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Turkey Is Recruiting Libyan Mercenaries To Fight In Nagorno-Karabakh – Report

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Turkey Is Recruiting Libyan Mercenaries To Fight In Nagorno-Karabakh – Report

Fighters loyal to the Government of National Accord, April 13, 2020. Source: Anadolu Agency

Turkey is recruiting Libyan fighters to send them to Azerbaijan, where they would take part in the ongoing conflict in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, the al-Arabiya TV reported on October 3, citing a source with knowledge on the matter.

The source told the UAE-base news channel that senior Turkish military and intelligence officers met with the leaders of militias loyal to the Government of National Accord in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on October 2 to discuss the plan to send fighters to Azerbaijan.

“During their meeting with the militia leaders, the Turkish officers asked them to nominate Libyan fighters specializing in Kornet [anti-tank guided missiles] and sniper rifles,” the source said.

According to the source, the Turkish officers requested 50 fighters only as first batch, promising to pay up to $5,000 to each fighter.

The Libyan fighters will be taken to Azerbaijan, where they will support the country’s attack against Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Turkey has already deployed more than a 1,000 Syrian fighters in Azerbaijan, according to several reports. Dozens of them have been killed by Armenian forces.

In a recent press briefing, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari, a spokesman for the Libyan National Army, revealed that Turkey was transporting “Syrian and non-Syrian terrorists” from Libya to Azerbaijan.

Turkey, which recruited thousands of Syrians to fight in Libya, appears to be playing a key role in the ongoing conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkish military service members were even spotted in Azerbaijan on October 4.


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James Adams

The world needs to start bombing Turkey and Azerbaijan !!!



The Objective

It won’t be as easy as Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, or Lebanon.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

haha cry us a river u poor


Turks are doing whatever the Putin-style multipolarity of “partnership and business” with the global Ziocorporate terrorists has allowed the Turks to do. Erdog’s ISlamist terrorist pseudo-nationalist regime’s buying everything the left-wing Maduro govt. can sell them for cheap to keep afloat for example, that is, Venezuela one way or another is helping the southeastern cornerstone of NATO do what it’s doing from Lybia to Azerbaijan. It’s not a senseful situation except in the “free market” sense, so Turks will keep importing and exporting terrorism as they see fit.


I would like more details about Maduro and Erdogan

The Objective

Fake news, just like the one about Armenia hitting Turkish jets at a military base in Ganja.


and ? ok then , now go and watch turaken propaganda in TRT tv

The Objective

I’m here to counter the anti-Muslim propaganda being spewed everyday by writer and commentators alike.


This should be country vs country. Not people vs people or religion vs religion. We do not see much religion alignment here.

The Objective

Well, I do see some religion alignment. Turkey is clearly trying to form some kind of Muslim alliance to protect Muslim countries, alleviate suffering and poverty in Muslim communities, and revive true Islamic patriotism. In December 2019, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Qatar and Indonesia agreed to meet outside the OIC to discuss how to go about fixing problems of the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia would later put pressure with economic threats on Pakistan and Indonesia not to attend. A strong alliance can be formed from Turkey all the way to Kashmir. But the region Armenia occupies cuts Turkey off.


Does not matter. Those Azeri drone videos are more entertaining. Precision missile. Those little drones are killers.


Would the world have more peace when those militants get sacrificed in Azerbaijan, Syria and elsewhere?
I see no difference of the people who come from Paris to fight in N-K.


What do you think about the founding of Israel and the original N-K wars? There were outside people from many countries. Jews from NYC, London, Paris, Moscow and many countries are paid to go to fight in Israel. And many rich people in Western countries paid for their poor countrymen to go back to Armenia to sacrifice for their motherland.

Why the same people now blame Turkey for doing similar thing? If this report is true?


Armenians return from around the world, we live in 140 countries, to defend our homeland. Turkey imports the Islamic scum who want to kill Christians for money from any country they can get it. This is a big difference you wouldn’t understand Isis rat.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I suspect though Russia shall not get directly involved in a ground war there, that does not stop strategic bombers from placing Russia’s arsenal of GLONASS guided cruise missiles accurately upon terrorists where an opportunity arises.

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