. <> says:

            We Israelis know the war against Iran is getting closer day by day, most Israelis have shelters prepared for any incoming rocket attacks. Not me though, I will be on the frontline hoping to meet Ali’s friends for the greatest war this region will ever see.

          19. The Objective says:

            My friend are you a soldier at all? You act like a civilian here. The last person to hope for war is a soldier. Unlike the civilian who is largely out of harms way, the soldier sees blood, death, terror, and other terrible things. You’ll watch your comrades die, bleed, screen, maimed, etc. And you are the one hoping for an all-out regional war with the Shiites? You think Israeli missile shelters can stop biological attacks, 1000+ pound explosives? You don’t pray for a war with Iran. Those who seek war haven’t lived through a real war even once. Those who are real wars don’t want to see it again. So I am actually surprised that a soldier should hope for a regional war. Makes me convinced you aren’t a soldier, or never saw a real war. I have seen war, and I don’t wanna see it again

          20. <> says:

            Well, I havent seen war between states but I was on 3 different operations and yes I saw my friends get killed or injuted but I know it is something that had to be done so Israelis at home can sleep peacefully. Well maybe “hope” is not the correct word, more like anticipate for it because we know it’s coming the only question what will be the trigger. tens of thousands of israelis may die, but in Iran it will be alot worse.

          21. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Shut up you stupid teenage TWAT, firstly you are a dumb cunt and you are no soldier of any kind. No “soldier” I have met in my lifetime boasts of war and death, you stupid idiotic PUNK.

          22. The Objective says:

            Just what is your definition of jihad in shiism? You keep saying jihadists as if there is no such thing as jihad in shiism. Are you even a Shiite follower at all?

          23. The Objective says:

            You fight wars when you know you can win them? Are you referring to Shiites or Iranians? If you mean Shiites, then you’ve NEVER won any major war against invaders of Muslim lands. I challenge you to quote history where Shiites liberate the Muslim world. But I’ll tell you many the Sunnis did.

            Your statement even confirms your lack of faith. A true Muslim nations fights when fighting becomes necessary, not when they are sure to win. Why? Cos they believe victory is in the hands of Allah, and they have faith he’ll help them.

            You Iranians will only succeed in starting a nuclear war that renders both Iran Israel and other middle east regions unlivable.

            You curse the sahabas and expect victory from Allah?

          24. ali says:

            who said i have faith? i’m a revolutionary leftist. if i recognize myself as shia that’s because that’s my tribe and there are a good amount of believers in that tribe who are currently in charge. so you need to talk to them. other iranians who are religious you can find many on twitter i like to talk about facts than argue like children about “Allah is with us” “no he’s with us you rafidah fire worshipper” over repeated bullshit. but let me just tell you the problem isn’t shia and sunni, the problem is sunni leaders mostly supported by america and israel (not in erdoan’s case) using animals (salafis and wahhabis) as tools to kill shias and take control and they always lose to us. Erdoan will be a help when it’s time to remove israel from the map but right now all he’s doing is trying to get rid of the last arab leader in the world who’s against israel using filthy terrorists and for the megalomaniac goal of reviving the ottoman empire which is never gonna happen. we the persians couldn’t let that happen and jumped in immediately and only then the russians were invited too. and now the result of that resistance is for you to see, he’s still there and he still scares zionists whenever his name is mentioned, and he takes his orders from the islamic republic. that’s what we did. we secured islam’s future. so if anything you need to thank us.

          25. Sencer says:

            Revolutionary leftists dont come up with statements like ‘ iran says the last word in West Asia ” , they dont worship to their armies , and dont support creation of despicable ‘ pockets of resistance’ while in their neighbours while their shadow organisations ‘Hezbollah’ openly supports their enemies on the other hand.

          26. The Objective says:

            Who’s side exactly are you on? The Iranian regime or anti-regime elements in Iran?
            You are securing the feature of Islam? That’s a laugh. The Sunnis will liberate Islam inshaAllah. We don’t need Shiites. If anything, they only delay our progress.
            Before you can defend Islam first get your beliefs sorted out. Jihad starts from the heart. That’s where it’s foundation is laid.
            I’m telling you the mullahs will invite massive destruction form Israel and the US sooner or later. The only thing you can do is retaliate in kind.

          27. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Dumb and stupid answer. we know you sunni whabhi collobrating with Zionist and US go ask your master first in SAudi and bahrain and UAE what they are doing. you are erdogon phony slave MB

          28. The Objective says:

            that’s it. resorting to insults because you don’t have anything to say that’ll proof your innocence. That’s because Iran is not the innocent dove many assume it to be.
            As a reminder, I am no supporter of the Saudi and Emirati devils murdering Muslims in Yemen. Neither do I support any U.S puppet government in the Middle East. You might argue this fact, but Erdogan is not an American puppet. So many will disagree with me on this forum, but things will get clearer as the years get by. Erdogan met NATO. Erdogan was a kid or not even born when NATO was formed.
            Turkey lost its independence when it joined NATO and adopted a Western lifestyle. I could imagine the joy in the West when they realized the last Islamic caliphate now lives a western lifestyle. But that was pure delusion. The fire of Islam cannot be quenched, says Allah. Instead, it’ll grow bigger.
            Right now, Erdogan is simply rebuilding an independent and Islamic Turkey.
            The Opposition party to Erdogan is 100% pro NATO and pro Western. That’s why despite the raw with Russia, Putin still isn’t going to risk losing Erdogan. Erdogan already sent Turkish troops into Syria in 2016, and despite that, Putin saved Erdogan’s life by Allah’s leave, during the coup attempt. Putin knows if Erdogan continues to rule, Turkey will soon leave NATO. No true Muslim will want any alliance with the West.
            But most do not realize this.

          29. <> says:

            Ali rest assured that you will be removed from the map before us, your mullahs know what we can do to your country same as we know that you have rockets aimed here.

          30. Zionism = EVIL says:

            You stupid arsehole you are paid by the CIA students trolling project you dumbass. You fool no one.

          31. The Objective says:

            You make me laugh with these insults. I thought you are among the smartest commentators on this forum. But all the replies I got from you has been insults since the last few days. That’s a sign that I am saying things you find difficult to rebuff. Every reply you made has no factual or mental challenge. Instead of calling me names I am obviously not, I advice you act civilized and dismiss any of my claims with logic, evidence and facts. Insults add nothing to the conversation. And I am not the type that can be annoyed by your abusive words. So quit trying.
            Calling me a CIA agent is a big laugh to me.

        2. Free man says:

          “the IRGC might be and probably already is in azerbaijan by now creating more resistance groups…” – resistance to whom?
          You guys are delusional if you think the Azeris will let you set up terrorist militias that will take over their country .

          1. Sencer says:

            First he is quoting some Hezbollah sympathizer telling that they are with Armenia against Azarbaijan , then he claims IRCG is in Azarbaijan creating some resistance pockets because they are also shia.

            Seems that Mr Ali still could not decide who will fight with whom. LOL.

          2. Free man says:

            The guy really sounds confused.

          3. ali says:

            The Azeri government is pro israel, the people are majority shia. so while we are opposed to Azerbainjani state we still have a good potential to turn a lot of azerbainjanis on our side is what i siad. what i mentioned to as “taking the war on our hands” in the comment after. when a power vacuum is created, expect us.

            and no it just seems like you’re not intelligent enough to understand the difference between the state and the demographic and overall my point.

          4. Sencer says:

            Ali, you lost sheep, you quoted a pro Hezbollah twitter charlatan who was supporting Armenia against Azarbaijan , the you claimed IRCG was already inside Azarbaijan creating resistance pockets there becauseAzaris were shia. And now just to control the damage you done, you are blatanly blabbering something which you even dont believe.

            Sweetie, Azarbaijan is very different than the other impoverished shitholes you play your small games. It is way out of your league. The Azeri people will not allow yr existance there , not even speaking about USA and Russia. So leave that bong aside and dont ask us to participate in BS analyses.

          5. ali says:

            Lol. look what i just found. the date is 2012. we basically did 8 years ago what you, in this comment said we can’t do. https://www.terrorism-info.org.il/en/20416/ and we can do it again on a much larger scale.

          6. Sencer says:

            The article you quoted also calls Iran a terrorist state.

          7. ali says:

            i seriously couldn’t give less fucks but nice way to dodge the point there buddy.

          8. Sencer says:

            So you want me to ignore some part of your source but believe on the rest – nevermind. though.

            So basically you are telling me that the state of Iran is arranging terrorist restructuring with in Azarbaijan to change the government there with a pro Iran one , and when doing this they also help Armenians with their war against Azarbaijan.

            You are just like a criminal giving a confession in police station , and you are confessing a bigger crime to dodge a smaller crime directed to you.

          9. ali says:

            listen dude. this wasn’t about whether you wanna call this terrorism or not i couldn’t give less fucks about what you call it as i said. my purpose was to make you look as stupid as you are by debunking the paragraphs of bullshit you wrote about how azerbaijan isn’t iraq and syria and lebanon and we can’t do anything, and i did exactly that and i provided a soruce. now shut the fuck up and don’t make yourself look dumber than you look right now.

          10. Sencer says:

            Ali , you retarded peasant , your chauvinism , arrogance , need for national admiration made you post a ‘ source ‘ which calls yr own state a terrorist one. What you are doing here is to trying to prove me that yr state blatantly pushes terrorism via ‘ resistance pockets’ inside a sovereign neighbouring country while you also help their enemies. And these people are your friends and religious brothers. This is where you led the discussion with a little help from my side. You are not only stupid , but also so blind to see how yr propaganda ended with a fiasco. Now fuck off and hope that noone noticed what you have written about despicable foreign politics of Iran.

          11. ali says:


          12. Rafik Chauhan says:

            iam with you and i understand your talk. the others who are zionist supporter are confused. and Erdogon terriost will pay soon

          13. Nemesiss Gemina says:

            sorry you have to deal with all these zionist/salafi supporting isreali dick sucking retards.. thats gotta suck

          14. The Objective says:

            He seems to be a confused Shiite fanatic. Thinks every Shiite country is vehemently anti-sunni like iran. There are Sunni mosques in Azerbaijan. But Iran doesn’t allow it in Tehran. And their supreme leader speaks of unity among Muslims. Who are you receiving? Yourselves or ourselves?

          15. Sencer says:

            Yes he is , moreover he is also an iranian supremacist blabbering about iran telling the last word in East Asia. Unfortunately I am crossing many of his kind on net nowadays.

          16. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Go to iran first and check they dont allow whabhi scum mosque. but there are many sunni mosque where even shia goes to pray thier own way and also sunni goes in shia mosque and they pray in thier own way noone stop them. so you whabhi salafi zionist scum just post nonsense without proof. i know you get paid by this turks erdogon hypocrite terriost. U whabi scum can bow your head in front your zionist master and can sell your diginity. but we shia not .If america wanted to get rid of iran or shia your master should have done long time . but they know it will be disaster for them . bcuz they are cowards

          17. The Objective says:

            Being a Sunni Muslim I think I am the last person you should expect to food on the evils of shiites. The shiite mullahs in Iran have committed far worse crime then even preventing so nice from praying in Iran. they try to force the sunnis to accept their shiite disbelief by enacting strict education curriculum that attempt to indoctrinate Sunni children into shiism.
            what have you got to say about iran’s collaboration with America during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq? the mullahs of Iran deserve exactly what is happening to them right now. you help America shed the blood of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq and you expect to have peace in your homeland? it has never happened like that and it will never happen. The Likely punishment for both America and Iran is they will destroy each other.

            If the Americans are cowards then the Iranians are a greater coward. because we are yet to see any meaningful retaliation by Iran for The Killing of general Suleiman.

          18. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Azerbaijan President is israeli slave. and shia muslim in azeribaijan is oppressed under him bcuz Azeri president is near to Whabhi supporter to keep him as president. bcuz he know he will be topple if any shia party come to power. IHezbollah supporting Armenia is the reson and also Iran is ready to create ressitance againts Azerbaijan presidant and will help Armenia sdecretly. Azeri president is salafi supporter

          19. Sencer says:

            Mate , Azerbaijani people seriously hate the Armenians. If you believe Iran or Hezbullah can create pockets of resistance with in Azarbaijan by helping the Armenians who are the arch enemies of Azerbaijanis , you are definitely mistaken.

          20. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Azeri people doesnt hate Armenian only Azeri president and inner circle of his regime want aermianan dead. Azeri people are fed of this ISraeli US turk whabhi slave president of AZer. but time is near to get rid of him Shia muslim is just waiting for exact moment to hang this Azeri president. bcuz his killed many shia muslim few years ago uprising

          21. ali says:

            lol this idiot’s whole hope is in salafi animal’s hands both in syria and libya. what you said just makes him fall in love with the azeri president more than before.

          22. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Azeris are corrupt and religion has nothing to do with this conflict.

          23. Rafik Chauhan says:

            Azeri president and thier innercircle are corrupt they are US and israeli stoog Azeri president Brought down Shiite uprising few years ago with the help of israel and Alsaud. Azeri presditn is using Whabhi salafiscum in the country to put shiite downwards. Shia muslim dont want war with Armenians. they are just waiting for the esact time to get rid of this TURks and isareli whabhi stooge soon.

        3. The Objective says:

          Not quite the case. It is fools like you that divide and weaken the Muslim world. Thank God there are reasonable Shiites that understand that we as Muslims must stop this sectarian fight even temporarily and face the common enemy. We face an enemy that seeks our collective destruction. They want both Shiites and Sunnis dead, weakened, subjugated, and ultimately destroy Islam in any form.
          I am a Sunni and support Azerbaijan. I agree with Erdogan’s decision to stand with Azerbaijan. Turkey is also one of very few countries still buying Iranian oil to help Iran. They do this for Islam. And you foul mouth comes here to spew disuniting garbage.
          You might think Russia and China are your natural allies. But believers and disbelievers can never be true allies. Russia is letting Israel bomb your people in Syria. They will help Israel if a war starts. China is oppressing both Shiite and Sunnis in the uigur region.
          And all you can think of is further divide in the Muslim world? Turkey has no intention to spread Sunni Islam or weaken Shiites in Azerbaijan. It is only showing brotherly support.

    1. <> says:

      Hezbollah should know their place, that Hadi guy would be dead too. Israel will arm Azerbaijan even more if Armenia continue its provocations.

    2. Free man says:

      You should mobilize Hezbollah to put out all the mysterious fires in Iran.
      Ahwaz today :

      1. ali says:

        i’m too busy checking out other news, 4 explosions in 24 hours who could it be

      2. Rafik Chauhan says:

        cowards relay on sabotage and assasination to win bcauz they dont have balls to fight face to face as your israeli and whabhi master do. Erdogon is one of the cheapest slave of zionist whabhi.

        1. Free man says:

          You’re confused.
          The Iranian Resistance Movement wants to overthrow the mullahs regime in order to save the Iranian people from this oppressive regime. Regardless of Israel, the United States or the Martians.

          1. The Objective says:

            Maybe it’s time we start looking more objectively at what’s going on in Iran instead of swallowing their claims that the protests are completely foreign projects.

          2. ali says:

            the resistance he’s talking about can’t even gather a hundred people when they’re trying to protest. they manipulate media using twitter bots managed by terrorist groups like MEK. but the majority of iran, even if angry at the government, still recognize their most important enemies and are aware of the enemies objectives within iran.

          3. Nemesiss Gemina says:

            i really do beleive the 3 countries trying to start wars right now, usa isreal and turkey are all going to regret the outcomes within next 3 years… within the past several years their has been a tremendous leap in the bridging of technological gap between all contestants in the region, both in terms of domestic/forign acquisition. but particularly in domestic. I see Russia WILL get involved to moderate, its tired of all these piss ant cia color revolution instigations occouring at all countries sorrounding it. and it gives russia the excuse to sell more weapons and reasons to administratively govern and broker peace deals…. all things russia has been doing the last 10 years with more effeciency than all of NATO coalition combined. i do expect this to end in disaster for turkey, i highly even doubt erdogan will be in charge long enouigh to see his insane plans for the region (incuding libya and syria) manifest completely

        2. Sencer says:

          Isnt that what you were promoting for Azarbaijan ? Creating illegal pockets of resistance with in Azarbaijan against them while your shadow organisation (Hezbollah) openly supports Armenia , aka arch enemy of Azarbaijan ?

          Please dont lecture anyone about honesty and ethics..

        3. The Objective says:

          They killed your most beloved general. What did the BRAVE Iranians do?

    3. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      Remember hocalı village where’s Armenian Massacre everyone.. you can stand whoever you want doesn’t make any difference. Charlie Brown

  8. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    With friends like Erdogan Putin doesn’t need any enemies does he.
    Erdogan supports the forces that fight against the forces that Russia supports in Syria, he also supports the forces that fight against the forces Russia supports in Libya, and now he’s sending in troops to possibly fight against one of Russia’s most vital allies. LOL, this should be a good showdown shouldn’t it, but this time I don’t think it’ll be Putin blinking, Erdogan may be biting off a lot more than he can chew here.
    The Russians have their own units incorporated into the Armenian army and they operate together, which effectively means Erdogan’s recruits will actually be fighting the Russian’s directly if they do go, so I don’t think Erdogan will get too many volunteers, not unless it’s the foreign fighters like the Uighurs and Chechens, they’re starting to feel unwelcome in Latakia and Idlib lately thanks to HTS doing trade deals with the Syrian government, which upsets them and their Turkish masters tremendously, so they may be looking for new homes in Azerbaijan soon.
    Was Putin using Erdogan in Syria to help break Turkey away from NATO, LOL, it’s more like Erdogan and NATO are effectively opposing Russia in Syria, Libya, and now Armenia as well courtesy of Azerbaijan.

    1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

      Yes and….Armenia is a member of the CSTO, which means an attack on this country
      will mean a conflict with the whole bloc, including the nuclear power –
      Russia. Although, ultimately, the amount of assistance that Moscow will
      provide to Yerevan in a hypothetical war will depend on the quantity and
      quality of assistance to Baku from Ankara. If the Turks, on the basis
      of an official request from their Azerbaijani allies, venture to send
      their army units to Karabakh, the Kremlin is unlikely to limit itself to
      arms supplies and military advisers. In Armenia, military aviation of
      the Russian Aerospace Forces will immediately appear, as well as
      long-range air defense systems.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        “In Armenia, military aviation of
        the Russian Aerospace Forces will immediately appear, as well as
        long-range air defense systems.”

        Yes and the Armenian ballistic missiles can also reach well into Turkey too.

        1. Fog of War says:

          If Armenia attacks Turkey NATO will be sure to reply. This whole situation is a ” trigger ” setup by multiple sides.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Not if Turkey is the aggressor, the agreement allows other NATO countries to abstain from their obligations if Turkey illegally attacks another nation, so Turkey could be left standing alone against Russia, though that only applies to any hostilities in Armenia or Azerbaijan, if hostilities started on Turkish soil the NATO countries would most likely do something about that, but I’m not sure what they’d do though.
            Have you read what NATO has to say about Erdogan pre 2020, they’re just like me, they’re just waiting for him to be kicked out of office and replaced with someone more reasonable. They quickly put him back in his place earlier on this year when Erdogan tried to blackmail them, the UN told him to rack off and go home, but things have changed a little since then though, now they seem to be on slightly better terms, but only slightly.

        2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          Please let the Armenian try

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Russia might even give them longer range missiles.

          2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            Don’t see any problem let them try

      2. Harry Smith says:

        Azerbaijan is member of CSTO too.

        1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

          Yes it is…we will not be bored with the Turks and Azerbaijanis

    2. Fog of War says:

      ” Erdogan may be biting off a lot more than he can chew here. ”
      We keep saying that, but Erdo is playing everyone like a fiddle. Also, Armenia is ZioAmerica’s and Israhell’s Trojan horse. The recent conflict is designed to make Russia go against Turkey. Divide and conquer.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Yes there was a time a actually used to call him stupid and irrational, but that was only up until the point I finally realized that he’s actually just a lot smarter than I am, and that was about 18 months ago, you don’t get to be the leader of the Muslim brotherhood for a decade if you don’t know what you’re doing, but no matter how smart you are, and how lucky you are, every genius has his bad or unlucky day every now and again, and all it takes is one bad or unlucky day in the ‘game of thrones’ and it could mean your last day.
        If he can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat in the next 3 years the Turkish voters will finish him off anyway, so Putin could never have pulled Turkey out of NATO, just Erdogan for the terms he remained in office, all the opposition parties that will win the next election are 100% pro NATO, 3 years and counting.

        1. Fog of War says:

          That is very true, but that also applies to any of the leaders ” playing the game”. Based on his past and current performance, Erdo could still work ” miracles” for himself in three years. I’m also surprised that Putin didn’t predict the current developments. Finally, if Erdo ever goes the s-400 is ZioAmerica’s as well as Idlib and other parts of Syria. Putin has some explaining to do.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Right up until Putin started pandering to Erdogan’s demands about Syria I thought Putin was a genius, and possibly even the free worlds saviour that had come to free us from the oppressive US/Zionist yoke, but I was wrong on both counts.
            Putin should have listened to his generals from the very start, they wanted to put Russian boots on the ground when the conflict was still just an uprising, but Putin said no the Syrian government could handle it themselves, that was his first big mistake, a politician should always listen to his military advisors when he’s involved with war, and Putin has never once followed his own militaries advice concerning Syria.
            Putin let the uprising turn into a rebellion,
            Isis invaded and took over half of Syria,
            The US and Turkey both used Isis as an excuse to invade,
            And thanks to resolution 2254 Turkey’s got a huge say in the political future of Syria,
            That’s a terrible legacy for Putin, cleaning up the messes that he allowed to happen through neglect isn’t a good legacy at all.

            The Turkish opposition parties that will win the next election have all said they’ll pull out of Syria and Iraq when they get into power [they like Assad], and even though they’re all completely pro NATO, they’re not anti Russian at all, they’ll actually be peace brokers between NATO and Russia, so when Erdogan’s finally gone from power most of the problems will just disappear with him, unless he starts a war first and delays the elections, mmm, that could be a rabbit pulled out of the hat, let’s hope not. 3 years and counting.

  9. Raptar Driver says:

    The Putin
    government has been sitting for more than a decade watching Russia’s enemies encircling Russia with an iron ring and it’s continuing to this day. He’s just like Stalin, Waiting until the very last second when Russia is invaded, hit with nukes and then finally we will see a reaction except this time it’ll be too late. What a terrible strategy this is.
    Remember that Russia has already been invaded and occupied. The Ukraine is Russia.

  10. lovethemapples says:

    News based on hypothesis? Come on Southfront you can do better.
    Turkey uses proxies where they don’t want to put their own soldiers and locals don’t have sufficient numbers themselves, which I don’t think is applicable for Azerbaijan.
    But still if it did happen, I wouldn’t be surprised, almost everyone uses them. PMCs are quiet popular nowadays and effective like drones. Academi, Wagner, French Legion, Hezbollah, so could be applied if necessary.

  11. SnowCatzor says:

    Pathetic, must be real humbling to have a bunch of murdering terrorists sent to fight for you. Just more cannon-fodder in reality.

  12. Tommy Jensen says:

    Exactly as I said. History will repeat itself.
    When Turkey once made genocide on the Armenians, they will do it again and again, and what exactly happened??
    It happened exactly as I said it would happen!

  13. Doom Sternz says:

    The enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh held a referendum that was boycotted by Azerbaijan where the people chose independence.

  14. David Davidian says:

    The last time Islamic jihadists entered the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh as mercenaries for Azerbaijan, they were sent home in Islamic funeral garb by the hundreds, some say by the thousands. In 1995, Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev was asked, “Where have you faced defeat?” Basaev said while fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Take a look at http://www.nkr.am/en/mercenaries-in-azerbaijani-army.

    The memory of the Turkish genocide of the Armenians is as fresh as the view to Mt Ararat. If Turkey is going to send Syrian Turkish jihadists to fight Armenians, they will join their Chechen and Afghan
    Mujaheddin brethren in Islamic hell (Cehennem).

    Yerevan, Armenia

  15. Zara says:

    During Syrian war among isis terrorists were 1000 isis members from Azerbaijan. Beheading Armenian solder is proud heroizm for what isis Azeris were awarded by Azerbaijani president Aliyev.

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